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    It is two days since I got back from trading at this years Derby show.

    Still a good show IMHO, decent trade throughout the weekend, well organised and really impressive to have the traders, demo games and competitions all under one roof.

    I was slightly disappointed in the overall standard of demo games on offer, but that is perhaps more to do with my expectations from other shows rather than this show.

    I have read various comments about the venue on another forum, ‘it is a big shed’, ‘it is a hole’, being an example. While I have to agree that Donnington is not perfect, acoustics and lighting being the biggest issues for myself, the venue and organisers have worked at improving the place since last year. The floor has been sealed to reduce the dust levels and the heating was on early to remove the morning chill.

    Overall, I think that the World Wargames event still remains as a major show in the UK calendar and a big ‘Well Done’ has to go to the organisers of it.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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