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    Avatar photoMarshal SinCere


    Over the years I have collected together a large amount of wargame scenario info for over 100 different Napoleonic battles. All this info is currently in one home-made book, together with OOB’s, maps, scenario special rules and so on. Pouring over this on the weekend I realised what a useful resource this could be for other gamers if I could pull together all the bits that worked well, cull the unneccessary notes and then reproduce en masse for general purchase at a reasonable cost.

    What I really want to know is whether gamers would be interested in purchasing a product like this? Would this be something that is needed or is there already a glut of similar products out there? I know a lot of gamers like to produce their own scenarios but many others seem to have less interest in this side of the hobby and prefer to just get their armies onto the table. Personally, I feel that I have a flair for scenario design and could produce a useful product for these poeple, and perhaps give some interesting ideas to the experienced scenario designers as well. A lot of the hard work would already be done by this stage. The biggest appeal would probably be that many of the scenarios I have designed cover battles that are rarely wargamed, such as Tula, Smolensk and the battle for Paris 1814, yet provide fresh and challenging games.

    The sort of product I am thinking of would be along these lines;
    – Approximately 80 different scenarios.
    – Map and full O.O.B’s for each scenario, plus a brief intro on historical context.
    – Scenario notes for each battle, i.e. terrain considerations, weather rules, fog of war rules, victory conditions etc, etc.
    – Not specific to any existing ruleset, i.e. the scenarios could be used without much fuss for any rules/basing system/scale.
    – Focused on grand-tactical historic battles, although there are some smaller sized games (smallest is Somosierra, largest is Liepzig).
    – French Revolutionary wars would be included, for example I have written scenarios for Valmy, Fleurus, Tourcoing, Acre, Novi, Alexandria and many others. I also have a scenario or two for Haitian Revolution.
    – The entire Empire period is covered, including a few scenarios for War of 1812.
    – A few scenarios for attacking fortresses. So far I have Acre, Danzig, Badajoz if memory serves.

    I would probably go along the lines of a black and white PDF format, to keep costs down. Possibly in two volumes, as 80 scenarios could take up a lot of pages.

    What do you think? Suggestions and advice would be welcome.

    Avatar photoMike

    I would have been interested when I played that sort of era.
    I would have wanted a variety in terms of game size, by that I mean small skirmishes with just a few bases of troops, up to big full on games that could take a weekend to play.
    If a PDF don’t worry about making it two files, that seems pointless as you can just print whatever pages you need for the scenario in question.

    Cost, can’t speak for others but given this is all stuff I could find myself, I would pay £10.00 for someone else having done that for me…

    Avatar photoBandit

    There is not a glut of it for Napoleonics, that is for sure.


    The Bandit

    Avatar photoSparker

    The only rules-generic product out there, apart from the dozens of rules-specific campaign guides with scenarios, as put out by General de Brigade and Black Powder, is the short volume by James R Arnold, which I bought only because I respect his historical volumes so much. I still haven’t played any of the scenarios therein!

    There are also plenty of free rules-specific scenarios available in the various rules forum ‘scenario buckets’ such as those for Lasalle and Blucher on Sam Mustafa’s Honour forum. I have even contributed some!

    Personally I wouldn’t be too interested in such a product, as for me part of the pleasure in a game is researching a campaign or battle and then trying to recreate an aspect of it into a game, and I am lucky that enough of my Napoleonic gaming buddies do the same that we actually have a ‘waiting list’ of scenarios.

    But of course one opinion is not market research! And all the best if you decide to go ahead – maybe talk to some of the online publishers such as Shilka…

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    I think that Sparker’s got it for me.  Oman has already filled that niche for the Peninsular.  Those who game in the proto EU have their sources.  Where there is a need is in small actions where you really need to have done deep research.  Stuff for a brigade to a division.

    Avatar photoSparker

    Yes come to think of it that small scale stuff would be useful….

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

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