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    2 years ago a friend of mine persuaded me to get a force of WSS figures from Wargames Factory but unfortunately he passed away and I purchased his unpainted figures from his wife. They have sat there for a bit but now I want to do something with them (Most likely solo gaming). My friend knew a lot about the period but I know nothing so would anyone have an recommendations for good books\sources I should look into ?

    I’ve searched a little on the internet and have a little info from wargame blogs but I’m sure there are some decent books out there.






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    Welcome to the wonderful world of ambiguity!

    Grant Junior’s ‘From Pike to Shot’ is still a useful general resource. As is his ‘Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough’s Wars’, originally in two volumes.

    If I only bought one of the above it would be the latter


    Chandler’s ‘The Art of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough’ is a must have for background on organisation and tactics..


    Then there’s Gille’s Boue’s site, containing uniform plates for French, Danish and Austrian Imperial Armies.


    and French flags


    It’s French but easy enough to navigate.


    Danish uniforms, in depth


    Danish cavalry uniforms



    The live links here go to uniform plates



    Dutch infantry, to 1702. Probably.  And perhaps later.


    This blog, which appears to have become dormant



    The P&SS have several books, but they’re a bit pricey for the casual user…


    All these sources of uniforms and flags will differ to varying degrees. There’s really not a great deal of concrete information to be had it seems. Europe was just entering the world of permanent standing armies, and no-one at the time thought to take down much of the details!


    For flags for your units you can’t beat Stuart at Maverick.



    I’ll dig some more out later…




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      Grant Junior’s ‘From Pike to Shot’ is still a useful general resource. As is his ‘Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough’s Wars’, originally in two volumes.If I only bought one of the above it would be the latter

    I have got from Pike to Shot but not Marlborough’s Wars, I have never seen what they look like or content so I have been reluctant to buy, though I have several of Charles war-game books.

    Thanks for the links I have not seen some of them.


    Hey thanks everyone.

    Done worry about more NotConnardSage this is a lot of information I can use in the meantime. Thanks again.

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    @ NotConnardSage: Thank you for posting this!  I am getting ready to paint up some Dutch and just started looking for uniform colors, thank you for taking the time to do this.


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    See:  http://www.repiquerules.com/page2/files/tag-war-of-spanish-succession-is-a-great-wargame-period.html

    Several resources are quoted in this blog article.  Foremost is the work of John Lynn.  His “Giant of the Grande Siecle” and  other works on the period of Louis XIV and the WSS are absolutely excellent and give a wider view than the Anglo-centric accounts found in Chandler and other English historian’s works.


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    Most of what I have “Not Kawasaki” has covered

    I might add Oudenarde, 1708 by Eversly Belfield, Knights Battles for Wargamers Series

    Blenheim by David Green, an old tome and anglo centric but worth a read

    Marlborough, Hero of Blenheim by John Hussey generic cheapy but quite servicable

    Chandler and the Charles Grant junior books have already been covered… for it’s price Pike to Shotte was a damn handy book to have. I only came out in soft back so good 2nd hand copies may be hard to find

    Lace wars by Lillian and Fred Funcken starts from early 18thc up to the Revolutionary Wars

    Marlborough by Correlli Barnett once again a generic cheapy but quite serviceable

    Ramillies, Marlbourough Masterpiece by Neil Litten

    Worth having a look at the side volumes produced by the “Ga Pa” Rules publishers a bit home made but some really quite useful reading particularly the Spanish campaign volume cant wee them right now so you will have to find them via google Search for the GaPa rules and then follow your nose.

    Marlborough, Soldier and Diplomat via Karawanseny  (publishers of WS&S magazine) I cannot comment on this as yet because it is still in the plastic wrapper but from what I hear it should be a decent read and not the usual Anglo centric viewpoint of can do no wrong.  Hey the guy knew what he was doing and did it well but he doesn’t need to be made out a saint but that is Winston doing. It is worth noting that Marlborough was partially rubbed out by contemporary commentators the above reading list will explain.

    I wonder if you can find a library that has a copy of Winston Churchills history of John Churchill

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    Marlborough, Soldier and Diplomat by Karawanseny is a good book featuring articles on various subjects by academic experts, often not Anglo’s. But it is very much an academic work and probably only for those with a serious interest in the war.

    The Pike and Shot society has many useful publications but I would recommend this – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Marlborough-Goes-War-Campaign-Blenheim/dp/1902768183/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1426084301&sr=8-2&keywords=marlborough+goes+to+war. See also – http://pikeandshotsociety.org/sales.htm

    On the Spanish campaign there is this on the action packed 1710 campaign – http://www.wfgamers.org.uk/resources/C18/MarlSpain.htm. Also coming soon on the more general Peninsula war – http://www.helion.co.uk/published-by-helion/century-of-the-soldier/books-in-series/marlborough-s-other-army-the-british-army-and-the-campaigns-of-the-first-peninsula-war-1702-1712.html

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    10mm but maybe you can find something useful amongst this lot:



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    Thanks again !

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    I would add Richard Holmes biography of Marlborough to the list. An excellent read and very good for the wider implications of the events, not just the man himself.


    Faulkners books on Marlboroughs battles are decent retelling but subject to serious hero worship.


    Catalonia stands alone (find it on the web) is also good on the later stages in Spain.


    Now if I could just find a good resource on Eugene in Italy.

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    Those are lovely figures Dave, thanks for sharing.

    Just visited your blog they are lovely 10mm figures, I can see me being tempted into a smaller scale.

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    Thanks William, to be honest if I was starting compleatly from scratch I would stick compleatly to 10mm. The quality of the figures are excellent but primarily it’s to do with scale/space, you can game on a smaller table and can store the figures easily. We would all like to have huge 28mm collections but the cost and practicallity of it eludes most people.

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    Sadly I have finally been dragged into the period for wargaming, Curse you Nic @ Eureka!

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    I would also recommend the superb series of books from the Pike & Shot Society by Robert Hall.  If your budget doesn’t stretch that far then Baccus have the same on CD rom.

    Trevallyn did a triology of books on the period and they contain excellent histories of the battles with some terrific maps.  You’ll probably need to search some antiquarian bookshops for them but it will be well rewarded.

    Unfortunately the Kronoskaf website for the WSS never received the subscription numbers for it to be viable and that will cease operation once the current subscription runs out (October 2016 I believe).  That will be a shame because the SYW website they operate is a highly valued asset.



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