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    Sean Bullough

    Hi everyone – I started a Facebook page for my new miniatures range, Wulfshéade MIniatures.


    The initial range will be 15mm science fiction with a Kickstarter followed by 2 more races, the Kassians and Proteans. I’m also working on several larger Heroic Scale model ranges (still in-progress).

    I posted preview pics of some models that will be part of my first Kickstarter, plus some conversion components for heroic Scale power armor models.

    My focus will be mostly on full-models, not just conversion parts.

    I’m waiting for some material for the Kickstarter, but if approved it should go live in the next couple weeks.


    I have applied to join!



    I am a bit confused, if you are doing a business selling miniatures why are potential customers having to sign up for “Face-book”? to look at what items you have for sale.  Why not have public access page on Face book, by not allowing public access you are excluding those of us who do not do Face book.

    Sean Bullough

    Hi William, it is a public group. I’m not sure why you can’t view the page though.

    craig cartmell

    Most of my games-related FB pages are of a ‘have to join’ nature. Otherwise, they quickly attract spammers and sellers of $10 ray-bans etc.


    The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare

    Sean Bullough

    Here is a link to my Imgur folder with all the models that will be in the KS.




    These aren’t the final pics that will be used in the KS, but it will give you a good look at the models.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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