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    General Slade

    Does anyone know how many flags were carried by Wurttemberg line infantry battalions in Russia in 1812?  Did both the first and second battalions of a regiment carry two flags each? As far as I am aware both battalions were issued with two identical flags but were they both carried in the field?




    General Slade,

    I’m under the impression the Württemberger’s carried one flag per battalion in 1812+ (exempting the lights and jägers who did not carry banners). The flags did vary some from the first to second battalion in at least some cases because of date of issue.

    WarFlag has examples in their Napoleonic section. I have not verified these against other sources.


    The Bandit

    General Slade

    Thanks Bandit,

    It’s a confusing topic because the sources I have generally say each battalion was issued with two identical flags (though as you say, sometimes the flags carried by first and second battalions were different) but other sources suggest that each battalion carried only one flag in the field.

    I think I will follow your suggestion and give each battalion just one flag (unless I hear different before I have finished basing my Wurttembergers)

    Best wishes


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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