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    Here we go again,


    Game 3 is here, after a couple of smaller games we have 70 ships and nearly 200 aircraft fighting this one out.


    An interesting fight with a steadily building Soviet force trying to out run, German Ships, German and Finnish Aircraft, Shore Batteries, Mines and their own exploding ships.


    As Russian Commander in this game you have to be prepared for losses, however can you lose just enough to still win ?


    As always I have included full set up instructions, maps and orbats if you fancy a go at the battle, along with links to the previous combats.


    Thanks for any interest.


    Regards Ken

    The Yarkshire Gamer



    Very nice, I will have a proper read later.

    Just posting for now to let you know that I have removed the duplicate topic in the other forum, so that there is only one identical post.
    I left this here in the Air and Sea forum as it is about Air and Sea gaming which seemed more appropriate.


    I will delete this later as once you have read it, it will be redundant.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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