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    Which battle from WW2 ,do you most want to game out ?? For me it’s Guadalcanal as it’s  air land and sea.

    Steve Johnson

    Operation Market Garden has long been on my to do list.

    Victoria Dickson

    The one I always come back to is Arnhem. I’ve gamed the entire campaign four times now as well as individual actions. At campaign level, so far it is 50:50 Allies/Germans (rather better than I ever managed with VGs ‘Hells Highway’!). Hindsight is a great thing;)

    Having said that, my current project is a mini campaign of linked scenarios around 3 Div on D-Day. We’ve done the Suffolks attacking Morris and Hillman and the KSLI assault on the 155mm battery on Periers Ridge. I wonder what comes next…




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    Rod Robertson


    That is a very tough question as there are so many epic battles to game. But the one which I want to do but have never gamed in miniatures as a full battle or string of more local battles is the 1st Polish Armoured Division’s magnificent stand at Mont Ormel (Hill 262). The Battle of the Maczuga was a desperate struggle but aside from a few small tactical and skirmish games I’ve never played it out, as frankly I do not own enough WWII Micro-Armour or 15mm Allied kit and infantry to play it out in full.


    Other contenders would be the Battles of Gembloux and Hannut in 1940, the Battle of Brody-Dubro in the Ukraine of 1941, the Battles of the Scheldt and the Breskin’s Pocket, and the Battle of Cathedral Hill in Italy.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Miniatures-wise it has to be Operation Brevity. It is a small and manageable campaign that I could easily set up myself and it features enough MkVIBs to keep me happy. The rest of my WW2 gaming is done using Advanced Squad Leader for which the Red Barricades module about the battle for the Barrikady ordnance factory is the best of all possible games. I’ve started playing the full Red Barricades campaign a couple of times but not generally made much progress past the first few days of the assault, because my life keeps getting in the way. I do love me a monster game though.

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    General Slade

    It would be Arnhem for me as well. Though to be honest I think it is a project for another lifetime.  So far all I have got is a couple of dozen Minifigs 12mm British paras and a handful of Germans, none of which are painted (and I have had them for about five years).


    Hmmmm so many choices, land based, with armour.
    What about that bank raid with the Shermans and the Tigers in that village?



    I always fancied taking a WW2 battle and replaying it with cold war forces.

    QRF Models Limited

    Mike Headden

    Kursk for me. Arguably the tipping point of the war.

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    Northern Monkey

    Another vote for Arnhem from me, my all time favourite battle

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    Shaun Travers

    Most battles I would like to play at at the operational or even strategic level e.g. the East Front, Overlord.  I play boardgames for that.  But one battle I have been interested in playing with miniatures is the Battle of Maltot in Normandy, July 1944 with the British 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment, attacking a German held village.   It was very bloody affair.  There are a couple of scenarios for it out on the internet but I want to do it justice so it may take a few years before I get around to it.   It also conveniently fits in with my long term goal of writing and playing scenarios for battles that the 7th Battalion participated in.

    Iain Fuller

    I always fancied taking a WW2 battle and replaying it with cold war forces.

    Funnily enough Geoff I keep getting the urge to ‘do’ the Western Desert battles but with modern kit. I reckon the Italians would be a bit harder to take on and any excuse to get a bunch of Ratels on the table when the Saffers are involved can’t be missed!

    As for the OP. I’d love to have a bash at Arnhem too and the Poles at Mount Ormel, done parts of both on the PC with Combat Mission but whilst very good just not the same as miniatures (although both very hard fights).


    I keep getting the urge to ‘do’ the Western Desert battles but with modern kit.

    Going to port this to the modern board for discussion

    QRF Models Limited


    Omaha Beach. We tried it a few years ago in 28 mm as a landing by Orcs, Goblins, and Elves against defending Dwarves with the Allies moving in from the beach, over the sea wall,  and across the shelf to the top of the cliffs on an 8′ by 4′ table. When the last of the attackers died in front of the cliffs, we’d already decided to try it again using WWII miniatures, but never got around to accumulating the armies with which to attempt it.


    I would love to game Operation Market Garden on one looooong table, all in 6mm of course!

    A close second would be D-Day, all the beaches in one go

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!


    Anything in the Western Desert.  Already did “Snipe.”  Siege of Tobruk would be fun.


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    Have been lucky enough to play in arnhem, tarawa and stalingrad games. Would be keen for more pacific and Crete

    Ivan Sorensen

    Despite my main interest being Eastern Front, Monte Cassino has been a near life-long fascination for me.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Tom V.

    2nd the interest in doing the Guadalcanal campaign. A near run thing that was pivotal in the Pacific War.


    Salerno or any of the other Italian campaign battles. I’m looking forward to Sam Mustafa’s upcoming “Rommel” rules and how they will handle larger battles.

    Norm S

    Tactical in the Stalingrad environment always appeals. Campaign wise I find the Barbarossa (1941 Invasion of Russia) always gives a tough and tense action for both sides and for operational and new for me would be battles in France 1940 and fictional battles in England following a supposed successful Operation Sealion.

    Ivan Sorensen

    Oh, let me add Stonne and Arras to the list, since we’re talking 1940

    Nordic Weasel Games

    John D Salt

    Sticking with the terrestrial, I’d like to do the action of 47 Royal Marine Commando at Port-en-Bessin, 4/7th Dragoon Guards at Lingevres, and Walcheren and Lake Commachio. “Dickie’s Bridge” in Op Bluecoat would be fun, too. I think all these battles would be rather challenging to do with any existing set of wargames rules.

    Casting the net wider, I’d like to do the battle of Convoy ONS-5, and the British Pacific Fleet strikes on Palembang. I know of no set of rules that even pretends to be suitable for either of those.

    All the best,


    Jonathan Ellison

    I think it’s Citadel – Hill 252, ie Prokhorovka, but the Nipe version not the Rotmistrov(?) one.



    As already stated so many choices difficult to limit to just one. Market Garden has a huge fascination for me but as a campaign so couldn’t take just one battle for it. Hope to do Kohima one day as the local regiment was involved. My choice though is Singling December 1944 been interested in it since reading the small unit actions report in George Forty’s Patton’s Third Army book. Just need to get round to building enough Shermans for it.

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