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    Hi everyone we just released bundle packs for a limited time online. Normally you can only get these bundles in person at our booth at conventions.

    I thought you might be interested in the German Ramcke Brigade bundle and the O.S.S. Det 101 Kachin Rangers Bundle

    You get 40 miniatures in either set.

    The German Ramcke Brigade bundle is perfect for a Platoon of Ramcke Brigade Germans Operating in North Africa or other units in Italy for your games.

    The Ramcke Bundle comes with:
    1 pack of DS-05

    6 packs of DS-05B

    The O.S.S. Det 101 Kachin Rangers Bundle is perfect for a Guerilla force operating in the jungles and mountains of Asia.

    The O.S.S. Bundle comes with:
    1 packs of DS-06

    6 packs of DS-06B

    They will add a lot of character for your next skirmish games, and are great to work with and paint.


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