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    Having recently discovered the fantastic ‘X-Wing: The Miniatures Game’ and gone a bit nuts buying ships, I was immediately tempted to create a campaign, to get things rolling among my Padawans. As luck would have it, ‘Yarkshiregamer’ has already done most of the work for me and all the campaign rules and scenarios can be found on his blog here http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/x-wing-campaign-begins.html


    As hefreely admits to having ‘borrowed’ it from someone else, I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever in shamelessly ripping him off! Thanks Yarkshiregamer! J Joking aside, Yarkshiregamer’s blog is excellent, so go have a look.


    We’ve already done three games and are keen to do more, so here’s the first game. More to follow:



    Mission 1 Graduation Day


    Pre-Mission Admin


    Pilot ‘Boba Feck’ purchases a Z-95 Headhunter (12 GC) and gets 10 GC cashback. He buys a pilot skill upgrade to PS2 for 4 GC and a Shield Upgrade modification for a further 4 GC. He then banks the remaining 2 GC.


    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ purchases a T-65 X-Wing (21 GC) and gets 1 GC cashback. He grabs the Integrated Astromech modification (free) and spends his remaining 1 GC on an R4-D6 Astromech.


    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ purchases a T-65 X-Wing (21 GC) and gets 1 GC cashback, which he spends on a standard R2 Astromech.


    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ purchases an A-Wing (17 GC) and gets 5 GC cashback, which he spends on Homing Missiles.


    Mission Briefing


    Congratulations on graduating as a new fighter pilot and welcome to Brown Squadron here in the Treveen System! As you know, the Treveen System, at the arse end of the Western spiral arm of the galaxy, is something of a backwater of the Empire and has minimal garrison forces, as well as a small but active resistance movement. With a little push, the Rebellion could gain ground here.


    So to today’s mission:


    Normally you would walk out to your new ship. However, we are presently short of ships and as it happens, the Empire has a depot for captured military equipment on Treveen 6 and it’s only lightly guarded. Other Rebel forces will distract the occupying forces whilst you are dropped into the factory by assault shuttle. Grab a ship that matches your personal preference, get it started and get out of there!


    Good Luck and May the Force be with you.



    Set Up


    Set up is the standard 3’ x 3’ playing area. Both sides set up within range band 1 of opposite edges. Empire ships are randomly allotted based on number and type of Rebel ships, as per the campaign rules. In our game, this amounts to three Academy-level TIE Fighters (Pilot Skill (PS)1), a Scimitar Squadron TIE Bomber (PS2) equipped with Concussion Missiles and Proton Bombs, an Avenger Squadron TIE Interceptor (PS3) and a TIE Fighter piloted by the Imperial ace known as ‘Backstabber’ (PS6).



    Special Rules


    Starting your ship – Roll 1 attack die per level of pilot skill plus one (Level 2 rolls 3 die) you need 5 hits of any type to start your ships, if not done by turn 4 it will start on its own, you have no shields until your ship starts so get rolling !


    Targeting ships on the ground – Attacking ship must be in range 2 or less, each rebel ship is in a bunker it gains 3 extra hull whilst inside the bunker (critical hits have no effect on bunkers). Rebel ships can defend with 2 green dice but can’t use actions.


    Force Field – The Empire have set up a planetary force field so no ship can jump to hyperspace until the start of turn 6 when a bomb pre set by resistance fighters on the plant will blow the generator.


    After-Action Report



    The Imperial ships close in fast, keen to attack the Rebels while they’re still on the ground. Boba Feck’s Z-95 is first out of the traps, closely followed by Garf-i’Eld’s X-Wing. Wraith 7 and Qui-Gon Rum finally manage to get their ships started as the hangars collapse around them under a hail of Imperial fire!


    No Rebel ships are damaged on the ground, though Qui-Gon’s A-Wing is raked by ‘Backstabber’ and the TIE Bomber as he climbs away.


    The Imperial TIE pilots manage to pull up out of their attack and turn to pursue. However, the TIE Interceptor pushes his luck and only just manages to avoid smacking into the planet!



    Despite being damaged, Qui-Gon’s A-Wing bravely turns back into the fight, followed by Boba’s Z-95. They engage in a head-on duel with the TIEs. Garf’s X-Wing (here on the right) turns back to flank the pursuing TIEs and concentrates his fire on the TIE Bomber. However, Wraith’s X-Wing (on the left) is being badly shot up by the TIE on his tail.


    The news comes through that Rebel resistance fighters have now blown the planetary shield generator – all Rebel pilots now start spooling up their hyperdrives, though it’s slow work…



    Qui-Gon’s A-Wing suffers badly in the head-on pass against the mass of TIE Fighters, though manages to give as good as he gets. However, as he dodges through the Imperial formation, he lines up on the TIE pursuing Wraith. However, he fails to notice the TIE Interceptor (at the top of the picture), which has finally managed to turn back toward the fight and is about to re-engage…


    Boba Feck meanwhile makes the first kill; downing one of the TIEs. Garf’s X-Wing meanwhile (here on the left), continues to chip away at the TIE Bomber.


    Wraith (here on the right), already in trouble, now finds himself head-to-head with ‘Backstabber’, who rakes his X-Wing with accurate fire. Wraith loses his R2 unit as the plucky droid sacrifices himself to keep the ship flying. The R2’s sacrifice soon pays off, as Wraith’s return volley finds its mark and blows the TIE apart! The other Rebel pilots can only look on in envy as Wraith collects the huge bounty that had been placed on Backstabber’s head…


    Amazingly, Wraith quickly follows this up with further success, as he destroys a second TIE!



    The TIE Interceptor finally gets back into the fight and fires an accurate volley into Qui-Gon, as he flashes across in front of him. The A-Wing disintegrates, though Qui-Gon manages to eject safely and is eventually picked up by a rescue team. The TIE Interceptor quickly loops around, though not quick enough to stop Boba raking him. Boba also executes a hard turn, lining up for another shot before the hyperdrive kicks in.


    The TIE Bomber is also suffering heavy damage, thanks to Garf’s incessant fire. However, the wily bomber pilot has one last trick up his sleeve and deposits a proton bomb right in the middle of the dogfight, before accelerating away and looping back at maximum power! Wraith, Garf and the TIE Interceptor all get a face-full of protons as the bomb detonates. This is too much for Wraith’s poor X-Wing, which finally gives up the fight, just as the hyperdrive is about to engage! Wraith thankfully manages to eject and is later smuggled back to Rebel lines by the local resistance. However, his bulging wallet goes down with the X-Wing!



    Garf is quick to exact revenge for Wraith and destroys the TIE Bomber as it attempts to turn back into the fight. Avoiding fire from the last surviving TIE, his hyperdrive finally engages and he jumps out, followed by Boba’s Z-95.


    With the escape of half the stolen ships, the Rebellion has won its first victory in the Treveen system! It is only a small victory, but it has given heart to the resistance and as the Jedi Masters would say, “From little Nerfling-podules do mighty Nerf-herds grow.”


    Post-Mission Admin


    Pilot ‘Boba Feck’, having survived the mission intact and killing a TIE Fighter, has 10 GC to spend (8 GC bounty, plus 2 GC banked). He buys a pilot skill upgrade to PS3 for 6 GC and Cluster Missiles for 4 GC.


    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’, despite having shot down two TIE Fighters (including the ace ‘Backstabber’) and having earned a pot of cash, was sadly shot down and therefore lost his loot. However, he ejected safely and earns 2 GC for completing the mission. He uses his Rebellion Grant to buy another T-65 X-Wing for 21 GC, receiving 1 GC cashback. He once again installs the free Integrated Astromech modification and spends his 3 GC on the R5-D8 Astromech.


    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’, having destroyed a TIE Bomber and survived intact, arrives back at base with 9 GC bounty. He uses 4 GC to increase his pilot skill to PS2 and 4 GC to install a Shield Upgrade modification. He banks the remaining 1 GC.


    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’, having ejected safely, earns 2 GC for completing the mission. He uses his Grant to buy another A-Wing, receiving 5 GC cashback. He buys Proton Rockets for 3 GC and a Stealth Device modification for 3 GC. The remaining 1 GC is banked.


    Post-Mission Squadron Roster


    Pilot ‘Boba Feck’ (PS3): Flown 1 mission. Scored 1 kill. Flies a Z-95 Headhunter, equipped with Cluster Missiles. 0 GCs banked.


    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with Integrated Astromech and R5-D8. 0 GCs banked.


    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ (PS2): Flown 1 mission. Scored 1 kill. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with a Shield Upgrade modification and an R2 Astromech. 1 GC banked.


    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored no kills. Flies an A-Wing, equipped with Proton Rockets and a Stealth Device modification. 1 GC banked.


    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    Great AAR, my club love this game and have been running a campaign for well over a year, I think the house rules are on Kens blog here: http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/X%20Wing

    which may be worth looking over for some additional ideas

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoJemima Fawr

    Cheers Monks!

    Indeed they are!  I’ve made some very minor tweaks and clarified some points that he was a bit vague on, but they’re essentially the same rules.  We’re mainly following his scenario plan, though our latest game was a slight diversion and I will probably bring some new scenarios in along the way.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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