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    Having recently discovered the fantastic ‘X-Wing: The Miniatures Game’ and gone a bit nuts buying ships, I was immediately tempted to create a campaign, to get things rolling among my Padawans. As luck would have it, ‘Yarkshiregamer’ has already done most of the work for me and all the campaign rules and scenarios can be found on his blog here http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/x-wing-campaign-begins.html

    Game 3 – Imperial Listening Device


    Pre-Mission Admin

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ joins Brown Squadron and opts to spend his Rebellion Grant on an unmodified B-Wing (no cashback).


    Pilot Roster

     Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ (PS1): Flown 0 missions. Scored 0 kills. Flies a B-Wing with no upgrades. 0 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with Integrated Astromech and R5-D8. 1 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with a Shield Upgrade modification, Proton Torpedoes and R2-D2. 1 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored no kills. Flies an A-Wing, equipped with Proton Rockets and a Stealth Device modification. 1 GC banked.


    Mission Briefing

    “Gentlemen, Pink Squadron has been in a skirmish with the Empire in the asteroid belt between Treveen 3 and Treveen 4. Their sensor data was examined after the incident and a small unexplained energy signature was located, our boffins believe that at least one secret Imperial Listening Device is likely to be present in the asteroid belt. Brown Squadron is to jump into the sector, scan the area, locate and destroy any listening devices ”


    Set Up

    The standard 3’x3’ star field mat is used.

    Five asteroid tokens are placed randomly on the board, at least range 3 from each player’s base edge and at least range 2 from each other and the flank-edges of the board.

    Place one different numbered ID token on each asteroid and a corresponding numbered token in a cup.

    Ships are randomly assigned, based on the Rebel force deployed. This time, there are 3 Academy TIE Fighters (PS1), a TIE Fighter ace by the name of ‘Winged Gundark’ (PS5), a truly terrifying TIE Defender (PS1, with Concussion Missiles) and a TIE Interceptor piloted by the Empire’s top-scoring fighter pilot, Baron Soontir Fel (PS9)! The Rebels don’t fancy their chances in this engagement…

    All Empire ships set up at Range 1 from Empire base edge. Rebel ships start a Range 2 from the Rebel base edge.

    Game lasts 10 turns. Rebels must jump to hyperspace by the end of turn 10 or be destroyed.


    Special Rules

    Locating the listening device – Any rebel ship within range 1 of an asteroid can sacrifice its action for the turn and scan the asteroid. The player blindly picks one token from the cup. If that token matches the one on the asteroid he has found the device. If the token doesn’t match then remove the marker from the asteroid along with the corresponding token from the cup. Continue until all asteroids are scanned. (There may be more than 1 device and equally there may be none at all)

    Asteroids – Standard rules however for this scenario they do not move.

    Destroying Listening Devices – once discovered a device has 3 hull and 1 defence dice.


    Victory Conditions

    Rebel Victory – Destroy all listening devices, Imperial Victory Listening devices survive, any other result is a draw. If there are no listening devices, the Rebels must have scanned all five asteroids to claim victory.

    Result (2 pts for a win, 1 for a draw)


    After-Action Report

     Sadly, our reconnaissance droids weren’t able to capture much of the action on this occasion, so pictures this time are rather scant.

    The Imperial fighters come on in the same old way… Soontir Fel leads the left-hand section, while ‘Winged Gundark’ leads the right-hand section, including the TIE Defender, which is out on a test-drive.


    Brown Squadron decides to split into two groups, thereby covering more ground and with luck, quickly scanning all the asteroids. Qui-Gon’s A-Wing quickly scans the right-hand pair of asteroids, finding one of the Imperial devices. However, he then runs into trouble, not least of which is his seeming inability to avoid crashing into asteroids… Soontir Fel’s boys only make things worse!

    Wraith also quickly finds a device in the left-hand group of asteroids, though both X-Wings are soon fighting for their lives against ‘Winged Gundark’ and the TIE Defender.


    The TIE Defender opens the engagement against the two X-Wings with a Concussion Missile into Garf’s X-Wing, followed by a dizzying array of manoeuvres and volleys of laser-fire! Garf desperately tries to complete the mission, though suffers continual hits on his shields, which R2-D2 can barely contain.

    However, the TIEs get in each other’s way in their impatience to shoot down the X-Wings and Garf manages to turn the tables, shooting down ‘Winged Gundark’!

    With the damage and the odds starting to mount up, both X-Wing pilots decide that discretion is the better part of valour and fire up their hyperspace computers. Just before jumping out, Wraith manages to put a few shots into the nearest Imperial listening device and scores two hits on it; not quite enough.


    On the other side of the asteroid field, things go badly for the Rebels. While Obi-Wyn has a go at the Imperial listening device, scoring a hit, Qui-Gon attempts to engage the TIEs. However, he is up against the Empire’s highest-scoring ace and has already lost his shields and Stealth Device, thanks to close encounters with asteroids. Qui-Gon realises that his days are numbered and starts the hyperspace sequence, though too late… Soontir Fel lines him up and claims yet another victim to add to his tally.

    Obi-Wyn meanwhile, hasn’t received too much damage to his B-Wing, though is unwilling to fight it out on his own! He starts the hyperspace sequence and even manages to destroy one of the TIEs before jumping out – his first kill!

    So Brown Squadron suffers its first defeat. However, all the pilots came back alive this time.


    Post-Mission Admin

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ returns safely to base, having destroyed a TIE Fighter on his first mission. Despite the unsuccessful mission outcome, he has 5 GC available to spend. He spends 4 GC on a Sensor Jammer system and banks the remaining 1 GC.

    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ returns safely to base after a spirited attempt at destroying one of the Imperial comms relays. He has a bounty of 2 GC and with his banked cash, has 3 GC available to spend.

    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ returns to base, having destroyed a TIE Fighter and narrowly escaping destruction at the hands of a (thankfully rare) TIE Defender. His bounty for this mission is 3 GC, which with his banked cash gives him 4 GC to spend.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ sadly loses his second A-Wing of the campaign, but thankfully is rescued once again and returns safely to base. He receives no bounty for this mission, though has 1 GC banked and will receive the usual Rebellion Grant to purchase a new fighter. He decides to give up on A-Wings for the time being and instead buys what he hopes will be a rather more resilient X-Wing. He gets 1 GC cashback and therefore has 2 GC available to spend.


    Post-Mission Pilot Roster

     Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored 1 kill. Flies a B-Wing with a Sensor Jammer system upgrade. 1 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with Integrated Astromech and R5-D8. 3 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 3 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with a Shield Upgrade modification, Proton Torpedoes and R2-D2 Astromech. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored no kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with no upgrades. 2 GC banked.


    Brown Squadron Roll of Honour

     Pilot ‘Boba Feck’ (PS3): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Lost in action while flying a Z-95 Headhunter in Mission 2.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Avatar photoNoel

    Looks like a fun game.

    Avatar photoJemima Fawr

    Cheers Noel.  Yes, running the games as a linked campaign certainly makes it a lot more fun than unconnected points-based games.  At present I’m just presenting the players with a linear series of scenarios, but I hope to eventually introduce some strategic choices, maybe eventually developing into a map-based campaign.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Avatar photoNoel

    That seems like a good plan.  I have some X-wing and like the idea of playing campaigns or scenarios as you do.  The gang around here are into tournament play, though, which isn’t my thing.

    I think you are doing well with it.


    Avatar photoJemima Fawr

    Cheers Noel. 🙂

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Avatar photowillz

    Cheers for posting Jemima, an excellent read.  I like X-wing only get to play with my Granddaughter and she keeps wining.

    Avatar photoJemima Fawr

    Cheers William!

    Tell me about it… My best player is a 13 year-old cadet named Cha, who repeatedly handed my arse to me on a plate when we first started playing, even when I had the Falcon, crewed by Han Solo, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker!  She’s now known on the unit as ‘Corporal Vader’…

    She joined the campaign today and got two kills on her first mission (Campaign Game 7), so she’s now ‘Chabacca’… 🙂

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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