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    My padawans and I have for the last few weeks, been conducting a co-operative campaign for ‘X-Wing: The Miniatures Game’.  Each pilot takes the role of a Rebel fighter pilot and with each mission hopefully earns credits to upgrade his pilot and ship.  The campaign rules are adapted from the original campaign by ‘Yarkshiregamer’ and can be found on his blog here http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/x-wing-campaign-begins.html


    Game 5 – Rebel Rendezvous


    Pre-Mission Admin

    Pilot ‘Corey the Corellian’ joins Brown Squadron and opts to spend his Rebellion Grant on an X-Wing (1 GC cashback, which he spends on an R2 Astromech).

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ joins Brown Squadron and opts to spend his Rebellion Grant on an X-Wing (1 GC cashback, which he spends on an R5 Astromech). He also sneakily grabs the Guidance Chips upgrade (0 GC!) that the other pilots hadn’t noticed was free… The Force is strong in this one…

    Pilots Wraith 7, Garf-i’Eld and Obi-Wyn are absent for this mission, so Brown Squadron launches with Tang Dual (X-Wing), Corey (X-Wing), Maff (X-Wing) and Qui-Gon Rum (X-Wing). Qui-Gon Rum is the designated Squadron Commander.


    Pilot Roster

     Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored 1 kill. Flies an unmodified T-65 X-Wing. 11 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 4 missions. Scored no kills. Flies an unmodified T-65 X-Wing. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Corey the Corellian’ (PS1): Flown no missions. Scored no kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R2 Astromech. 0 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ (PS1): Flown no missions. Scored no kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R5 Astromech and Guidance Chips modification. 0 GC banked.


    Mission Briefing

    “Gentlemen, Phoenix Squadron in the Lothal System have requested our assistance for this mission. As you will have noticed, we have been joined by Captain Syndulla and her starship Ghost. Captain Syndulla and her crew have been single-handedly responsible for sparking and maintaining the Rebellion in the Lothal System and indeed the entire surrounding sector, so deserve our help.

    Two of Captan Syndulla’s crew are presently on board the Rebel Transport Timira VI in the Lothal System, there meeting with a Rebel courier. You will company the Ghost to a rendezvous point in the Lothal System and will there provide close escort for all friendly ships as Captain Syndulla’s crew are transferred by shuttle from the Timira VI to the Ghost.

    Once the transfer is complete, all ships will jump out to complete the mission.”


    Set Up

    The standard 3’x3’ playing mat is used.

    The Rebel Transport Timira VI is deployed within Range 1, centrally along the bottom edge of the play area. The Ghost and Brown Squadron deploy within Range 1 of the top edge of the playing area.

    Empire ships are randomly assigned, based on the Rebel force deployed. This time, there are 4 Academy TIE Fighters (PS1), an Advanced TIE Prototype flown by ‘The Inquisitor’ (PS8, with Homing Missiles) and a TIE Interceptor piloted by the ace known as ‘Tetran Cowall’ (PS7). Additionally, the Empire has two TIE Bombers – one flown by a Gamma Squadron Veteran (PS5) and one flown by a Scimitar Squadron Pilot (PS2). The TIE Bombers are each loaded with 2x Proton Torpedoes, 1x Homing Missiles and 1x Proton Bomb.

    The Empire ships are split into two squadrons – each including one elite fighter and a TIE Bomber. Each squadron is deployed within Range 1 of the left and right edges of the playing area and no closer than Range 3 from the top or bottom edges of the playing area.

    The Rebels start the scenario with the Initiative token.


    Special Rules

    GR-75 Rebel Transport ‘Timira VI’ – This Rebel Transport (PS3) is equipped with the Combat Retrofit upgrade card, but may not move. It may however, use Actions as normal. Once the Phantom shuttle has undocked, the Transport may start the hyperdrive sequence at the Rebel players’ discretion.

    Ghost (VCX-100 Transport) – The Ghost uses the Hera Syndulla (VCX-100) pilot card (PS7) and is equipped with the Ghost title card, Dorsal Turret, Proton Torpedoes and Chopper crew upgrade cards. The Ghost must not start the hyperdrive sequence until the turn after the Phantom has successfully docked.

    Phantom (Assault Shuttle) – The Phantom uses the ‘Zeb’ Orrelios (Assault Shuttle) pilot card (PS3) and is equipped with the Phantom title card.

    Undocking – The Phantom shuttle may undock from the Rebel Transport during the Activation Phase for Rebel PS3 pilots. The Phantom may immediately be given any valid manoeuvre away from the Rebel Transport’s front guide lugs, provided it does not collide with another ship or the edge of the playing area. The Phantom may then immediately perform actions, combat, etc as normal.

    Docking – To dock with the Ghost, the Phantom must overlap or fly into the Ghost’s rear arc. The Ghost must not move faster than a 2 speed manoeuvre during the turn in which docking takes place.


    Victory Conditions

    Rebel Victory – The Rebel courier is transferred by Phantom shuttle to the Ghost, which then safely hyperspaces away.

    Imperial Victory – Any other result.



    2 pts for a win +1 bonus point if the Rebel Transport survives.


    After-Action Report


    As the Ghost makes a bee-line for the Timira VI, Brown Squadron takes up flanking positions on either side: From left to right they are Corey, Qui-Gon Gin, Tang Dual and Maff Clarkin. Maff decides to go very wide on the right, to turn the Imperial flank.

    The Imperial squadrons split: On the left, the Inquisitor and a TIE engage the Timira VI, while a Bomber and a TIE engage Brown Squadron. On the right, a Bomber and a TIE join the Inquisitor’s attack on the transport, while a TIE goes for the Ghost and Tetran Cowall’s TIE Interceptor goes to cut off Maff’s flanking move.


    The Empire launches a stream of fire into the Timira VI. Her shields give out and some damage is caused, though her hull can take far more battering than this! However, the Rebels realise that the odds are heavily against them and opt for a fast extraction of the Rebel courier. Captain Syndulla ‘handbrake turns’ the Ghost and Zeb Orrelios launches the Phantom from the Timira VI.

    The Imperial pilots spot the move and the combined weight of the Inquisitor, a TIE Fighter and a TIE Bomber pour a hail of fire at the tiny shuttle. Zeb’s shields are soon gone, though the Ghost’s gunners do what they can to hold off the Inquisitor. The crew of the Timira VI also provide assistance, in jamming some of the Imperial ships.

    Meanwhile, Brown Squadron gets distracted and tangled up in a dogfight with the rest of the Imperial fighters. At the top-left of the picture, Maff turns back to engage Tetran Cowall’s TIE Interceptor – he fires Proton Torpedoes and causes major damage, though the Imperial ace manages to hold his craft together. Tang goes in for the kill, but overshoots and flies straight past the Interceptor.

    At the top-right, Corey tangles with a TIE and a TIE Bomber. Shortly after this photo, he received a Proton Bomb in the face, courtesy of the TIE Bomber! Qui-Gon meanwhile, attempts to provide assistance to Phantom and pours fire into the Inquisitor. However, he too is under fire from the TIE Bomber and a TIE Fighter and is taking heavy damage. Tetran Cowall,s heavily damaged TIE Interceptor applies the coup de grace and blows Qui-Gon’s X-Wing apart.

    Qui-Gon is now used to the drill and pulls the ejection handle… Once again, he is collected by a Rebellion rescue team, who are now like old friends.


    The Phantom scrapes into the Ghost’s docking bay by the skin of it’s teeth and Captain Syndulla fires up the hyperdrive. However, they are now in the midst of a swarm of TIEs and their shields are soon gone. Further hits eat at the hull-plating and the Ghost’s gunners do what they can to hold off the swarm. They cause heavy damage to the Imperial ships, but fail to knock any out.

    Now completely ignored by the TIEs, the Timira IV has begun spooling up her hyperdrive. However, it does what it can to assist, despite not having any armament of its own. It successfully jams the nearest TIE Bomber, preventing it from establishing a target lock and launching further torpedoes at the Ghost. Duty done and with nothing else they can do, the Timira IV jumps out.

    But what of Brown Squadron? Thankfully two of the three surviving X-Wings have now turned back into the fight. Maff continues to persecute Tetran Cowall, though still can’t get through his final point of hull-plating! Tang meanwhile is engaging the Inquisitor’s TIE, causing heavy damage.


    However, Brown Squadron’s efforts are not enough! The Ghost’s valiant stand ends as her hull plating breaches under the sustained Imperial barrage! As explosions began blowing the Ghost apart, the Phantom launches as a lifeboat, but is quickly and ruthlessly hunted down and destroyed by the Imperials.

    The outraged Brown Squadron pilots swiftly exact some measure of vengeance: Corey rakes TIE Fighter 26, which is then finished off by Tang. Maff meanwhile, finally ends the career of Tetran Cowall and then follows this up by mercilessly gunning down the Inquisitor.

     There is nothing more to be done. Brown Squadron jumps out and returns to their base in the Treveen System.



    We have received word from the Lothal Resistance that the crew of the Ghost thankfully survived the destruction of their ship. The Phantom was apparently launched as a distraction and the crew were then able to make their escape in escape pods, unnoticed among the debris of battle. However, the droid courier was lost. Rumours that he was kicked out of the last escape pod by the droid known as ‘Chopper’ (C1-10P) are entirely unfounded…

    The Rebellion is now seeking a new VCX-100 transport to re-equip Captain Syndulla and her valiant crew.


    Post-Mission Admin

    Brown Squadron fails to complete their mission, so there is no mission bonus this time. However, they do each earn the 1 GC bonus for the survival of the Rebel Transport.

    Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ survives the mission, having shot down a TIE Fighter. Despite the unsuccessful mission outcome, he has a bounty of 5 GC, plus the 11 GC banked, for a total of 16 GC. He decides to trade in his X-Wing for a further 11 GC, leaving him with 27 GC. He spends 23 GC on a shiny new K-Wing heavy assault fighter, spends 2 GC on an Advanced SLAM upgrade and banks the remaining 2 GC.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ returns to form, having once again returned to base without his ship and without any kills to his name… However, he does earn 1 GC bounty. He decides this time to test-drive a Y-Wing and spends 8 GC on a Targeting Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Extra Munitions. He banks the remaining 1 GC.

    Pilot ‘Corey the Corellian’ survives the mission intact, returning to base with a 4 GC bounty, which he banks.

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ returns safely to base after a remarkable first mission that leads the squadron to suspect that he might be Force-sensitive. Having shot down two of the Empire’s best pilots, including the dreaded Imperial Inquisitor, he has earned a record bounty of 19 GC! He increases his pilot skill to PS2, trades in his previous R5 Astromech for R5-P9 and loads Proton Torpedoes, for a total of 11 GC. He banks the remaining 8 GC.


    Post-Mission Pilot Roster

    Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ (PS1): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a K-Wing with Advanced SLAM modification. 2 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a B-Wing with a Sensor Jammer system upgrade and Shield Upgrade modification. 0 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 5 missions. Scored no kills. Flies a Y-Wing with Targeting Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Extra Munitions. 1 GC banked.

     Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with Integrated Astromech and R5-D8. 3 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 3 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with a Shield Upgrade modification, Proton Torpedoes and R2-D2 Astromech. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Corey the Corellian’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored no kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R2 Astromech. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ (PS2): Flown 1 mission. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R5-P9 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Guidance Chips modification. 0 GC banked.


    Brown Squadron Roll of Honour

     Pilot ‘Boba Feck’ (PS3): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Lost in action while flying a Z-95 Headhunter in Mission 2.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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