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    My padawans and I have for the last few weeks, been conducting a co-operative campaign for ‘X-Wing: The Miniatures Game’.  Each pilot takes the role of a Rebel fighter pilot and with each mission hopefully earns credits to upgrade his pilot and ship.  The campaign rules are adapted from the original campaign by ‘Yarkshiregamer’ and can be found on his blog here http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/x-wing-campaign-begins.html


    Game 6 – Kill The Relay


    Pre-Mission Admin

    Pilots Wraith 7, Garf-i’Eld and Corey the Corellian are absent for this mission, so Brown Squadron launches with Tang Dual (K-Wing), Obi-Wyn (B-Wing), Maff (X-Wing) and Qui-Gon Rum (Y-Wing). Qui-Gon Rum is the designated Squadron Commander.


    Pilot Roster

    Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ (PS1): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a K-Wing with Advanced SLAM modification. 2 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a B-Wing with a Sensor Jammer system upgrade and Shield Upgrade modification. 0 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 5 missions. Scored no kills. Flies a Y-Wing with Targeting Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Extra Munitions. 1 GC banked.

     Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ (PS2): Flown 1 mission. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R5-P9 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Guidance Chips modification. 0 GC banked.


    Mission Briefing

    “Gentlemen, we have received information that an Imperial Communications array is active in a nearby sector, your mission is simple:  Jump in, destroy the relays and jump out.  Intel suggests that the relays will be guarded by prototype TIE Droid fighters in addition to the usual manned fighters.”


    Set Up

    The standard 3’x3’ playing mat is used.

    The relays are deployed within Range 3 of the bottom board edge, no closer than Range 3 to the right-hand board edge and no closer than Range 2 from each other.

    The manned Empire ships are deployed at Range 1 from the bottom and/or left-hand edges of the board. The TIE Droids are set up guarding the relays in such a manner that they can fly continual circles around the relay using the 3 tight turn template.

    Rebel ships start range 2 onto the board in the top right hand corner away from the relays.

    Empire ships are three Academy TIE Fighters (PS1) an Obsidian Squadron TIE Fighter (PS3), a TIE Advanced Prototype flown by a Baron of the Empire (PS4 – equipped with Homing Missiles) and a Royal Guard TIE Interceptor flown by the ace pilot Kir Kanos (PS6 – equipped with Royal Guard title card, Targeting Computer modification and Shield Upgrade modification). There is also one TIE Droid (Mk1) defending each relay.

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    Special Rules

    Tie Droid (MK1) – two of these ships are on table, one assigned to each of the relays, this is the basic cheap version with an automatic pilot, the ships have Pilot Skill 0 and will rotate around the relay using the 3 tight turn marker each phase with no deviation. They will fire at the closest target in front of them, regardless of affiliation (apart from the other droid or relay).  All other stats are as a TIE Fighter.  They may not perform actions.

    Protect Action – Any human-controlled Imperial ship within Range 1 of a relay may sacrifice its own action in a turn and use a Protect Action on one of the relays, giving the relay 1 evade token.

    Exiting to Hyperspace – For this scenario Rebel ships may jump to hyperspace without any die rolls in the turns end phase (the jump to hyperspace must be declared when revealing their dial, as usual.

    Communication Relays – 1 per 2 rebel players, each has 1 Shield, 3 Hull and 0 Agility.  Critical hits simply count as 1 hit.  They count as small ships for the purposes of collisions.


    Victory Conditions

    Rebel Victory – Destroy all Imperial relays.

    Empire Victory – Prevent destruction of relays.


    Game Length – 10 turns.



    2 GCs for a win.


    After-Action Report

    As the Rebels approach, the Empire split their forces into two squadrons: The left-hand squadron consists of the Baron of the Empire in his TIE Advanced Prototype, the Obsidian Squadron TIE and an Academy TIE. The right-hand squadron consists of Kir Kanos’s Royal Guard TIE Interceptor and two Academy TIEs.  In the centre, the TIE Droids patrol their defended perimeters.


    As the battle opens, the Rebels quickly realise that they are about to be boxed in by the Imperial fighters. They decide to use their heavies to punch through Kir Kanos’ squadron, while Maff’s X-Wing runs interference on the opposite flank.  Qui-Gon’s Y-Wing and Obi-Wyn’s B-Wing open the combat, exchanging fire with their respective TIEs.  Maff’s X-Wing meanwhile scores hits on the Baron and luckily gets through the storm unscathed.

    As the fighters mix it up, Qui-Gon turns to face the nearest TIE and again scores damage, but no kill! The bulk of the TIEs now concentrate their fire on the greatest threat – Tang’s hulking K-Wing.  Maff meanwhile, makes a run for the open flank and the first comms relay.


    Tang’s K-Wing is already in trouble. He’d been peppered by Kir Kanos’ TIE Interceptor in a head-on pass and now finds himself being shot to bits from the rear by the Baron and the Obsidian TIE!  However, Qui-Gon’s Y-Wing flies to the rescue, critically damaging the Baron with Proton Torpedoes.  Tang’s turret gunner finishes the job and has the satisfaction of seeing the Baron’s fighter disintegrate.

    Meanwhile, Obi-Wyn’s B-Wing causes significant damage to a TIE Fighter, which is then nearly shot down by a TIE Droid!

    In the distance, Maff puts some distance between himself and the Imperial fighters. Realising the danger to the relays, a TIE Fighter (on the right) turns back in pursuit, but has a lot of catching up to do.


    Tang’s K-Wing is now in serious trouble, with only 1 hit point left. His hyperdrive is already spooling up, but will it be quick enough?  His gunner is too busy fighting off TIEs to engage the comms relay.  Obi-Wyn’s B-Wing shots one TIE off Tang’s tail and Tang’s rear gunner kills another.  The surviving TIE opens up once again on Tang, but to no effect… Tang’s hyperdrive finally kicks in and he is safe.

    Qui-Gon’s Y-Wing meanwhile, has still suffered no hits to enemy fire. Kir Kanos attempts to get on his tail, but over-revs the ion engines and overshoots.

    In the distance, a TIE fighter frantically tries to catch Maff, who is rapidly bearing down on a comms relay.


    As Kir Kanos overshoots the Y-Wing, Qui-Gon pours fire into him. However, the Force is not with Qui-Gon, as the Imperial ace survives yet again.

    The other two remaining Rebel pilots are having somewhat more luck however, as Maff’s X-Wing launches proton torpedoes into the first comms relay. Maff uses his Guidance Chips to great effect, as the relay is obliterated in a single volley.  However, his pursuer is now within range and is starting to nibble at Maff’s shields.

    Obi-Wyn meanwhile has a crack at the second relay, but his B-Wing only succeeds in destroying the relay’s shielding. He is also being shot up by a pursuing TIE.


    Having destroyed the first relay, Maff engages one of the TIE Droids in passing, inflicting some damage, though being shot to bits by the TIE Droid and the pursuing TIE Fighter. He spools up his hyperdrive, but manages to score a hit on the second relay before jumping out.

    Qui-Gon meanwhile, continues to tangle with Kir Kanos, who turns back and rakes the Y-Wing with fire. Obi-Wyn moves to assist and hits Kir Kanos, only to be hit in return.  A TIE Droid inflicts even more damage on the B-Wing and Obi-Wyn is finally finished off by a TIE Fighter.  Thankfully, Obi-Wyn successfully ejects and is later rescued.


    Suddenly feeling very alone, Qui-Gon Rum realises that he has to end this as quickly as possible! Thankfully, most of the enemy ships are presently turned away from him in their pursuit of Obi-Wyn’s B-Wing, so he sees an opening and steers his Y-Wing toward the final comms relay.


    Qui-Gon fires his remaining proton torpedoes at the relay, but to no effect! He’ll have to close and hope to the Force that his puny guns can do the job.

    A TIE attempts to intercept him, but overshoots. Kir Kanos and the other surviving TIE have now turned back, but are at long range.  Nevertheless, they manage to pepper the Y-Wing with fire, but the rugged fighter holds together.  Qui-Gon opens the throttles to close the range…


    Kir Kanos is also closing the range and fires again. He rakes Qui-Gon’s Y-Wing and all seems lost for the Rebels… Then Qui-Gon hears a voice echoing in his head…

    “Use the Initiative Marker, Qui-Gon… Oh, and the Force… That might help as well…”

    Qui-Gon forces Kir Kanos to re-roll his gunnery and the Imperial ace totally fluffs it, leaving Qui-Gon with one point of Hull left!

    Qui-Gon presses the trigger and hits with every burst. The Imperial pilots look on in dismay as the comms relay disintegrates!  There is much whooping and back-slapping in the Rebel Ops Room… There ain’t no Mon Calamari ‘Comfort Squid’ safe tonight…

    However, Qui-Gon’s hyperdrive is still spooling up and those PS1 Academy TIEs still haven’t fired… They miss! Qui-Gon has survived with a ship intact for once!  Yay!

    The Targeting Astromech frantically beeps a warning as the forgotten TIE Droid’s lasers slam home on Qui-Gon’s battered Y-Wing…

    Pulling the ejection handle, Qui-Gon resigns himself to the fact that he’s walking home again…


    Post-Mission Admin

    After a run of bad luck, Brown Squadron is jubilant as they complete their mission! Each participating pilot therefore receives the customary 2 GC bonus.

    For his heroism in successfully pressing home the attack against considerable odds, Squadron Commander Qui-Gon Rum is also awarded the Bronze Nova for Conspicuous Gallantry.

    Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ survives the mission in his battered K-Wing, having shot down a TIE Fighter and the Baron of the Empire’s TIE Advanced Prototype. He is now the highest-scoring pilot of Brown Squadron. All the damage received reduced his bounty somewhat, so he receives 7 GC. He adds this to his previously banked stash, leaving him with 9 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ yet again returns to base without his ship and without any kills to his name… However, he does earn 2 GC bounty for completing the mission and now has 3 GC in the bank. However, he now needs to find himself yet another ship at Crazy Mark’s…

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ survives the mission, though lost his trusty B-Wing. He does however receive the 2 GC victory bounty. He decides to spend his Rebellion Grant on an A-Wing, which gives him 5 GC cashback and leaves him with 7 GC to spend. He equips the A-Wing Test Pilot title, the Predator elite skill and the Shield Upgrade modification, for a total of 7 GC, leaving nothing in the bank.

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ returns safely to base after another outstanding performance in killing one of the Imperial relays.


    Post-Mission Pilot Roster

    Pilot ‘Tang Dual’ (PS1): Flown 3 missions. Scored 4 kills. Flies a K-Wing with Advanced SLAM modification. 9 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Obi-Wyn’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 3 kills. Flies an A-Wing with an A-Wing Test Pilot title, Predator elite skill and Shield Upgrade modification. 0 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Qui-Gon Rum’ (PS2): Flown 6 missions. Scored no kills. Presently between ships… 1 GC banked.

     Pilot ‘Wraith 7’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with Integrated Astromech and R5-D8. 3 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Garf-i’Eld’ (PS2): Flown 3 missions. Scored 3 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with a Shield Upgrade modification, Proton Torpedoes and R2-D2 Astromech. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Corey the Corellian’ (PS1): Flown 1 mission. Scored no kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R2 Astromech. 4 GC banked.

    Pilot ‘Maff Clarkin’ (PS2): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Flies a T-65 X-Wing, equipped with an R5-P9 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes and Guidance Chips modification. 13 GC banked.


    Brown Squadron Roll of Honour

     Pilot ‘Boba Feck’ (PS3): Flown 2 missions. Scored 2 kills. Lost in action while flying a Z-95 Headhunter in Mission 2.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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