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    Mike Bravo Minis

    Over at MBM we have had a long fascination with ‘modern’ African gaming (blamed almost entirely on the fact that the only Airwolf VHS tape I had as a child was the Airwolf ‘And They Are Us’ episode!).   ‘Zimbalawi’ is our sandpit for gaming this sort of thing out in 28mm.

    For a number of months we have been developing a Wild Geese-inspired range of 28mm mercenaries and government troops, which will finally be hitting general release in July.  (Keep an eye open here for exact dates and special offers.)

    (all above painted by Andrew Collins)

    Sally 4th have some great MDF buildings that are very appropriate to this settings – check them out here.

    ..and we ourselves are making heavy use of Phil’s skills over at Tinned Fruit Buildings:


    What’s next up?
    More ‘Wild Geese’ goodies – including some machete wielding regulars and a set of characters for breaking into prisons (to go with something Sally 4th are working on)
    And then it’s over to you: We are thinking figures inspired by Jadotville, Entebbe and/or some Rhodesians.  Pledge for your preference with our Pledge Club (and earn a handy discount in the process).   (and yes, at some point there will be a Vidor, Hawke & Santini…)



    Ha very cool.
    Quite liked Wild Geeese, not the second one so much though…



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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