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  • in reply to: Review of Book about GMing #192972
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Darn – released on the 21st Dec so its not 100% guaranteed delivery by Santa for Jake 🙁

    Maybe an Easter gift – bookmarked.

    in reply to: Ridley Scott’s Napoleon #192909
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Putting aside the history – was it a good film or do you need the history to make sense of it?

    i.e. Is it worth me going and spending £££ with just a general grasp of the period…

    in reply to: 3mm Scale 40K – Battle of Calth #192908
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Very neat – the number of figures look about right for those bases.

    Not convinced the regimented ranks are right for the ‘period’ (I’ve always seen SMs as fighting individually not in formation) but to give a scattered look you would have to drop the figure count or increase the base size…

    Will you be using dice for wound tracking or just go for full base removal (come to that – what rule set are you planning one)?

    in reply to: Random Mersey Musings, or All Things Rampant #192907
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Reads like a GW fan boy post 🙂

    I do enjoy reading his rules a great deal and impressed by the games I’ve watched on YouTube – reminds me of a friendly and readable version of HOTT for some reason and strikes a memory of SoBH aims.

    Sorry to hear about the dice – who ever did that should have their tape measure ceremonially bent beyond use and asked to leave the club (maybe even going as far as pouring their tea down the drain un-drunk). Bad enough to be using them but to put others into a very awkward situation is just wrong.

    Do you find the rules are different enough to give a feel for the period or do they feel similar?

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Nice to see the second game was away from a town – too many cowboy games are set in a single street…

    I have not watched a cowboy film for years (excluding ‘A Million Ways‘) but still enjoy watching these games at shows.

    in reply to: It’s back…. #192823
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    10part 1/200’ish kit is, not on.]

    Frankly it verges on silly. I suspect it automatically rules them out for people of my level of dexterity

    Coming soon from a GW store near you – micro manipulators for only £35 (any resemblance to tweezers is shear coincidence)


    in reply to: It’s back…. #192815
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Modiphius launching Full Spectrum Dominance – STLs are a bit smaller (8mm to top of a humans head) but the game can be played in a 2×3 feet table. Reads as its physical rules only and use any figures (3mm – 15mm+) going by the press release with The Lazy Forger offering 3D print bundles with the rules and buildings…

    Love the sample buildings – fragile beyond belief I think and STL only is a turn off.

    Not impressed by the first build / paint post on The Wagamer – the infantry paint job is very poor.

    Tempted to try to get a few tanks just for a diorama…

    in reply to: “AI” Solo Player Opponent #192792
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Two from a blog I follow:

    Neither are fantasy so will require work but the first has an interest way of working out who actions first during each phase of the turn:

    The order in which player’s perform their turn phases is determined by taking cards off the top of the card deck. Each time their colour card is revealed a player performs the phase followed by their opponent.

    Obviously a simple dice or coin toss would suffice but I’ve not seen the separate phases mixed up before…

    in reply to: John Hawkwood #192757
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Sure that’s not a wand in his hand?

    Very neat result – new skirmish / army or just a ‘why not – I like it’?


    in reply to: It’s back…. #192687
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Managed to get on the GW site at last:

    • Main box £120 but pre-orders are temporarily out of stock
    • Rules come up 404 (not found) from the community link but are £37.50 here on the GW site.
    • Cards £19 per set but sold out already
    • Infantry / tanks £30 a box
    • Building gone but £45 and £100
    • Knights £22 and up

    Current link to the range is (who knows how long that’s going to be valid in the new layout).


    in reply to: It’s back…. #192682
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Early release boxes hitting the ‘influencers’ (uggh – hate that term)


    in reply to: Small games -> Palaeo rescue party #192651
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Got a bit of painting done for Palaeo Diet.

    First up is the largest opponent so far who will be looking to nibble on the garden:

    and the ‘brave’ (still to be proven) defenders:

    I also got the wolves lair sorted:

    I decided that basic flesh was boring so added a few tribal markings that will help identify the figures on-going. Still no sign of the missing man – but I’ve decided he has gone fishing (her indoors complaining over the bugs in the roof of the new house) for now 🙂

    Very pleased with the lair – it’s a 3D print and despite a lack of texture it will go very nicely in the game.

    Still need a bit of time to complete the bases (decided to paint the edges black) and add a coat of varnish but that can wait till I’ve ordered and received the bases for the larger figures in store…

    Did absolutely zero on the blocks felt – got a bit carried away with the brush this week! At least the felt does not need the table clearing so I may slide that in next week and be ready to game in December.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Very nice and clean.

    Your output is impressive!

    in reply to: Evil Dave’s 6mm ACW #192642
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    In the last picture you seem to have three bases. I take it these are:

    1. The actual figure strip
    2. Magnetic or steel sheet
    3. Magnet or steel (opposite of number 2) movement try

    Any plan to fill in between the figure bases – a real pain I know 🙂

    Standards do look good when massed like that.

    (The little house at the back looks interesting – SYW I take it?)

    in reply to: It’s back…. #192593
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    And a Mantic version launches soon – 12mm

    WARPATH: Kickstarter Announcement


    in reply to: A Wee trip to the UK by a wargamer #192557
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Looks like you had fun.

    Culloden is an interesting place to visit – I was amazed by the distance between the two sides and thought the red flags were missing at first! Did you get to go around the visitors centre? Expensive entry but well worth it in my mind.

    Hope you managed to try haggis – even the veggie version is great for breakfast 🙂

    in reply to: Small games -> Palaeo rescue party #192533
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Having got the blocks touched up I now need to sort the felt and make sure I have the terrain for all the scenarios in the book. Fortunately the local shop still keeps the felt so any replacements not going to be an issue (bar from light fading the colours or changes in dye).

    At the start of this game I created a list of the terrain used in the provided scenarios and the approximate size for the full board (3 x 3 feet is the ‘recommended’ size) but I have now updated this for my 1×1 foot game. The PDF can be found on Dropbox here if you are interested – no need to sign in if you only want to view the doc (just close the pop up request).

    Note it’s a long time* since I shared a document this way so let me know if you fancy a look but cannot access it.

    * So long I’ve lost access to BOX and my old blog storage 🙂

    in reply to: It’s back…. #192527
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Made it to sale

    Two week preorder from the18th with release on the 2nd Dec.

    Original pics of box contents wrong:

    The original image for this product erroneously contained four Kratos Heavy Tanks. These are in fact sold separately, and are not contained in this box.

    Now ‘only’ 223 / 61 minis in the box (grouping of infantry onto one base cuts the miniature number down).

    I still hunger after it but the table size is bigger than I have so it’s wait to see the play-throughs and slide to a birthday gift if it fits I think. May ask Santa if I’ve been good enough for the rules (doubt it) and maybe some infantry to replace the Ogre ones (that are oversized anyway).

    in reply to: Conan Knows #192521
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Do you realise they are older than my ‘kids’…


    in reply to: [Argad AAR] The road in the steppes – 2 #192516
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    One I’ve not read – I must ask Santa for some more of his books for Christmas I think 🙂

    The 2001 love dates back to my O Level English exam – one big chunk was based on the film so it kind of stuck with me but a hole with stars is part of the Dave Bowman famous saying

    “The thing’s hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my God! — it’s full of stars!”


    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Huh. That bronze copper plaque thing is one of my old Croms Anvil figures. How the mighty have fallen.

    My mind is in a good place today so I prefer

    Enshrined for posterity.


    I’ve never heard the saying but the link was a neat find

    in reply to: PSA – Dettol Paint Stripping #192505
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    A brass wire brush is more effective than a tooth brush.

    You can get fibreglass brushes that work well on plastic figures that will not scratch as much – not great for small tight areas but handy. Designed for cleaning electronics and rust off metal!

    For the tight little corners I find a toothpick handy – both wood ‘cocktail sticks’ and interdental / plastic ones work well. Never tried a pin TBH but can see that could work better if the paint is still firmly attached.

    in reply to: [Argad AAR] The road in the steppes – 2 #192501
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Amazing (well not the rat farci – yuck) 🙂

    I love the little details you have put into the game and have to ask if anyone quoted 2001 when they saw the crater full of stars???

    in reply to: Geek Villain mats. #192500
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    … What the hell’s going on? I’ve never had a problem ordering before.

    Hi, we have been trying to contact you over your extended warranty on payment methods – please return our call 🙂

    More and more sites are having issues and most small traders just come out with ‘it is the customer fault’ recently – sometimes the customer is right though (says an ex I.T. manager). A lot of sites use one of a small set of payment methods and as these introduce changes the operators do not make any mods and the sites stop working or only partially work. Updating websites can cost significant money and most people do not know how to test solutions…

    A classic way to get things to work with payment sites is to try private browsing (or Apples new profile feature) and see if that works.

    in reply to: “AI” Solo Player Opponent #192499
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    A couple of card driven ones are:

    Solo Cards For Miniatures –

    Adjutant Introuvable (watch the video to see if it fits as this costs £)

    Mr Babbage looked good but I cannot remember which rules it was in (Men Who Would Be Kings comes up but I’ve never owned them so baffled – possibly seen in other Dan M rule sets?)

    Lone Warrior back issues are available (4 is the min order)

    Some good ideas are shared on

    I found pulling the coloured cubes to determine who moves a unit next mixed things up significantly to negate the worry BUT it’s a significant change for WH…

    in reply to: My HMGS Fall In! 2023 recap #192487
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Impressive amount of work / fun there!

    Did you get any food or sleep?

    Still amazed at the multi-day get togethers you have in the USA compared to the 7 or 8 hours you find this side of the pond… I can only think of one in the UK and that’s a general games get together rather than a war-games specific one.

    in reply to: Small games -> Palaeo rescue party #192475
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Way back in July 2021 (gasp) I showed the Lincolnshire flag as being the colours I wanted to paint the blocks in and today I actually changed the green to match a little better!

    Looking at the pic, a few (top right) may get another coat this afternoon but TBH they look fine on to the eye. Now to find the rules and summary sheet etc!

    Blowing the dust off some of the paints I did find a lot of the cheap eBay painting balls have rusted over the years:

    Not sure if this will impact the paints or not – the ball still seams to be in the bottle (no way to extract easily) – anyone any idea?

    Fortunately, most of the paints have Army Painter balls in them but I really need to check the lighter colours…

    Next up the test Ogre minis and base up some Palaeo figures (inc doggies) for undercoating and painting. As I have not found my missing hero yet I think a set of simple quest rules for the map is a winter project – they can go hunting for The Spear of The Ancestors 🙂


    Ogre Heavy Tank – green is shiny and it’s not the best pic! but gives you an idea:

    I had forgotten how dark paints look on 6mm tanks (it being nearly 45 years since I painted any) but I’m happy with the result.

    I’ve also dug out a MY Minis Elasmotherium to eat the vegetables in the little homestead. As per normal with MY figs, they are not the most detailed but this will do fine as a challenge for the folk:

    He is a BIG brute – 6cm tip of horn to end of the tail. Need to get a base ordered as I have nothing of that size. Sadly, he is way bigger than my mammoths – they will have to be pigmy ones if they are on the table at the same time (I know, these beasts where 15 foot in length IRL but still out of scale).

    in reply to: Savage Apple Trees (Wars of Ozz) #192400
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Impressed – throwing apples is a nice twist.

    I never had any luck with Hob-e-Tac and amazed that anyone can manage it 🙂 Ended up with a cool temperature ‘hot glue’ gun and scorched fingers!


    in reply to: PSA – Dettol Paint Stripping #192397
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I love the smell of Detol in the morning 🙂

    Never tried plastic or resin figures in the golden liquid and found the paint goes to a goo in some cases esp. if you leave them too long but better than most other things I’ve tried.

    The Biostrip stuff is easier on the nose (unless you are like me and oddly like the smell) but way more expensive.


    in reply to: Small games -> Palaeo rescue party #192259
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    …I’ve had games where I couldn’t sleep after because my head wouldn’t shut up…

    Two nights now – not a good sign…

    Need to be up early Tuesday as well so time for a walk and chill I think (hate my mind when it’s like this – arrggg).

    in reply to: What's on your painting desk/table/corner #192246
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I did a series of 15mm games onboard starships using flat plans of the Traveller craft amongst others but no way would I even have expected to see a 3D version for gaming on.


    I assume a Lightning Class boat is next?


    in reply to: Small games -> Palaeo rescue party #192245
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Stepped well out of my comfort zone yesterday with a trip to our esteemed hosts home and his 12mm Warhammer collection (Yes the flag really does fly outside the house – its not CGI).

    With the fascinating posts here and the increased ‘Old World’ news in general I’ve been dreaming back to my Skaven figures and the fun I had with the kids (and they where kids) many many years ago and I had promised a get together ages ago.

    Mike very kindly loaned my some of his Orc figures (individual bases – arggghhh) and sorted a simple game for me to try a complex set of rules (well not for most but they are for me) in a simple scrap between the Empire and Orcs.

    Neither of us took any pics (unless Mike had CCTV in the room) but notable highlights included:

    • An Empire General throwing himself under a orc catapult rock to save the unit of troops he was next to (OK I missed but flukily hit the general)
    • A fireball battle in the middle of the table (that I lost)
    • Two brave crossbow men charging an orc unit from the side
    • And an Orc warboss that could not hit a tree if he was stood on it.

    A good time was had – mind blown so much I did not go to bed till 4:30 this morning as the head would not shut up.

    Even the simplified (i.e. more sensible / less outrageous) rules Mike kindly put together for me had the old grey matter churning and its so tempting to buy into the scale (even if not WH 3rd)…

    If you get a chance to have a game with Mike JUMP AT IT – you would have to travel miles for such a gracious / courteous host.


    in reply to: 1/72 LOTR rules suggestions needed #192037
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Have a look at Dragon Rampant – you can get good battles with less than 100 figures on the table and it’s not hard to classify troops to match the generic terms / abilities used in the rules.

    I’ve watched a fair number of HOTT battles based in Middle Earth – the limited troop types and hard to read English can put you off but if you can get over those hurdles it’s a low figure count entry point.

    Sword and Spear rules have a fantasy add-on that reads nicely but I’ve not seen a game – there is an interesting thread on LAF here that may be of interest.

    There are a few more in this old thread 🙂

    The classic ‘purple‘ set pops up on eBay now and then but I’m happy I sold my copy as they were table heavy and very old style (modifiers galore). TBF to them I had many a good game using the original Minifigs range of figures but look to faster, simpler games now.

    Edit: Sorry forgot Fantastic Battles (Given I love Palaeo Diet by the same author it’s a bit embarrassing to miss these out).

    in reply to: A moan about dices #192025
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    The only dice I have with special faces are A,K,Q,J,10,9 from my Sixth form days (happy misspent youth).

    Mine ended up permanently in the masters study though he did let me off with a warning as he was impressed by my ‘I testing probability’ excuse reasoning 🙂

    in reply to: A moan about dices #191976
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I have a few dice with logos or patterns on the ones / sixes and often forget what the value is so end up looking at the opposite face…

    Looking through the box they where either for funding games / websites or via Kickstarters – never purchased for the sake of them.

    Anyway – dice hate me so it matters not if they are 1 or 6 – they never roll my way 🙂

    in reply to: Base & Paint or Paint & Base? #191923
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I thought I was the only one who used popsicle sticks and bluetack Mick! …

    I use tongue depressors as popsicle sticks are normally thin or small here in the U.K. and one box from eBay has lasted me years so far as I keep using the same few 🙂 They are wide enough to just about hold solid in the GW (old fat neck) painting grips – a bit of BT helps here though.

    BlueTak is a pain in summer (the little we get here) and all year round after undercoating as mine reacts to the spray and/or heat and gets very very sticky allowing some of the models to slip around a bit – changed to UHU glue as it comes off the figures easily (for about a year or two but any longer than that its a struggle to free them and yes I do have figures sat that long [blush]).

    in reply to: Yeah, but how big is it? #191922
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Just to be awkward different, my game mat size is way smaller than the dining room table 🙂

    So I start at around 30cm x 30cm for the block games (in new fangled measurement) – 1 foot square in real money.

    This goes up for 15mm to 90 x 90 (and actually is this size)

    After that I have no mat but the table is 100 x 170 (3’3″ x 5’7″ ish) if I clear everything off it…

    Main issue is that it gets occupied most nights by none combatants!

    in reply to: Base & Paint or Paint & Base? #191835
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    …before Matt varnish finish.

    Forgot that bit (blush)

    Paint – Base – Varnish


    in reply to: Base & Paint or Paint & Base? #191795
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Paint and base for me – no idea why, just assume it was the way others did it when I started…

    Easier for skirmish / single based figures than line troops but even my bigger fantasy armies (Skaven / Oaks) had the rank and file on single depth bases in a sabot carrier so it was never a real issue.

    Could a reason be I hate basing and leave it till last???

    in reply to: You’re having a ****ing laugh #191794
    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    For me as a skirmish gamer the advantages of these tubs are:

    • Storage – nowhere really to store big bags and zero use in the garden (possibly friends could use it – do not know)
    • Washed – last thing I want is grit down the waste disposal or sink
    • Choice – I can simply pick up a couple of different types in one shop
    • Long life – Given the little bag of WS twigs has lasted 8+ years, a pot of these should not see me out (giving my family one less thing to clear when I’m gone) where as 25Kg will

    Yes – they are expensive per gram compared to the local garden centre who, by the way, used to give samples away free but have now gone fully bagged (for ease I assume).

    The pot is half the cost of one GW ‘leader’ figure it’s ‘relatively’ in budget and in this case I would gnash my teeth but buy it for ease.

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