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    Sculpting is kind of tricky work but I did manage to make another press mold, this is for a canine head. I need some animal heads, (and misshapen mutant heads, etc) so that I can model post apocalyptic stuff like Gamma World or Mutant Epoch!

    (inspirational artwork from the game Mutant Epoch)

    The blue tack gives the dog head a bit of extra height, I’m confident it’ll scale correctly when the time for conversion comes. Also I tried using my first scenic tuft that I sliced into quarters using a razor. Turned out pretty good but I’m not sure I’ll bother doing it for every figure, (I feel like it’d make the bases too busy)

    Next up: more mutants! I tried out a couple of things here. First, I actually applied some paint to a test terrain piece. I’ve never painted terrain before and I’m still getting the hang of it but I like the mix of dusty ground and ferrous red. Reminds me of the outback or something. Next, I painted the rims black of the miniatures to make them pop. VERY pleased with how that went… makes the tiny figures stand out a lot more to the eye. I like painting mutants because you get to use lots of bright fun colors and you don’t have to be consistent or anything.

    The leaders/psychic is my personal favorite of the bunch. I love post apocalypse as a genre as it lets you use basically any miniatures you want. Medieval soldiers, modern soldiers, aliens, robots, fantasy monsters, etc. Not sure what I’ll work on next, wingin’ it. Cheers!

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    Thanks for the encouragement!


    Decided to take a slight break from painting, fun as it is, to mess around with green stuff and conversions. A bit fiddly to do at 6mm but not impossible!

    On the far left is a cow, (Perfect Six Miniatures IIRC), I cut off the original head and made a simple press mold to create extra cow heads. The goal is to create two-headed cows like in Fallout. Next is a bison from Perfect Six, apparently it was a miscast (only one horn) and he was selling them for next to nothing. I bought quite a few as they seemed like nice livestock/scenery pieces. I used greenstuff to make exaggerated horns like the “Bighorners” from Fallout New Vegas. I originally tried to create unicorn bison but it looked silly.

    The next is a greenstuff head done up in an octopus/cthulhu style. While I’m generally satisfied with it I’m not super pleased (the proportions are a bit chunky because I’m not used to sculpting anything so small!). My goal is to create a press mold for cthulhu heads and use them for head swaps for bad guys, (mind flayer psychic badguy types).

    The last figured was probably the easiest to do; a simple head swap. Its a Microworld Hag head swapped onto a Defeat in Detail “female political officer”. The scale difference is apparent when both models are side by side, Microworld is closer to “heroic” 6mm (which I prefer) and Defeat in Detail a bit smaller and more “truescaled”. Still, from the tabletop view it seems fine. I imagine if I added a bit of filler to the bases of the DiD officers to bring their heads level with the Microworld/other figures the scale discrepancy wouldn’t be very noticeable. Will experiment more in the future

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    Very cool progress so far! Love the DIY tools

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    Broke a six month dry spell on a whim and decided to paint up some Microworld Mutants


    Microworld Mutants

    Forces so far

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    Finished the first Bunkerfolk element. I’m thinking of adding a yellow feature to the officers, maybe a yellow stripe/yellow hat or something to tie them in with the force. Yellow armbands? Will think it over

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    Tried out some new paint schemes

    On the left is a Khurasan 6mm Alien and on the right is a CinC Solar Empire Marine. I went with a nice bright purple for the alien because I enjoy bright colors (especially at this scale!). Painting was mostly just a purple wash over white primer with a minor drybrush on the head. I might try to drybrush the alien bodies as well though for more “pop” at a distance. The marine is done up in a blue wash with light blue drybrush highlight and yellow helmet with black wash over the visor portion. Opted for blue and yellow to evoke a Fallout vibe as these marines represent Vault-dwellers.


    Progress since the prototype figures. Instead of using an aqua blue highlight I used an ultramarine blue mixed with white paint (1:2) as a drybrush. Looks a lot better and more subtle, I’d say

    (CinC “Imperial Guard” on the left, Defeat in Detail “Female Political Officer on the right)

    Yes, the radio-man is holding a receiver up to his helmet. I’m just as confused as you are

    Terrain progress continues as well. Finished the sand application on the first board. The Mod Podge has very serious adhesion but unfortunately the sand was slightly damp which caused a thick texture. It doesn’t look bad, IMO, just not what I was intending

    The hills are crumpled paper glued to the board with a thick application of Sculptamold over the top. After it was cured I applied thick mod podge and applied sand which I pushed into the glue to make sure I got a nice tight hill, (as opposed to a sandy dune). I like the hills in this method much more than the pink foam terrain I’ve been working on.

    Once finals are over I’ll move on to painting the board, (I’m thinking Army Painter Desert Yellow, I really like Army Painter products)

    Family photo. So far so good!

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    School has been keeping me busy but I’ve managed to get some work done

    These are some Pegasus Miniatures cacti, their scale is supposed to be 1/72 but they seem serviceable at the 6mm scale. Maybe they’re just a really big species?

    These are CinC “Solar Empire Marines” as well as CinC “Imperial Guard”. Currently trying a new basing method using Mod Podge + Fine Sand versus the Vallejo Ground Texture I had previously used. The Mod Podge method seems much faster, easier and cheaper

    This is the current crop of minis on the workbench. There are CinC Solar Empire Marines + Imperial Guard, Khurasan 6mm Giger Aliens (as well as a 15mm robot), some CP character models, some Microworld Wasteland Truckers as well as some Microworld Muties

    My terrain board has its Sculptamold hills drying. Once they’re finished curing I’ll sand them smooth and apply my sand to the terrain and get ready for painting

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    I use 3/8inch (or 9.5mm) blanks normally used for jewelery. They are from here:


    Pennies are used for larger figures

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    With a pile of metal waiting to be painted, I’m forcing myself to work on something, (anything!), at least once a day. Today I managed to sneak in a couple more Road Warrior types as well as some dogs

    The warriors are Microworld and the dogs are Onslaught miniatures “Mercenary Warhounds”. The dogs are tiny compared to the mutant wolf/creatures that I bought from Microworld… but they’re nice and realistic. I gave them a color scheme like German Shepherds to emphasis how they’re basically just normal doggos. Game-wise its easy to reason why someone would prefer a small, loyal breed versus a slavering mutant beast that views people like a tasty chewtoy

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    Very cool, I like the terrain for the hillfolk, bunkerfolk sorry! May I humbly suggest some figures from my old range, now available at CP Models as potential Characters: LINK

    Those are your figures? I’ve actually bought them from CP Models already. Some very useful figures in there, I’m looking forward to painting them!


    On the roster I’ve got:

    A lot of Microworld (wasteland and others)

    Some CP Miniatures (the character packs, some critters and some marines)

    Some Onslaught (size is a bit small for human scale, IMO, but still useful for certain items)

    Some Vanguard (size matches Microworld, “bigger” 6mm scale stuff better)


    I’ve also got some Khurasan and CinC on the way but they’re taking a while. Fine with me, I’ve got plenty to keep my hands busy while I wait.

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    Hi WW,

    Microworld makes wasteland warriors that looks suitably savage and scrappy. They could fit many settings

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