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    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s exellent, really nice touches!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve long thought that Horizon Wars should be able to be used as a framework for some Gundam action, particularly during the OYW and the time after.

    Using a modified mashup of aircraft and mecha rules, I think I managed to get the quick and deadly flavor of Gundam. A bigger table would have been great, but 6’x3′ (180×91 cm) is what I’ve got and it worked well enough.

    A patrol of federation mobile suits had been sent out after a report from a small homestead had claimed to have seen a group of Zeon mecha sneaking about, practically in their backyard. Their outpost commander had sent them out to try and confirm the sighting.

    Just after lunch the federation patrol spotted the Zeon units. How had they gotten this close without being detected?

    A MS-06 Zaku II with 120mm machinegun and a rocket pack; a MS-06CK Zaku Half-Cannon carrying the 180mm cannon and finally the unit’s commander in a MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai with a MP80 makes up the invading Zeon force.

    The Patrol consists of the junior officer in a RGM79G GM Command, equipped with a shield and 100mm machine gun; A RX77-2 Guncannon an older prototype model with a beam rifle and finally a RGM79C GM type C with a shield and Bazooka.

    The Guncannon takes cover behind a boulder, waiting for an opportunity to unleash it’s arsenal on the Zeon machines. The Zaku II peeks out behind a rocky outcrop to fire on the feddie MS but only hit the rock in front of him.

    Hoping to support his comrade, the federation officer order the type C’s pilot to advance in support of the RX77-2 while he himself did the same, taking a knee and using his shield to minimize his exposure to enemy fire.

    A deafening boom tear across the battlefield!
    The Zaku Half-cannon rocks digs in as the 180mm pushes him back.

    The rockets from the Zeon mobile suit throw up blasted rock and dirt, but fall short of the target. The 180mm shot strikes true however, smashing into the knee joint of the Guncannon!

    With the focus on the other side of the field, the GM type C moved up and took aim at the Zaku II.
    The shot just barely misses as the Zeon pilot dodges out of the way at the last second!

    Moving up to keep the pressure on the Guncannon, the Zeon commander fire as the advances.

    The battlefield at the start of the second turn.

    Not to be discouraged, the GM type C quickly reloads and fire on the Zaku II again.
    Again, he missed by just a hair.
    The Zeon pilot returns fire, expending his 1-shot rocket pack as well.

    Managing a critical hit along with a pair of regular ones as well, the Type C blows apart in a fireball, bits of it thrown clear of the explosion.

    Over on the other side, the Zeon commander used his Zaku II Kai to deadly efficiency.
    Accurate bursts of fire blew through the joints of the Guncannon, leaving it immobilized.

    Before the final burst that take the Guncannon out of action, the federation pilot manages to fire off it’s beam rifle, slicing through part of the leg armor and boosters of his destroyer!

    Seeing his comrades fall at the hands of the Zeon invaders, the junior officer abandons tactics and charge at the enemy commander!

    Seeing the last enemy unit closing fast, the Zeon commander draws his heat tomahawk..

    The two commanders face off, beam saber just barely missing and the heat hawk biting into the GM’s shield!

    Maybe he was just a better swordsman, maybe it was just luck, but the Junior officer have the Zeon commander at his mercy after the second round of fighting. His temporary madness fades as he hears the broadcast from the Guncannon pilot, wounded but alive.
    Booming explosions go off as the Zaku Half cannon fires a warning shot to let the feddie know that he would be next if the commander came to harm.

    Coming to an agreement, the GM Command is allowed to retrieve his injured comrade and retreat. The commander of the Zeon unit had protested, but his comrades had refused to trade his life for a single enemy junior officer.

    Now the local federation command would know that the Zeon military was here. Surprise attacks would be harder to pull off now that they knew the enemy was here.

    But no matter. They would know soon enough..

    So that was an interesting little playtest. A fast and furious fight! I was unsure if the modifications and house rules would have the desired effect and make the units agile but fragile. It will need some more tests of course but this first test seems to have promise!
    The blog:

    in reply to: 1st Game of Osprey’s Black Ops #137127
    Alexander Wasberg

    That was quite a fight, the commandos were lucky to get out of that one at all!


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    Alexander Wasberg

    Some nice Wehrmacht vehicles, looks great!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    @Thomaston: The Zaku series of MS look great all around, but it’s interesting how rare it is to see the back of one!


    @DSG: I get that, the Blackjack is hard to love. I’m not too fond of it either, armor like wet paper and a tendency to blow up from ammo explosions but it has it’s uses. I felt like I shouldn’t leave it unpainted when the rest of the lance pack got used though.

    Zakus are the best πŸ™‚ The GM is ok, but Zeon MS are nicer in general IMHO, even if they are technically inferior in many cases. Jegan and Jestas are very nice GM-derived feddie suits however!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve once again managed to procrastinate and not uploaded anything for a while, even though some things have been ready for photography for over a week..

    But a silver lining is that I managed to finish up a few Battlemechs and another 30MM kit from bandai in the meantime!

    First up we have some Battlemechs:

    Another 3 mechs for my Marik Orloff Grenadiers.


    A VTR-9B Victor.


    A WVR-6R Wolverine.


    And finally a BJ-1 Blackjack.


    My Steiner Lyran Guards also got 3 mechs for reinforcement.


    The iconic Steiner “scout” mech, the AS7-D Atlas assault mech.


    A GRF-1N Griffin.


    And finally a GHR-5H Grasshopper rounds out the unit.

    I have continued to weather some gundam kits, but ran out of matte varnish after finishing up the pair in this post. The shortage have been adressed and more kits will be coming as time goes on!

    First we have a Zeon MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai:





    And for the Federation we have a RMS-179 GM II:




    While I was waiting to be resupplied I also built and panel-lined another 30MM kit from bandai.
    I really like these kits, they make great grunt suits and are easy enough to customize (even if this one is vanilla for now). As you might have figured out from my gunpla kits so far, you will likely have picked up on my preference of “Grunt” suits over the souped up special super mega prototype-type mecha.

    I have more than a few of these kits now, Hopefully they will come in handy for some mecha action wargaming, not unlike the gunpla but with a slightly different feel and tech-base.

    That’s the photodump collection for this time, I’m hoping there will be more to share soon!
    The blog:

    in reply to: Crom's Anvil – 15mm Fantasy #137013
    Alexander Wasberg

    I think leaving them bare is the better option, if you want to add things it’s easy enough to do πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Thuseld's 6mm Journey #136055
    Alexander Wasberg

    Clever use of those plugs, looks great 😁

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #135990
    Alexander Wasberg

    @Thomaston; Thank you πŸ™‚ Yeah, I really prefer the OYW and the direct aftermath to almost any other part of or entrire timeline in the gundam multiverse!

    @DSG; Cheers! The Dom is a nice chunky piece of kit, isn’t it?

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #135943
    Alexander Wasberg

    @DSG As I suspected I ended up weathering a few kits when not playing Nier Automata:

    Last week saw me continue going through my backlog of gunpla, weathering away in anticipation of some mecha on mecha action. I only managed a pair of models last week, but here they are:

    First we have the MS-09B, the Dom:


    And then there is one of the first kits I built a long time ago, an RX-77-2 Guncannon:


    A package from japan arrived last week as well, giving me some more work in the future, including the massive 1/60 scale Perfect Grade MS-06S Zaku II Char custom.

    That’s all for today, hope you liked it!


    The blog:

    in reply to: My Blog “Five Leagues In Glorantha” #135206
    Alexander Wasberg

    That seemed like a though one for the raft, even if they pulled through in the end!

    Pariwan really stepped up this time, maybe his foul luck has turned finally?

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #135205
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks man πŸ™‚

    I 100% agree with you, the Zeon mono-eye MS are just the greatest. The humble Zaku II in all its forms being my absolute favorite!

    The later GM-derived mobile suits like the Jesta and Jegan of the ESFS are super cool too, but I also prefer to stay clear of the more insane OTT designs from some of the shows. Grunts fighting it out is where it’s at, that’s why none the ones prepared for fighting are super-designed prototypes.

    Even if I also love (and have gotten a few of) Char’s various Mobile Suits, but those are for display and artistic appreciation mainly πŸ™‚


    I think that by next week I will likely have time to try out a scenario or two with a few rule contenders, but don’t hold me to that as I might just get stuck weathering more kits!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Continuing on from the last post, I’ve mostly just kept going trough my backlog of built-but-not-weathered Gundam kits. I’m soon at the point where I have enough finished that I am starting to look at various options to have the Zeon and Federation fight it out!

    First out is a Zeon MS-14F Gelgoog Marine:


    A ESFS RGM-79SP GM Sniper II:


    Back to Zeon again, a MS-06CK Zaku Half Cannon:

    And the final mobile suit for the day, a ESFS RGM-79 GM Command:



    Point blank showdown!

    Thats all the finished Mobile Suits I had to share at the moment, but more are of course in the works!
    Just a few days ago I received this:

    So there are some more mecha coming, but first I need to finish up the ones I already built!


    in reply to: My Blog “Five Leagues In Glorantha” #135145
    Alexander Wasberg

    More great reads, thanks for sharing your adventures!

    in reply to: Crom's Anvil – 15mm Fantasy #135012
    Alexander Wasberg

    I think it looks the part!

    Don’t worry about the rigging, we’ll be too focused on the action to think about it anyway

    in reply to: My (not so) secret Ma.K obsession #134852
    Alexander Wasberg

    If you dont mid that sounds awesome, but only if you feel up for it!

    I’ll second Mr Average on the buildings from Ali as well πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Thuseld's 6mm Journey #134819
    Alexander Wasberg

    Good progress, I like space McD ^^

    I think telzy is on to a good and easily modifiable idea. You could even stack a few cutouts if you want a bigger base and cover it with bits and greeblies to make it a bit more interesting than the plain card/plastic.

    in reply to: My (not so) secret Ma.K obsession #134818
    Alexander Wasberg

    You dont say..


    I’ll look forward to reading the AARs then!

    in reply to: Crom's Anvil – 15mm Fantasy #134757
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s looking great Mike, the reeds and weeds really bring the already snazzy looking water effects to a new level πŸ™‚

    in reply to: More Middle Earth Sellswords #134756
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s quite the fight and a great read, thanks for posting this πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #134755
    Alexander Wasberg

    Cheers guys, nice of you to say so!

    As I go along I hope to develop a better feeling for how much being too much in terms of the weathering.

    in reply to: My (not so) secret Ma.K obsession #134754
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s exellent, the dollhouse turned out great I think πŸ™‚

    I must say I’m very much looking forward to seeing the IMA and SDR go at it at some point ^^

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #134704
    Alexander Wasberg

    I realized that I had forgot to post my latest hobby attempts, so here is a bit of a summar of the last few weeks:

    During the course of the last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at weathering some of the ever-increasing number of Mecha models I keep getting.

    Both kits I’ve managed to finish so far are Gundam Mobile Suits from the UC-timeline:


    My first try was this Zaku II. Being an older kit, it didnt have as many panel lines and detailing as the later kits, but I tried my hand at scribing some new lines. I’m not sure about the result, but for a first attempt the weathering and new lines are acceptable I hope.


    This next one is a GM type-C. With this one I actually managed to remember to photograph the kit before any weathering was attempted, so there is simething to compare with!

    Before weathering.

    And after.

    Still not the greatest at this, but I hope to get the hang of it as I go along..


    I also set up a small fight scene on the kitchen table so you can see both kits in the same shot:

    That’s all for today, I’m working on another kit at this time and will probably post it when I manage to finish.



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    Alexander Wasberg

    Marvelous, the Nutrocker is a treat πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing the Fledermaus as well!

    in reply to: Thuseld's 6mm Journey #134702
    Alexander Wasberg

    Off to a great start I’d say, it’ll be interesting to see what the Mos Eisley-looking bits come out looking like when all done!

    in reply to: Crom's Anvil – 15mm Fantasy #133178
    Alexander Wasberg

    They look suitably ferocious, great work as always πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #132968
    Alexander Wasberg

    I think you might be a bit biased Ali, but you are definitely right πŸ™‚

    Cheers, I had hoped they would be useful for bigger mechs as well. Now I might get some gundam gaming off the ground!

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #132947
    Alexander Wasberg

    I just tried uploading the images again, are they visible now?

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #132933
    Alexander Wasberg

    Hhm.. That’s strange, I’ll try uploading them again when I get home from work!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    First post of 2020, better late than never!

    So it’s been a while since I managed to post something here..

    But I have not been completely idle! A few model kits have been built and I’ll probably feature them later, but today I have some things I got from Ali last year:

    All these buildings and the road network I received in february of last year, so it only took me about a year to manage to finish them all..

    ..But there are quite a lot of spare road bits that didn’t really fit on the table as well!


    I also took a few quick pics with some recently finished Battlemechs:


    Most of the mechs from the new box were painted up as 1st Orloff Grenadiers, with the Battlemaster sporting Lyran Guard colors.


    Since I’ve been looking to play some games with my 1/144 gundams as well I decided to see if any of the buildings would work with them as well:

    As it turns out, quite a few of them are big enough to work as some degree of cover at least!


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    Alexander Wasberg

    Looking mighty fine! The color and grain came out very nice πŸ™‚

    in reply to: My Blog “Five Leagues In Glorantha” #132105
    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve been catching up with the raft, thanks for sharing your adventures!

    in reply to: Edge of the Storm – A Starport Scum campaign. #132104
    Alexander Wasberg

    Quite the adventure! Nice to see you picking this up again πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Tale of a wandering Slayer #131239
    Alexander Wasberg

    I haven’t been getting any hobby time in for a long while, but recently some painting have been happening. Mostly Mecha-related so far, but nothing is impossible!

    in reply to: Mecha: Chicken walkers, or regular? #131021
    Alexander Wasberg

    I love mecha in most of it’s forms, but anime has made me favor the bipedal humanoid configuration ever so slightly (even if the BT Marauder/Macross Glaug officerΒ΄s battle pod is a thing of chicken-legged beauty!)

    in reply to: On the edge of imperial space #118215
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thank you for saying so πŸ™‚

    in reply to: On the edge of imperial space #118035
    Alexander Wasberg


    The edge is very different to the core worlds around Terra. Sure, there are pirates, a general lawlessness and unspeakable horrors, but there is also a degree of freedom and enterprise for the adventurous sort. Rogue traders and mercenaries rub shoulders with aliens and regular folk just trying to get by.

    The freedom to strike out on your own and seek your own fortune. The sort of freedom that Caleb Isaacs and his small team was looking for.

    After years of war and service to the imperium Isaacs grew disillusioned with the red tape and vagaries of high command, so he decided to strike out on his own when his term was up. Augustus Couley and Ali Yanaga, his former subordinates, decided to join him. Together they form the independant contractor group “Outer Rim Solutions”.

    Being their own bosses suited the trio, even if it wasn’t always easy. For a few months now they hadn’t gotten a promising contract and the coffers were starting to look decidedly depleted. But all this could change in a moment, as it had in the past.

    One day not long after, a encrypted message came in to the group. It read:

    +++END MESSAGE+++

    Caleb called his comrades in to his office to review the message. This might just be what they had been waiting for!
    After a short discussion they decided that the offer was too good to pass up, even if the amount made them wary of the possible risks involved.
    In the end, they couldn’t afford to pass on this in any case..

    The next day the contract executor contacted them via comms;
    “Greetings. My benefactor is pleased that you chose to accept his contract. I am Mayweather and will be serving as your contact for the duration of the contract.”
    “Greetings Mr Mayweather, I’m Caleb Isaacs, leader of ORS. In the message you mentioned further details? Would you let us know so we can ge to work?

    “Certainly. This contract is a non-exclusive, time sensitive one. Other parties have been contracted as well and only the contractee that brings us the stolen object within a standard month will be elligible for the reward. The object in question is a locked plasteel container. It was stolen from my benefactor and we have tracked it to a planet called Luxor IX. I believe it is where you currently are?”
    “I see, we better get started then. Isaacs out.”

    “Am I the only one who are worried by the lack of information?” Ali asked the other two as soon as the call ended.
    “Sure am, but what can we do? We need this. I’ll start hitting up my contacts and see what we can find out.” Augustus looked to his battle brothers before heading for his terminal.
    “I don’t doubt this will be tricky Ali, but as Augustus said, we need this. Let’s prepare as much as we can, that’s all we can do at this point.”
    “Right boss, let’s get too it.”

    The next day, Augustus had come through. He had found somebody that claimed to know about this plasteel case that came from off world. A meeting was set up at a local cantina..


    The cantina where the meeting was to take place, a few houses that surrounds the bar.


    At the end of the street there is a Git Burga, a popular fast food franchise. This makes a good spot for Ali Yanaga to set up his overwatch.


    Augustus meets up with the contact behind the cantina. His contact belongs to the local gang the green hoods, a group of thugs, criminals and deserters. The contact seem jumpy and keeps looking over his shoulder, as if to see if he was followed.


    As Augustus tries to get the information out of the cagey thug, Caleb starts sneaking from the side entrance of the cantina. Across the street he thinks he spots another green hood.


    Ali calls his team over coms”There is a bunch of green hoods coming out of the bar, this might get hairy..”


    As the comms dies down, Augustus finally presses the green hood contact. Rather than trying to share anything useful, the thug goes for his autogun!
    Scrabbling to get to cover behind a close by dumpster, mr Couley aims and fires his plasma gun at the traitorous hoodlum. The superheated plasma rips into the man, his screams slowly fading as he falls to the ground.


    Hot lead slams into Augustus from his flank, finding seams in his armor as blood starts flowing. He grunts and grinds his teeth agaist the pain. This must have been as setup, they seemed ready for the team!


    On the other side of the bar two of the green hoods are blasting the barrier that Ali is currently crouching behind. Lucky for him, the aim of the thugs are not good enough to hit the marksman.


    Using the advanced scope on his hot-shot lasrifle, Ali send a bolt of death nearly blowing the head off the shooter.


    With a burst of speed, Caleb Isaacs closes on the hoodlum that shot Augustus. His bolt pistol rips a chunk out of his target, but he keeps coming.


    Smashing into the team leader, the green hood member and Isaacs struggle, locked in close combat.


    Distracted from his wounds and Calebs charge, Augustus is unable to fight off a charging hood member who further injure him!


    The battlefield after the second round of combat.


    Summoning strenght to fight off his attacker, Augustus knocks back the thug and fires several shots. The green hood member goes down hard.


    Mr Yanaga ducks down after his shot, sneaking behind the barrier to get a better shot at his final attacker. Popping up again, his lasgun fires and silences his enemy.


    His chainblade whirring, Caleb cuts into the struggling thug. With the rest of his members down or dead, the last thug throws down his weapon in surrender.


    “I give up,ok! I’ll give you what you want, don’t kill me!” the gang member cried out as he was dragged to a barrier behind the bar as the team gather around him.
    “Speak.” Isaacs spoke, his tone low and dangerous. “Alright, alright! If you go into the desert west of here, after about 30 minutes there is a small rock next to some bushes. You can’t miss it, there isn’t any other vegetation for a klick from it!”
    “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” His pain evident, Augustus put on a brave face until the green hood had turned and run.

    After having his wounds tended to, Augustus and the team starts the trek into the western desert to find their prize..


    But it seems somebody else already beat them to it!
    “I knew it wouldn’t be this easy, not for that many credits..” Ali shook his head.
    “Hey, what’s that?” Augustus asked as he bent down at the edge of the dug up mound of earth.

    There was a small metal pin, with a design he didn’t recognize.
    It might be nothing, but it’s the only clue they have at the moment..

    I hope you liked the first part of this series!

    The blog:


    Thanks for reading!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    A really interesting little bit, thanks for putting it up here πŸ™‚

    Now I want to know about Black Oak too!

    in reply to: On the edge of imperial space #117885
    Alexander Wasberg

    @Mike: Cheers, glad you like it!


    : Thank you πŸ™‚ Personally I love the lore of RT and the early 40k, it’s just such a great mix of fantasy and sci-fi greats. Git Burga denies the rumors that squig or orc spores can is present in their proprietary Git Pattys’β„’.

    The buildings are from TT combats range of MDF building kits:


    : Thank you, I appreciate that, particularly if you are not a fan of GW! I can’t say that I’m a fan of the company in it’s current form, but like Rhoderic mentions there are parts of the older setting/lore that I’m fond of still πŸ™‚

    I have both of those rulesets and a few more besides actually. I don’t know, it just felt right to go with a RPG ruleset since it allows me lots of freedom. I realize that I might want to clarify that the rules are OSR revival rather than a 30+ year old ruleset

    in reply to: Retro-future things #117884
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thank you for all the kind words πŸ™‚

    @mike: I was using oyomaru to make a mould of the original pieces. I think it’s user error in this case, should have been more careful when pushing the master into the medium..

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