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    Alexander Wasberg

    My WiP’s are now finished!


    First we have the repulsor lift train:

    The 2 running cars might get some decals at some point, but for now remain blank. Clarke and a USS MBT showed up to provide some scale comparison.

    A slightly better focused pic, showing more of the running car.


    But that’s not all, I did finish the Secure Outpost as well:


    It will make a great local stronghold, especially now since I re-mounted the missile launcher the right way around!


    There are a few more pics on the blog as well:

    Thanks for checking it out!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Very cool!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Yay! Really psyched about these little guy and gals πŸ™‚

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #33000
    Alexander Wasberg

    Ooh, hovercraft eh? Looking forward to see where this is going!

    in reply to: New 3mm Ogre Possibilities #32943
    Alexander Wasberg

    Wow! Great find there Thaddeus!

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    Alexander Wasberg

    @Tim: I have used pics sourced from my google photos account and never had a problem before, but I’ll start uploading from the blog directly and hope it solves the problem! πŸ™‚

    I’ll try re-posting the images again, with new and shiny links from the blog rather than my google photos account this time I hope it works for everybody this time around!

    @editor mike; is there a way to edit your own posts after a few days? I only ask since I couldn’t seem to find a way to do so rather than reposting the photos again..


    Here we go again:




    Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing these as well!

    I’ve since finished up the train cars, photo evidence is being processed πŸ˜‰

    in reply to: 3mm and 6mm scenery and 3mm reinforcements #32883
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s mighty strange, works for me as long as I don’t use IE.. I’ll see if I can fix the links for you Mr Average andΒ  Count Belisarius! Meanwhile you can follow the link to the blog (it’s in my sig as well as OP), all the pics should show up ok there!


    Thanks AB, I didn’t notice the ML was the wrong way around, thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

    Train will be done in a few days hopefully!

    I was just about to ask about the 3mm terrain; any news?

    @Thaddeus: Trash is a lifesaver when building 6mm/3mm bits and bobs. On a different note, your’s and Mr Average’s 3mm Ogre inspired me to convert a BOLO-style cybertank or two of my own that I hope to show everybody soon!



    in reply to: Eastern European Bridge (6mm) #32861
    Alexander Wasberg

    A very nice piece indeed. Am I correct in assuming the bridge is made up of matchsticks or maybe toothpicks?

    in reply to: Anyone Ever Played Dropzone Commander? #32850
    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve only played a few games, but I’d agree with Editor Mike.

    It’s mostly about manouvering and using your dropships to take and hold the critical objectives, or just drop your big scary units on top of a exposed enemy.. Most units are rather slow when not using their dropships, so I’d say that some similar transport would be necessary unless you want to really boost movement values on every unit.

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #32848
    Alexander Wasberg

    Looking good! I don’t have any jurapeds yet I’m ashamed to say, but now I might just have to get some!

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #31753
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks, nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one who thought the alien thing worked πŸ™‚


    I think the noticeboard was just big enough to for my needs. It’s a 2″x 3″ (60×90 cm) board.

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #31671
    Alexander Wasberg

    Episode 7 is now live!


    After capturing the Cormorant from the Nomads that previously commanded it, our heroes can now finally make it to the planet known as T77/4 to stop the nefarious plans of the Blood Cult!


    But as soon as they get close they realize the have a problem: Most of the planet is covered in wast swathes of local plantlife and Tai’s visions doesn’t provide much more than a general area.

    Our heroes have another problem as well: It seems the planet isn’t as sparesly populated as it first seemed. One of the Fringe’s great powers, the Union, have several bases ranging from small outposts to full-blown lab complexes.


    So they set down in the general area indicated by the psion.


    They soon come upon one of the small outposts of the Union. Clarke has an idea..


    “If we can get access to theirΒ  data banks, we might be able to narrow down the location” he proclaimed in a whisper, as to not be heard by the guards filing out for one last patrol.


    Said and done, the crew starts moving towards the outpost as the sun quickly sets, making the scene pitch black exept for the faint glow-strips of the base.


    Tai and Clarke both start searching the data terminals, when they hear gunfire! Tycho has been spotted, and bullets start flying!


    Having found what they needed, the bounty hunter starts to make his exit, only to be pinned down inside the gates!


    Tai summons his powers, charging through the gates and engages the troopers. One is knocked back and the other one is knocked out!


    Tycho makes a few lucky shots across the base perimiter and hits the second patrol.


    By now the last group of Union soldiers step out of their billets, armed and ready! One charges the pinned bounty hunter, but Clarke turns and fights him off!


    Tycho is startled by their sudden appearance, but manages to supress one before diving for cover himself. Clarke now has a chance to try out his new plasma rifle for the first time, and molten plasma consumes both his targets!


    Tai summons his power and tries to make a quick dash to join his comrades, but he it hit by a lucky shot from the only un-pinned Union soldier!


    The bounty hunter is quickly by his side to render aid, blowing up the offending trooper and then hobbles along with Tai.


    Progress is slow but steady. Tycho manages to dodge out of the way as the fire-vines start burning and takes down his opponent on the other side of the fence. Clarke and Tai can be seen leaving the shot just behind the smuggler.


    Taking the long way back to the ship to shake of any would-be pursuers, the trio reach the Cormorant.

    Clarke shares both the data and his plan to take out the alien artefact and after some debating, a plan is formed.

    The site seems to be a set of alien ruins, a few klicks away. The crew starts preparing for the big showdown they know will come…


    What will happen at the ruins? Will they be able to foil the schemes of the sinister Blood Cult and what exactly is the artefact?


    Tune in next time to find out!


    For more pics and the full story, visit the blog:


    Thanks for reading!


    in reply to: Gorgon Studios Previews SANDSTORM 6mm #31605
    Alexander Wasberg

    Great news, looking forward to this!

    in reply to: Ogre Miniatures: A 3mm Scale Debut #31445
    Alexander Wasberg

    @Mr Average: Oh I see, looks brilliant anyhow!


    @Thaddeus: Looks like a smashing game, thanks for sharing!

    in reply to: The NTC 1st combat engineers #31417
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s right, Sanada Heavy Industries are one of those MegaCorps with market shares in almost everything, civilian and military!

    in reply to: Ogre Miniatures: A 3mm Scale Debut #31409
    Alexander Wasberg

    I just realized I forgot to ask, what rules where you using? Just standard OGRE/GEV or some homebrew?

    in reply to: Ogre Miniatures: A 3mm Scale Debut #31401
    Alexander Wasberg

    Wow, looks like a great game!

    Nice to hear that some folks at the club appreciated it too. But now you’ve got me thinking about my 3mm stuff again, like I don’t have enough projects running at onceΒ  !

    in reply to: Welcome to the jungle… #31346
    Alexander Wasberg

    Very nice indeed!

    in reply to: Flora and fauna of T77/4 pt.1 #31256
    Alexander Wasberg

    I’d love to see your take on a alien set, since I’m thinking of making one for my 3mm armies as well..

    Floatstone is great, if you could model it that would be awesome!

    Also thanks for the kind words!

    in reply to: Flora and fauna of T77/4 pt.1 #31078
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks Michael!


    I know there are rules for plant attacks in the Rogue Planet set of rules, Stroezie mentioned this when he showed off his alien jungle terrain.

    I haven’t decided on how to handle it as I’m using a different rule-set, but I will probably let the plants attack in some form as soon as I come up with a good house rule!

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #31020
    Alexander Wasberg

    Looking good, nice take on an modern adobe fortress πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Sci-Fi Signs; Sci-Figns? #30965
    Alexander Wasberg

    Yes, you definetely need a OKI sign!

    “OKI Corp, better than OK” or something like that πŸ™‚

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #30896
    Alexander Wasberg

    Great setup, nice signs and everything!

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #30784
    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s a shame, I’ll have to build one of my own once I order my train then. I just thought I’d check!

    in reply to: AB's 6mm sci-fi topic #30757
    Alexander Wasberg

    That looks the bomb with some paint on it!

    I’d love to have one for my own table.. I couldn’t convince you to make something like that available?

    in reply to: NIJA's SADU #30699
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks a lot michael!

    To be honest though, I just put paint on other peoples work most of the time.Β  Your bits and bobs are some of the coolest 6mm stuff out there, and I’m humbled by your praise!

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #30681
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thank you for the kind words Irishserb!

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #30624
    Alexander Wasberg

    It is odd, especially since I have used the same one for all my posts on the blog as well as TWW!

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #30615
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks Editor Mike!

    That’s strange, I’ve tried IE,Firefox and Chrome to be sure, but I see the pics in all of them!

    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #30549
    Alexander Wasberg

    Episode 6 of the Saga of Clarke is now live!

    Last time our heroes found themselves in a running gunbattle through a sector of a big city, aiming for the starport to get off world. Facing down Nomad pirates, crazy cultists of the Blood Cult and the long arm of the law, Unity’s peacekeepers.

    After a hectic fight, the crew had to surrender to the Unity guards, since both Tycho and Tai had been injured.


    Now they were off to see the guard captain, to explain themselves:


    Clarke meets with the captain, trying to convince him that they were not in the wrong, they were only defending themselves!


    The captain eventually relents, and Clarke along with his companions are set free! They quickly make for the port’s landing pad, where Clarke had spotted a familiar ship coming into the port.


    It doesn’t take long before a party of returning nomads show up in the port as well. There might be another fight for our heroes, before they even get to the ship!


    In a flash, Tai engages the pirates, his powers propelling him faster than his allies. Clarke and Tycho try to make their way into flanking positions as Tai tears into the enemy. The must be stopped, or the ship might have time to take off without them!


    The call of the ailing nomads was caught up by more than just the pilot of the ship, and a second, larger group of nomads arrive shortly thereafter!


    Swinging in to action, Clarke expertly takes down a number of the new arrivals, just as the Unity peacekeepers come to investigate the commotion.


    Using shock grenades before going in to apprehend the nomads, Unity troops start arresting the pirates for violating the ban on firefights inside the port proper. Clarke and his crew will be next..


    But the blast doors start opening, and they rush out, managing to board the Cormorant just before she takes off!


    They are now on the ship, next they need to take control of it before it reaches the rest of the nomad fleet..


    Tycho realizes he knows the ship type, A Sanada Heavy Industries Stalker-class ship. He rushes for a door at the back of the cargo hold. It opens, revealing two surprised crew at some consoles. Tycho quickly opens fire, downing one and forcing the other to seek cover.


    With some help from Clarke, they dispatch the second crewman. Tycho had remembered correctly, this was the engine console! Pushing a few buttons, he turns off the engines and use the manuvering thrusters to slow the ship.


    Tai thinks he heard something coming from the left door, and he goes to investigate. In this secondary cargo hold he spots a lone nomad creeping through the aisles. Reaching into himself, Tai brings some of his psi powers to enhance his melee prowess before slamming into the pirate.


    As the pirate falls, the proximity switch opens the door into the next area. It’s full of pirates, ready to attack! Clarke and Tycho runs into the space, too late to save the saurian from the onslaught of bullets. Tai goes down, knocked out!


    A furious battle breaks out, nomads fall as they charge into the space, but two of them reach Tycho! Fighting quite literally with his back against a wall, he manages to see them both off!


    At the same time, Clarke is almost taken out as a plasma bolt slags some of his armour, giving him some nasty burns! The suits medical systems manages to keep him conscious though, and before long he and Tycho returns fire, killing the security chief that fired the plasma shot.


    The personal guard (and pilots) of the craft’s commander join the fray, but they are both shot down by some great teamwork from out heroes!


    The single most deadly combatant on the ship, the nomad commander finally steps off the bridge to deal with the intruders.


    Shots are traded between the commander and Clarke, but eventually the bounty hunter gambles it all, and takes down the commander!


    Some time later, after a soak in the ships stasis/medical unit, Tai is restored enough to meet up with the rest of the group.

    They now have a ship and their destination, a planet known as T-77/4 in the Unity logs, is within a few days travel at current speed.

    But what are they going there for?

    Tai makes a starteling revalation, sharing a vision of a grim future that can still be stopped, as long as the heroes can get to a certain alien artefact before the Blood Cult finds it!

    What will happen of T-77/4? Can the grim future really be avoided?

    Join us next time to find out!


    The full report, with more pics and complete narrative can be found on the blog:

    Thanks for looking!


    in reply to: Spaceship tiles #30252
    Alexander Wasberg

    The traveller deck plans are quite exellent! And I think more than a few later works, my own included, have been inspired by them and their contemporaries πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the kind words Mr Molethrottler and Mr Harley!

    in reply to: Spaceship tiles #30203
    Alexander Wasberg

    @Earther: Cheers, I’m glad you like them πŸ™‚


    @Michael: No problems, I just needed a few to make sure I didn’t inadvertently steal the name of a famous model.

    I feel your pain, it is a madness, but one that keeps me productive at least! πŸ˜‰

    in reply to: BattleTech/Alpha Strike Blog #30191
    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve started to follow the blog as well, you have some great stuff there Scott!


    Thanks for sharing, hope to see more of it soon!

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #30096
    Alexander Wasberg

    I’d say that’s a fair assessment, a quicker more streamlined battletech is a good way to describe it!

    in reply to: 6mm Sword-and-Planet? #30095
    Alexander Wasberg

    Very nice!

    in reply to: Big Stompy Robots #29973
    Alexander Wasberg


    I just lost the long repy I’d written, but I’ll try and re-create it!

    It’s a great game, really quick and easy to play, without being too simple IMHO. Bits blow up and mechs overheat as you attack with all your weapons at once, it’s great fun!

    Mech Attack uses an alternating activation, you roll for initiative, winner chooses who starts and you take turns activating 1 mech each.

    It uses a D10 for resolution, you roll against the targets TP (target profile). If you hit, you roll again to determine where the damage hit on the mechs armor grid. The grid is 10 blocks long and a certain number of rows high depending on the armor of the target, usually between 4 and 8 rows, giving most mechs between 40 and 80 armor boxes. Different weapons have different damage patterns, do a laser will penetrate several blocks in a line, while a machinegun will rolls a number of single box hits depending on the class.

    If you destroy all the boxes in a row, you can cause a critical hit. This might cause damage to various systems like movement of heatsinks, blow up weapons of outright destroy the mech in question. This is the main way to destroy your opponents mechs.

    Mech Attack can include vehicles and infantry units as well, it’s really simple to design your own units with the unit builder!

    Each Mech has the following stats:

    Armor, which describes how many boxes of armor the mech has, basically how much damage it can take.

    Movement: in inches, how far you can move. There is a double move action, but that will generate extra heat. Standard move rates are between 3 and 5″.

    Target Profile, or how difficult your mech is to hit. Usually a number between 3 for a heavy mech and 5 for a light one. Mechs are quite easy to hit, but then again they are 10 meter high giant robots.

    Heat sinks, they let you shed some of the heat produced by the operation of the mechs systems and weapons. Most mechs can shed 4 points of heat. If you still have any exess heat at the end of your turn, you have to roll on a critical heat table.

    So there’s a risk-reward between using all your weapons and risking the mech shutting down or being damaged, and playing it safe and keeping within the limits of the heatsinks capacity.


    Each mech have 4 hardpoints, left and right arm, left and right torso. You can mount weapons and support systems in the torso, and weapons in the arms. Each weapon has a cost, a range (usually between 6-12″), a amount of heat generated and a damage pattern belonging to it.

    The ranges are quite short by normal standards, but I’ve not found it to be a problem, since a sighline longer than 12″ is unlikely to occur with some terrain on the board.

    There are lasers, cannons, machineguns and missiles to equip of light, medium and heavy variety, along with a handfull of support systems such as targeting aids and anti-missile defences.


    Some guys over at the Armor Grid official forum have also posted rules for converting most BT mechs into Mech Attack, so you can easily use what you have without much fuzz. The document also has the stats for BT-specific weapons like the PPC.


    If there’s anything else you wonder, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Hope this was helpful, and sorry about the long reply!



    in reply to: Clash on the Fringe Campaign AAR #29920
    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks Earther πŸ™‚


    Michael, I’ll get back to you on the make/model of the Cormorant, but I can tell you it’s a light patrol and attack craft.

    I have plans to make more spacecraft, but I’ve yet to find any good pieces to make the fuselage.


    If Clarke makes it through all the adventures in one piece, he’ll surely find a safe-ish place to settle down! πŸ™‚


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    Alexander Wasberg

    Episode 5 of the Saga of Clarke is now live!


    Having just teamed up with Tai, the Saurian psion they escorted to town last episode, the fledgeling crew are now in the market for a ship to take them to another planet where Tai has a job for them.

    Where do you go when you need a ship? A space port, naturally!


    The entrance to the spaceport is seen here in the foreground(big domed building)


    Like anything undertaken by Clarke & Co, nothing is ever easy. We join our heroes as they are taking cover amongst some small habitation units, having just spotted the dreaded Blood Cult! How did they find them so fast?


    Clarke decides on speed over subtlety, and throws a grenade into the midst of the cultists. A good throw, but one he might come to regret..


    Before long, the three companions have all but decimated the small cell of cultists.Β  Familiar shouts are heard from the south..


    .. It’s nomad pirates! Having an axe to grind with Clarke over his earlier interferance, no doubt!


    Not only that, but soon some more cultists show up, intent on bloody revenge, and capturing Tai for their sinister purposes!


    The crew is caught between two enemies wishing them harm, but they fight on, inching closer to their destination. Luckily for them, the cultists and the nomads seem to have little love lost between them, and they fight eachother almost as much as the heroes themselves!


    Having detected the unautorized use of class III explosives within city limits, the Unity guards show up to arrest the perpetrators. Clarke might come to regret his expediency in dealing with the cultists..


    Using shock grenades to try and neutralize the closest threat, the guardsmen force Tycho to the ground, blinded and disoriented by the blasts. But the rookie of the team manages to fumble his shot, and two Unity guardsmen become the target of their own shock grenade!


    Spaceport almost within sight, Clarke runs the gauntlet to get into a position to cover his team. His expert training saves him from any harm as bullets zip past him.


    Another group of pirates show up from the north, called in to finish off our heroes, but they only just arrive in the city block when the bloodthristy cultists set upon them! Taking out their rage and frustration on the closest thing at hand, more than half the pirates are lost to the vicious assault by the cult!


    A pirate tries to sneak up on Tycho, but is rewarded with a bullet to the back of the head as the smuggler deftly dodges his attack and shoots him as he passes.


    Things are getting out of hand, so another Unity peacekeeper squad shows up to end the fighting and arrest or kill the lawbreakers.


    Cultists and Nomads alike fall to the expert shots from the patrol of peacekeepers, one lucky bullet even downs Tycho! Things are starting to look grim.


    As the Unity guards start coordinating their attacks, Tai falls to their relentless attacks as well. Now there’s little chance of getting out for our heroes, unless Clarke can drag both companions to safety..


    After a valiant attempt, and a few knocked out guardsmen, Clarke finally decides to surrender and take his chances with the local guard captain. They were only defending themselves after all, and Clarke being a former Unity Ranger might count for something.


    As they are escorted to the captain’s office in the spaceport, Clarke spots something as they walk by a view-slit. Could it be?


    It is! The Cormorant is docked at the port, probably picking up the nomads that got away from the Unity sweep. A plan forming, Clarke smiles.

    Now they only need to convince the captain of the guard to let them go..


    What will happen at the captains office? How will our heroes fare? And just how did all their enemies find them so quickly?


    Answers to some of these questions can be found in the next episode, so tun in next time!


    The blog, as always, has the full report with the proper story and more pics:


    Thanks for looking!


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    Alexander Wasberg

    Love the style of reporting πŸ™‚

    What rules is it you’re using?

    in reply to: Kometenmelodie – KR 16 #29698
    Alexander Wasberg

    Very exiting battle, the CA proved a tough nut I see!

    A great read!

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