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    David Musser

    Thanks for the quick answers!

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    David Musser

    Thanks for the feedback.  In the first game the party only got a little loot because the Orc’s magic armor became disenchanted.  I gave all the Orcs light armor, so that helped them stick around a bit.  In the next encounter (see below) the Slithering Crawlers had a bit more punch, but still only managed to stun a few characters.  I figure as the party plays against tougher foes it will be more of a challenge.  I want to play out a few encounters before I start adjusting any rules.  I like the idea of adding the card deck with various effects that was outlined in the latest Starport Scum supplement.  That might be a quick way to give the foes a surprise or two.  I also thought of giving minions a group attack option similar to a hail of arrows that would allow them to get a 3d6 attack.

    Here is a game report of their second encounter.  Thanks again!

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    David Musser

    Here are the scenario rules I used to run the game.<style type=”text/css”>
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    Each faction starts on a corner or middle of a board edge, and all figures are considered hidden at the start of the game, and as such, no shooting can take place during the first turn. The goal of each group is to retrieve their favored item and get it off the board before the earthquake destroys the complex. Initiative will be via card activation with one card per faction. Once each faction has gone once, the activation deck will be shuffled and run through again for that turn. When a factions card is drawn they may activate their hero and ½ of their other figures.

    Victory points are awarded as follows:

    5 pts Get favored item off the board

    3 pts Get another group’s favored item off the board.

    1 pt Per 5 small treasures taken off the board.

    1 pt Per enemy put out of action or forced to rout

    -1 pt Per figure destroyed in the earthquake.

    Once a figure moves off the board, it is considered out of the game.

    Searching- Any terrain item can be searched once. Roll 2 dice, designating one as the seach die. If doubles are rolled a trap is encountered, roll on the trap table. Otherwise use the treasure die and consult the following:

    1= Small treasure found (trinkets, gems, books, etc)

    2-5= Nothing

    6= Chance for a Preferred Treasure, roll again and on a 6 get a random Preferred Treasure (5 small treasures if all preferred treasures found).


    1= device goes off, character stunned.

    2-5= Character surprised (rodents, loud noise, falling object, etc).

    6= Enemy (Mummy, Tong, Robot, Rival Treasure Hunters)


    Mummy (5” move, Evil Aura- range 4” 2S, +2 Brawl) number 1.

    Tong (6” move, +1 Brawl) number d3.

    Robot (5” move, Blaster- 8” range 1K1S) number 1.

    Treasure Hunters (6” move, Pistol- 8” range 1K1S) number d3.

    Earthquake- 3 dice will act as the earthquake timer. At the start of the 4<sup>th</sup> turn roll the dice, any 6’s indicate a tremor. Each character then needs to roll on the following table:

    1= fall prone

    2-5= shaken up but ok.

    6= fall prone and drop weapon and items.

    Once a tremor is indicated, remove that die from future rolls. Once the last die has rolled a 6, the earthquake destroys the complex and any characters on the board at the time are killed.

    At the end of the game (via time limit or earthquake), the faction with the most victory points wins.

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    David Musser

    Thanks for all the praise.  For the table, I largely threw little scenery bits together that I had laying around.  I made the concrete walls and catwalk in a rush a few days prior to the game.  I wanted a decent amount of cover, and I gave most characters only a pistol in order to allow players a bit of flexibility.  Some wanted to search for treasure, while others were eager to get into the fight.



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    David Musser

    I ran the game for a bunch of Boyscouts, none of whom had any gaming experience.  They liked the game a lot,  and several asked me the name of the rules and where to find them.

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