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    Does anyone drop into Dave of Caliver Books shop at all? Is he dead? Is he on a secret mission for Her Majesty government?

    He owes Siege Works Studios over 40 molds but has not made or sent any to us for almost a year now. Never returns emails. One might think he is trying to be dodgy and get out of his contract? I have 100’s of 20mm and 28m waiting to be production moulded but Dave is it appears not making them. He has already received payment for a total of 70 molds of which he has barely completed 25 in almost 5 years. It’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. So if anyone happens to be in his kneck of Nottingham can they kindly remind him to get on with it!

    Regards Drew

    Siege Works Studios


    The figures are 18mm AB and Eureka. Because of the small numbers of units per side, it took less than two hours to play out the game.

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    Thanks guys. Grand Battles Napoleon is a very visually appealing game and when you are surrounded by well painted miniatures and terrain it just adds that extra, ‘Ooooh’ factor!

    French, IT

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    Oh lovely!

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    Oh! Bummer! Well never mind our website has a load of free stuff regards Koenig Krieg as well. We do not have the playtest army lists up on the website only the FB page but there are plaenty of other things like Speed Gaming and Generic Unit and leader list. You can check out all the free goodies here

    Good Luck


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    Hi William,

    Koenig Krieg is a public group and anyone can become a member. I think you have to have joined facebook to look at any fb page though. Are you on facebook?

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    Thanks for that Colin, Yes there seems to be some interest in in Reichs and Spanish/Portuguese. The more people that make comments here the more likely I am to proceed with this.


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    William thank you for your suggestions, all grist for the mill. Do you know of the old Jackdaw range. We sell them here in Australia under the the new owners logo Left Bank Workshops. The French in this are quite exhaustive including the option to make the Dauphin regiment. I believe all your desires are covered by the French in this range 🙂 Not sure what the comparison between the others is though.

    Other suggestions have been Spanish, Portuguese, Papal States and Minor states like Brunswick and Reichs, what would be your thoughts on these?


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    Catalogue now available for ordering Left Bank Workshops miniatures range for the War of Austrian.

    Email Siege Works Studios (handling the manufacture and sales of all Left Bank Workshops miniatures) here

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    Oh yes very nice! Pax Romana my friend!

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    Splendid Work!

    Oh well painted sir! Dla Polska!

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    Ooooh! Lovely!

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    Looking Good 🙂 I cannot wait to see the whole thing when finished 🙂

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    Hi Neal,,
    Koenig Krieg is battalion based. Koenig Krieg is our 18th century game. Grand Battles is a higher scale at regimental level for you basic unit. There is no reason why you cannot play it at battalion level. However I enjoy running a corps + instead of a division + for Napoleonic. A regiment can be tiny, weak, standard, full strength and over strength and vary between 16 and32 figures for an infantry regiment and 8-16 for cavalry. Gun batteries represent 3-4 guns per base and most countries have 2 bases (6-8) guns. The Russians, Danes and ottomans may have three bases representing 10+ gun batteries.

    All shooting starts at 4+ on a. D6 to hit. Screens, cover, shaken and disorder modify the chance to hit. Units shoot 1D6 per base. Hits are accumulated until there are enough for a base to be removed. Most info/cave have 4 hits. Most skirmish battalions (Represents the divisions light companies, and battalions from the regiments broken down into skirmish order) have 3 hits as do artillery and screens (a regiments skirmish companies) 1 hit each.

    Melee works based on the unit morale class 3-9 (9 representing such crazy troops as the “gods” and 3 representing the worst militia, most troops are Class 5) + modifiers + a D6. Mass, square vs cavalry, disorder, leadership attached and so on all add or subtract from the morale class in melee.

    Units are activated in divisions (corps, army artillery reserves are also classed as divisions for the purpose of initiative). Each player’s overall commander has an initiative class between poor-1 and excellent +3. Both players roll 1d6 for each divisions round after round and the winner of each round is the player that rolls the highest modified initiative.  All divisions will be activated in a turn but the order is based on who wins the initiative each round. Ad to this the ability to act out of turn through response rolls and you soon learn that each player is always “in the game” so as to speak.

    Winning the game can be based on who fails army morale or if playing points a combination of who fails army morale, damage inflicted, objectives taken and other factors. The game is fully playable as either points based or from historical lists.

    Hope this helps explain the game a bit better.


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    Really good! Well done, great terrain and blog 🙂

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    Thanks Mike 🙂

    Grand Battles Napoleon is a corps + Napoleonic Wargame. The basic unit is the regiment, battery of artillery or battalion of skirmishers. Command and control, leadership and fluid tactics and national traits allows for an exciting 2-3 hour game of Nappies.

    You can purchase the rules as a PDF from here or as a book from here


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    I moved away from IGOUGO games years ago. They are good for skirmish and fantasy I suppose but I much prefer interactive games for Horse and Musket. I guess at the end of the day it is why I bought the global rights to Koenig Krieg and have just released a non IGOUGO Napoleonic set of rules called Grand Battles Napoleon available at Siege Works Studios.  I enjoy Zone of control in games and interactive initiative mechanics.

    That said and it really has nothing to do with Napoleonic’s, SAGA is a wonderful IGOUO game. I guess we are all different in our gaming choices 🙂

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