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    These guys have the perfect camouflage…..

    LOL,  yeah those Swiss Guards should blend in lovely.

    Very colourful world. I like.

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    I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I enjoyed TFA and this one I think will be just as good. Like TFA, New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, these are proper Star Wars movies.

    Not like those cartoon ones they did. The attack of the clones, the menace and the sloth or sith or whatever. Those films were like something out of itchy and scratchy. And don’t get me started on the Return of the Jedi. It started off ok, I like a bit of Jabba and Bobafet. But then the Ewoks came along and things just got silly. Stormtroopers being bopped over the head with rocks and Walkers getting tripped up with bits of rope. Yeah right. So that was all that was needed to defeat a technologically advanced race. No need for blasters or lightsabers just lob stones at them.

    Rogue one looks like it’s in keeping with Star Wars. A real proper film were you want to jump onto the set and be a Stormtrooper. The sort of Star Wars film that has a black glossy floor on the death star. The sort of floor that the actors had to wear slippers as not to scuff it. That’s what I call a proper Star Wars film. Science fiction and not fantasy.


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    Thanks peeps, it was a pleasure. Glad you all enjoyed it, I certainly did. Despite running low on time, especially near the end, which shows.

     Any plans for season II ?

    Good question, I have plenty of scenery to show. Plus the thought of writing another story is appealing. Since this one was focused on Bio-Tech. I might do a season 2 featuring the Cerberus Corporation. So our hero’s McCallum, Woods and Denials might be back for another instalment.

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    They hear a vehicle and turn to see a Camel enter the compound. It stops and a man jumps out.

    “Hello” He says “I’m Mike and wondered if you could tell me the way to the Marian Heights Hotel, my sat nav went down in a sand storm”.

    “Err….” The group seem a little take back, then Woods answers his question.

    “Oh, having problems with your Pathfinder?” says Mike

    “That’s not the only problem we have. Anytime now a very bad tempered 10ft tall, fully armoured and heavily armed bio-weapon is going to come up from that lift and try and kill us all” replies McCallum.

    “Oh dear” says Mike

    “You need to go sir” Continues McCallum “There is a nuclear reactor deep beneath our feet and its going to blow. So you need to be at least a mile away”.

    “Um….I see… really aren’t having a good day are you?” Says Mike “It sounds that you need one of these”

    He walks around the back of his Camel and presses a few buttons. Before McCallum could tell him to get going a large suit of some sort swings down from the back of the Camel on hydraulics.

    “Heavy Armour Rapid Deployment suit” He says. “I can show you how to operate it. You are welcome to use it”.

    McCallum waves bye to the back of Mike’s Camel as he disappears across the plains. Joseph and Woods take up position, Joseph quickly familiarizing himself with McCallum’s assault rifle. Daniels moves and takes up position across the compound.

    McCallum looks over his HUD and checks the suits functions. Then the cover to the subterranean complex opens and McCallum finds himself, for a second time starring at the foreboding sight of the D-generation.

    For the first 5 minutes the compound erupts with gunfire. The HARD suits HUD flashes and flickers as MG rounds smash into it. McCallum opens up with a sustained MG burst, followed by the shoulder mounted rocket. The impact makes quite a dent and the D-generation gets knocked off its feet. Not before a smart RPG hits McCallum from above. Warning lights flashed and the suit loses power. McCallum fires the suits MG again, strafing the ground where the D-generation lay. With the suits targeting system offline the shots fall short.

    McCallum switches to auxiliary power then checked the suits systems. Hydraulics shot, atmospheric breach, ammo all but spent, power down to less then 10%. He radios the others but gets nothing. The firing has stopped, so they are either dead or out of ammo. He looks over at the D-generation which to his relief was lying still. But something bothered him, this thing had the ability to revitalise its cellular function. And as good as the HARD suit was, McCallum had no such ability. He looked at his HUD and the word Malfunction flashed back. The suit had gave all it had. He exited the suit and collapsed to the ground.

    He picks himself up then sees the sight which he was dreading. The D-generation was raising! It was clearly damaged but getting stronger. McCallum drew his pistol and fires until it clicks empty. He looks around, no sign of his team, the HARD suit standing crumpled. No hope……Then a sound of a projectile…

    The High Explosive Air Burst round detonated only inches from the D-generation smashing it into pieces.

    McCallum looks around and for the first time sees a very welcome sight. A Paladin from Badger troop, but what is it doing this far out?

    The Paladin pulls in and two RDF troopers jump out.

    “McCallum, you okay?” Says Lt Hunt

    “Its good to be recognised”

    “Yeah, we recognised one of our HARD suits, but what the hell was that?”

    “I’ll debrief you later, but for now we need to get going” Says McCallum

    With that Woods comes running up puffing and panting in the thin Marian air.

    “I am glad to see you guys” he says smiling.

    “Where’s the others?” Asks McCallum

    “Daniels is hit, I’ve treated her wounds, she should be fine” He says

    “And Joseph?”

    Woods shakes his head and explains that the young security guard took a round to the head.

    They help Daniels into the Paladin and retrieve Joseph’s body. Within moments the RDF are on their way.

    Meanwhile……somewhere else. Sir Timothy stops his vehicle and sticks his head out. He eyes the man up and down. He notices that he is not dressed very suitably for the Marian environment. He also notes the old style six shooter pistol on his hip.

    “Need a lift?” He says, puffing on his Ivory lidded pipe.

    “Sure, but I’m keen to avoid any RDF interest” He says

    Sir Timothy smiles to himself.

    “You and me both”

    The End

    Well, folks hope you all enjoy the pics and the little story with it. That concludes Project Stratosphere. I must say I did enjoy putting it all together. Quite a lot of work, I streamlined the ending a bit, there was going to be more on the intro of the HARD suit. And I changed other bits of the story a bit too. But scenery worked well, I kept the design of the rooms fairly spacious without too much clutter. To give room for the figures to move around, it was hard to do desks and chairs for 6mm. Maybe at some point when time allows I’ll add to it. But for now it made an interesting game board. Ideal for an internal skirmish if I even get around to play a game. Not to mention I have all the bases on all my figures to re-paint to blend with my new Mars mat. Always lots to do.

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    “McCallum” Comes Joseph’s voice. “Use the HMG…..the controller is in the security office. Just switch it to manual”.

    McCallum ducks into the security room and quickly glances over the monitors and various controls. He notes the alarm and flashing lights indicating the reactor status. He notes the sky high core temperate. Then spots a small joystick with a monitor. He switches it on and selects manual operation. The gun springs to life as McCallum moves the joystick. He looks at the monitor and places the targeting dot on the bot and squeezes the fire button. The gun makes a deafening noise as large calibre rounds smash into the bot. Its armour no match for the Heavy MG. He looks over the controls and hits the platform recall button. The lift soon comes to life and within moments begins its decent from the surface.

    The lift platform hits the bottom and the team quickly make their way to it. Just then a loud bang comes from the gate room door. McCallum looks around as he jumps on the platform lift and notices its not long before the door starts to buckle and bow. It won’t be long before the D-generation is through that door too. During the ascent to the surface McCallum turns to his team. Quickly notes that Hess is yet again missing.

    “Where is Hess gone?” He asks

    “We were all busy with that bot. Didn’t notice Hess disappear” says Denials.

    “Okay, that thing will be through the door and wanting to access this platform to the surface. We must stop it. Woods, I want to to see if you can lock the platform as soon as we reach the surface”. Woods nods. “Hopefully we can keep it contained in the gate room. Once the reactor melts down that should take care of it. If not and it does make it to the surface. We’ll secure our Pathfinder and use the grenade launcher on it”. The team all nod.

    “Woods how’s the reactor?” says McCallum

    “We don’t have long. However the good news is the thermal nuclear blast will be kept mainly underground”. He says tapping away on his laptop. “I do recommand getting a minimum say distance of a mile though”.

    The lift platform hits the top and the team are faced with an unwelcome sight. Their hopes soon dashed when they seen the smoking wreck of their pathfinder.

    “Guess we won’t be using the grenade launcher then”. Says Woods.

    “Guess we’ll be walking out of here too” says Denials.

    “And radio to call for help. Rain and his men have really made sure that we aren’t getting out of here”. Says McCallum.

    “Sir, I’ve lock off the lift platform but it seems it’s overriding it”. Says Woods. “It won’t be long before it’s on it’s way up to us”.

    McCallum sighs…….”Okay take up defensive positions and remember this thing can regenerate. So don’t firing until you’ve ran out of ammo”

    The team all nods, their grim expressions telling all. Their all know they don’t have firepower to take this on. But they also know they have to other option. McCallum knows he needs a miracle.

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    Um, no reason why it can’t be. Maybe a maintenance hatch of some sort.


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    “Everyone still has their PPE things?” says McCallum. Everyone nods and McCallum gets Woods to lower the force fence for the Munchers cell. At first nothing happens and it takes McCallum and Woods to poke the animals with their Chayonets, to get them to move towards the door. Woods unlocks the door to the corridor and opens it. Despite their size, once a meal is presented the Munchers move fast and wasted no time in moving through the door. Woods then closes and locks the door once the last Muncher is through. McCallum and Denials lower their rifles with a sign of relief.

    They wait what seems to be an eternity and slowly look into the deserted corridor.

    “Nothing, no bodies, no blood, no Stricken and no Munchers”. Says Woods

    “Messy battle field clean ups” Says Denials

    The team move into then corridor and suddenly hear a noise from behind. They quickly turn and see Hess who jumps out of his skin and nearly fires a shot into the ceiling with his six shooter.

    “You’re not going to stop much with at”. Says McCallum.

    “Oh, this” Says Hess, holding the antique Colt 45 at a bit of an odd angle. “It was a 50th birthday present from my daughter. Thought it was better than nothing when all this started. Never was much in to guns really”

    “Where have you been anyway?”

    “I was trying to stop the D-gen from coming out of hibernation”. He says. “But was unable to prevent it. So I thought I better catch up with you lot. Then I found the corridor full with Stricken. So went back inside the lab”.

    “Okay, now lets get out of here”. Says McCallum. The team move outside the gate room, then a loud bang comes from up the corridor.

    “It is awake and coming” Says Hess. “The door to the lab is solid and lined with Carbon 7. Should hold for a while”.

    They move into the gate room with caution. No sign of any more bio-weapons or mercenaries. But what they didn’t see was number 2 security bot. It turns on its tracks and opens fire on the team. They respond by spliting either side of the force fence opening. Bullets ping and ricochet everwhere. The bot takes several rounds which just bounce off its armour. Denials throws a grenade over the wall which causes the bot to lose a track and become inmobilized.

    “We don’t have time for this” Says Woods. “That armour is too thick, we need more firepower”

    McCallum thinks hard……

    ….to be continued

    Okay peeps, just one more left to after this. While I’m doing the last instalment for the conclusion. Have a think on what to do with the bot. Sure they can carry on with shooting and throwing grenades. But the D-gen is coming and the reactor is going critical. So time is of the importance. I’ll give a clue, the answer is in the pic.

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    what is the centre pod unit made from, looks like some sort of paint pot holder?

    The reactor you mean? The outer bit is the packaging from profiteroles. The ones which are stacked like a pyramid and thats the base. The bit in the centre of that which has the Yellow bit and the nuclear decal on it. Is the lid from a plastic pepper grinder.

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    You’ll be pleased to know the next and last part is up. I will have to use photobucket now, which I hate. But my free time has finished with imageshack. So will edit the conclusion with the necessary photos.

    End of part two. So stay turned for the conclusion.

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    Bleeding hell that was quick! Hahah

    I don’t think the lines are much of a problem, once painted.

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    Good thinking there, I never thought of having the Hounds battle the Munchers. Not sure who would win, maybe the Munchers, it was food for thought. Sorry no pun intended there. Hold on for that thought though. The Munchers do have that use. Anyway we continue….

    McCallum thinks fast “has them wimpering like puppies” he remembers the flame unit he took from the store room and quickly fumbles with it. Despite its small handheld size the flame was fierce and the Hounds reacted immediately. Running back into their cell and cowering in the corner. McCallum instructs Woods to raise the fence.

    “That should hold them a while” he says

    The group moves to the exit and McCallum hands out the PPEs. Both Joseph and Hess seem familiar with the devices.

    “Sir, who ever lowered the fence for cell 1. It seemed to have originated from the D-gen lab”. Says Woods.

    “There’s no one in there, its sealed” Remarks Hess.

    “Well we’ll soon find out as that’s our next destination” Replies McCallum.

    “Um Sir, I’ve just accessed the CCTV. It’s just come on”. Says Woods

    “What? The CCTV shouldn’t be working while the complex is it lockdown”. Says Joseph

    “Who’s this?” Says Woods, showing the rest of the group his laptop.

    “Rain and his men, they’re here. That explains the CCTV, the containment is now lifted” Says Hess


    “Zale, Bio-Techs CEO. He has sent them and given them the master override codes”. Explains Hess

    “The biggest question is what are they up to?” says Daniels.

    “If they’re watching the same CCTV we are, they will know where we are?” says Woods

    “No, Bio-Holding and D-gen lab aren’t covered by cameras. None of this side of the complex is”. Says Joseph.

    “But it won’t take much to work out where we are not. He will know roughly where we are” Says McCallum.

    They watch the ExSol mercs on the CCTV. They enter engineering and one merc seems to tinker with a security bot. While Rain and another enters the reactor room, they spend several minutes on the computer.

    “I hope to hell they are not doing what I think they are doing? Says Hess out loud.

    “Which is?” Asks Woods

    “Starting a meltdown, we can access the computer in the D-gen lab. Its a master computer terminal and we should be able to access engineering and maybe stop them”. Says Hess, quite keenly.

    “You don’t even know that’s what they are doing” snaps Denials.

    They continue to watch. Another merc on the CCTV. He seems to enter the tube tunnel.

    “Where’s he going?” Says Woods.

    Then Colonel Rain turns to face the camera in the reactor room. He raises a gloved hand and slowly waves goodbye. The CCTV feed then goes dead.

    With weapons at the ready the team enter the passageway. With Daniels and McCallum covering the rear Woods moves outside the door to the D-gen lab. He struggles to override the lock. Hess pushes him to one side and accesses it. They enter the room in text book fashion.

    And there, standing right in front behind the plexi-glass, starring down at them….. The foreboding sight of the D-Generation!


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    Can’t wait to see more. I’m a big fan of these and glad to see them back.

    So many uses.

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    McCallum pushes the start button and the Chayonet purrs to life just as Kraig lunges. The attack was swift and violent. As McCallum blocks the incoming attack with his rifle. The Chayonet catches Kraig under the chin and cuts his jaw in two hales, smashing the roof of his mouth and splitting his nose. McCallum hits him hard with the butt and Kraig is send smashing into the incubator. As soon as he hits the floor, he’s back on his feet. Appearing not to notice his smashed face. As he goes to lunge again a burst of gun fire erupts for McCallum’s rifle, hitting him square in the chest. This time kraig stays down and doesn’t move.

    Daniels enters the room and McCallum gets her to check Woods. As she applies first aid, he continues securing the room.

    “He’s received a bad head wound” She says. “I’m not sure I can do anything, he’s dying”.

    McCallum looks at Joseph, who is standing by the door starring at the bloody mess of Kraig.

    “Is that Kraig?”, he weakly asks.

    “Its about time you told me what is going on”

    He remains silent.

    “I’ve done all I can” Says Daniels, shaking her head.

    Joseph looks over and comments about the advanced battlefield trauma pack – HRm1.

    “You mean this?” McCallum pulls it from his pocket and passes it to Daniels.

    She opens it, pulls out a syringe and looks into its clear tube. There seems to be a liquid inside. Its seems to be moving, like its alive.

    “You want me to use this?” she says.

    “I’m telling you, it will sort him. He’ll be back on his feet in no time. That liquid will revitalise his cellular function”. Says Joseph.

    Seeing no other option, McCallum nods and Daniels injects the liquid.

    While they wait McCallum looks at Wood’s laptop. It seems he’s been hacking his way through more of Bio-Tech’s system. He reads so more emails, most are mundane but a few stand out.

    From Dr Hess; Project Stratosphere Director
    I’m sorry to inform you that we are still having major problems with the D-gen. It’s not excepting its sub routines. We’re tried to pull the plug but have been unsuccessful. If it comes out of hibernation we will have no way of controlling it.
    From Zachary Zale, CEO Bio-Tech
    Dr Hess, I’m very disappointed with your inability to contain this station. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of what’s at stake. Especially, if the RDF get wind of all this, I don’t want them knocking on my door. Maybe I should find another facility director?
    Our IT engineers have developed a computer virus. Once it is uploaded it should wipe all D-Gen data. Without effecting any other systems. I’ll send a courier to deliver it on a flash drive. In the mean time I will put Colonel Rain and his men on standby.

    “Who’s Colonel Rain?” Asks McCallum.

    Joseph looks a little uneasy. “Bio-Tech employs a private security force called Executive Solutions (ExSol). Colonel Rain is their leader and he is not a moral man, very ruthless and should never be underestimated. The main goal of these units are to keep a lid on the activities of any……er…..emergency situations.”

    “Sir” comes Daniels voice. McCallum looks over and sees Woods sitting up and rubbing the side of her head.

    “What happened?”

    “How are you feeling?”

    “One hell of a headache, but I’m okay”. He’s says, climbing to his feet.

    McCallum exchanges glances with Daniels and turns to Joseph.

    “Right, other than the lift platform is there another way out?”

    Joseph shakes his head.

    “Forget the tube, it only goes to the living quarters and full of stricken. The only way is to access the computer from the D-Gen lab and lift the containment. The platform can be called from the surface and to go down but  will not go up during containment. But I don’t have that security level. It requires a senior member of staff…………wait……Dr Hess can, he might still be alive. He was in Bio-Holding when all this started”.

    “Okay, we’ll check Bio-Holding on the way to the D-Gen lab. If no joy it’ll be up to you to hack the computer in there. You feeling up for it Woods?”

    He smiles and nods.

    “Okay lets go”……

    Meanwhile a DRM helicopter circles the compound and puts down and few yards from the subterranean entrance. Colonel Rain pulls a grimace expression at the sight of the PathFinder.

    “That changes nothing, we all know what to do” He scolds, as the team of heavily armed merc’s disembark.

    End of part one…..

    So peeps hope you’re enjoying it so far…So stayed tuned for part two.

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    Is this warhammer 40k? What’s IG? Is it Imperial Guards?

    It’s funny, never liked 40k or Warhammer stuff. But I look at that and think, Yeah!  I want some of those 🙂

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    It’s too soon to be expending the flamethrower, and I have to presume this enemy is “Kraig”, not one of the “munchers” that the PPEs are supposed to work on.

    You presume right, it is Kraig, well done. Also well done for remembering what the PPEs are for. It will be interesting to see if you work out HOW to use them.

    Btw. am I flipping my lid or did you start something similar once before, I think on the old AB forum yes?

    Yes, I started this scenario/game just before Mike closed that forum. I’ve reworked it a little, including completely redoing the game board.

    Right then, better get writing.

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    I don’t think its too much of an issue. Are you bringing back the half size one too?

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    They exit room back into the corridor. And repeat the process for securing the Path lab.

    They enter the room and as Woods moves forward. He stops as something catches his eye in the incubator.

    “What the hell is that?”

    McCallum was just about to tell him to focus on securing the room. When a bare chested figure lunges out from behind the incubator. He swipes at Woods with a club which catches him on the side of the head. Causing him to stagger sideways.

    The figure stops and stares at McCallum, he’s covered in blood and there doesn’t seem to be any intelligence his eyes. McCallum quickly runs though a few options.

    1. Shoot him, however these rounds will clearly pass through him and Woods could get hit too.
    2. Rev up the chainnet and take him close quarters.
    3. Stun grenade.
    4. Other?

    To be continued…..

    Feel free to come up with options which could help defeat this foe. As I haven’t as yet.

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    McCallum quizzed the guard on the situation, what is happening and his name. He simply stated his name is Joseph. Seemed reluctant to talk more.“Okay, you’re coming with us, we’re going to check the other rooms. Then take a little ride on the tube to the rest of the complex”

    “No…..not a good idea” Replies Joseph. The team looks at him, waiting for him to explain. “People became sick……..Most are sealed in that part of the complex…..You can’t anything for them….It’s a tomb”.

    McCallum pauses for a moment, then orders a search of the remaining rooms. In the hope that a solution to the situation presents itself.

    They stop in part of the corridor outside two room. The Pathogen laboratory and Microbiology laboratory. McCallum orders Daniels to stay outside with Joseph. While him and Woods search the Micro lab first

    “What the hell are they doing” Asks Woods, peering into some kind of incubator.

    “Pay attention and finish securing the room” Snaps McCallum.

    They make their way down to the end. “Clear” says Woods

    “Okay room secure”Says McCallum over the radio.

    “Copy that” Comes Daniels voice.

    They get to work searching the room. Woods finds what appears to be a field medical kit of some sort.

    McCallum reads the label….

    Advanced battlefield trauma pack – HRm1
    The HRm1 trauma pack is capable of treating serious and near fatal injuries. Equipped with GX gel, once applied to the casualty has the ability to immediately revitalise cellular function. Will stem bleeding, repair cell, bone and tissue damage. Will regenerate the casualty within moments. Effective for all manner of injuries including high velocity gunshot wounds, burns and head trauma

    Um…interesting he thinks and puts it in his pocket.

    “Sir” Woods turns his laptop so McCallum can see. “I’ve managed to access more of BioTec’s system. Some emails from what appears to be from people who worked here. This ones interesting.

    From Tyler; D-Gen Lab
    Sorry Dr Hess but we’ve had an incident in the Pathogen lab. I’m sorry to inform you that Kraig has become Stricken. We’ve cleared the room and sealed him in. Shall I call Joseph to send in a security team?

    From Dr Hess; facility director
    No, firearms are too messy. There is a lot of sensitive equipment in there, I don’t want damage. Send in a Muncher instead. But don’t forget to take a PPE from the store room. We don’t want anyone getting eaten along the way.

    Both men exchange glances, “What the hell is a Muncher? It seems that Joseph knows more then what he’s letting on”. McCallum pulls out one of the PPE’s he had it his pocket and looks at it.

    “I would like to find this Hess” he remarks

    “Sir, Joseph said that most people are sealed in the living quarters. That they are ill, Stricken do you think?”

    “Stricken happens when people are attacked by Drill Worms. They are introduced for the ecosystem here on Mars by BioTec. All above board, but I don’t see any Drill Worms around here, do you?”

    Woods shakes his head.

    “More questions then answers sir”




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    I almost made that mistake, started thinking about other wargaming like Pirates!

    For my 6mm SF, which is my main game anyway. It tends to be focused around a single complex. A walled small MHU town or an outpost. First generation colony stuff, like AB.

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    I thought they were DZC buildings but thought they looked small for 10mm. Didn’t realise that you had played around with the scale, clever.

    Nice bit of fluff too, must a proper butchers and have a close read.

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    I got that idea from here. Granny grating, it’s that stuff they use for needle work. Plastic canvas, eBay is a good place to get it. They do different grades, I’ve used a tighter grid pattern later on.

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    The two men make their way out of the gate room and along the corridor to the tube. Woods hooks up his computer and within seconds has the door unlocked. They enter the tube platform and survey the surroundings.

    ‘Where do these trains go?’ Asks McCallum.

    Woods opens his laptop and accesses BioTech’s main frame again. ‘According to this the second part of the complex. Living quarters, canteen ect….Not a way out’.

    ‘Okay, lets check out the far room….what is it? A store room?’

    Woods nods and both men move to check out the room.

    They find little of interest except for a small hand held frame thrower. McCallum wonders what use it has. The fuel tank is small, giving the unit a very short burst of flame before it’s empty. Not to mention the limited range. However, given the fact that the squad is so lightly armed McCallum takes it. He opens a container and pulls out what appears to be a small electronic device. It has personal pulse emitter (PPE) marked on it. He takes them all and looks at one of the security bots and taps it. Him and Woods exchange glances, both wondering why one is missing.

    They then exit the store room.


    Okay peeps, hope you’re all enjoying so far. The next bit will see McCallum and Woods back in the gate room. Where they find the securiy guard on his feet. A good chance to ask some questions. So…..any ideas on what is going on? Hope you can remember what McCallum is carrying. As things will start to get very interesting……so stay tuned.

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    Interesting stuff. You have so much going on I wish I had the time to catch up reading. Certainly enough to keep you busy.

    Hats off to you just finding the time.

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    Sweet, I’m loving the scenery. What are those buildings? they really look the part, the mat looks good too. Where is that from?

    Just the right balance for a gaming table if you ask me. It looks simple, but effective. Quick to set up?


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    McCallum throws in a stun grenade and as soon as it goes off they enter the room. They find a dazed security guard slumped in the corner. McCallum orders Daniels to drag him outside and guard him. While Woods gets to work on the computer. He find the following information.

    There are a number of files, each marked as follows.

    Bio-Tech Industries”, he clicks on it……

    Welcome to Bio-Tech Industries. We are the main driving force behind a lot of Mars’s ecosystem and in creating living organisms from bacteria, plants and grass to animals. All of which can be found in the more terraformed parts of Mars. Flak Worms, Razor Hounds, Jurapeds and drill worms have all been successfully integrated into Mar’s ecosystem. Also to date over ten thousand strands of bacteria have been integrated. Giving rise to higher PH soil allowing the possibility of farming……..

    Yeah, blah, blah, blah...we all know about Bio-Tech he clicks on the next folder marked facility “induction”………

    This is a level Alpha security facility; all visitors are to report to site security to be issued the correct pass. It is vitally important that all visitors adhere to security protocol at all times…

    ‘Yeah whatever` he continues looking and opens a file marked “<strong>site map</strong>”

    ‘This is interesting` remarks McCallum…..’this facility is some sort of laboratory, consisting of several areas’.

    ‘Well it was a core re-sequencing station’. Says Woods

    The map shows the layout and what the facility consists of;

    <u>Level 1 _Labs & Engineering</u>

    Security control


    Store room

    Pathogen lab

    Microbiology lab


    Reactor room


    D-generation lab

    Woods clicks on the last folder marked “security”. It appears this facility is in some sort of lock down. All doors are electronically locked, which you need a pass for, but the real bad news He continues …That lift platform we came down on. Can only be operated from the surface. Until the containment status is lifted

    Ok, do it. Lift the containment

    Can’t do it from here sir, there must be another terminal to do that. But I can unlock the doors, well some of them anyway. There’s a few that have a higher level seal on them, makes them harder to hack

    McCallum searches the room, finds little except for a small package, Marked Dr Hess. McCallum takes it.

    Ok that’s go, find out what this place is and find a way to get that lift working………

    McCallum orders Daniels to stay with the still dazed security guard. While him and Woods check out the tube.

    ‘Could be a way out’ He remarks.

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    I’ve been playing blitz since 2014. Haven’t played the PC version. Just don’t have time for it all.

    Really good game, part of a great clan. But as Pat says, full of numpties. My user name on there is caeser2014. Spelled  er not ar. If anyone plays blitz look me up for a platoon.

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    Wow. Another fan? Pirates is quite a quiet game now. But seems to still have a fan base, even if it is small.

    Most forum activity was/is Miniutre Trading and back along Pojo.

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    Yippy…….fingers crossed for the hex containers.


    in reply to: October Sponsors Competition #51526
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    talk about the last miniute. My Pirates fleet and home made islands need a home

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    Cheers Pat, I’m in the process of trying that.

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    Yup, the decals are done with my own fair hands. The usual shnaniginns, I took images off the net, copied and pasted. Then printed on decal paper and sealed before use.

    The image on the Pathfinder is my RDFs Mars logo.

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    Thanks, sounds good. Might try and have a closer look sometime.

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    Pitty I live so far away, would love to. Always had a hacking for naval wargaming and wouldn’t take much for me to get into anything WW2.



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    OK, first off meet your squad and see if you can spot what decision has to be made.

    Lt Dwight McCallum – squad commander
    Tpr Pete Woods – squad tech operative
    Cpl Tasha Daniels – squad driver/medic

    Woods is a whiz at IT. He can hack computer terminals, Personal data Assist (PDAs), doors which are electrically locked. You name it, Woods can hack it. You will not only find info and fluff about the story, but also clues on how to defeat foes, overcome problems and move on to the next room ect…All from hacking stuff.

    Daniels is the squad medic. She can utilize medical kits and treat casualties. Computers aren’t the only source of info. As you go your squad will encounter other characters who will talk.

    McCallum is the main man, the top dog. It’s worth keeping an eye on what he picks up. And remembering what he is carrying.

    So step into the shoes of Lt McCallum and see if you can work out what is happening. Hope it’s clear enough. Enjoy.

    Prologue – Project Stratosphere

    “Kraig rubs his eyes and tries to focus. No matter what he did he could not get the laser scalpel to work.

    ‘Arrrh!……I CAN’T DO IT’ he shouts.

    Fay Davies a young assistant walks over to him.

    ‘OK, OK, take it easy, maybe you should go sick. You’re not the only one’. she says.

    Kraig sits there motionless, just starring ahead.

    ‘ Are you listening Kraig?’….’I said maybe you shoooooo……’

    The laser scalpel cuts through the young assistant’s skull with ease. Kraig continues to stare ahead, motionless, still with his arm still outstretched as the dead assistant hits the floor.

    Dr Hess looks up at the foreboding sight of the D generation and gives a sigh. He sighs a second time and sometimes wishes he was never facility director. Let alone project manager, it seems right from the word go project Stratosphere has been cursed. He got on the intercom to security.
    Joseph, as soon as that courier arrives with the package, tell me. We’re having problems with the D-generation
    Will do Doctor Hess

    Sir Timothy smiles to himself puffing on his ivory lidded pipe.

    ‘You know what this derelict site used to be?’ he says, glancing sideways at Trooper Woods, who smiles but says nothing.

    ‘A core re-sequencing station, Mars died because the core solidified. No magnetic field which meant Mars couldn’t keep its atmosphere. Right’. He jabs the young trooper and continues. ‘How do you restart a core?, well you drill down and bombard the core with anti-matter and that is core re-sequencing. That’s what this place was, you know before the accident. Since then its been a hot bed of skirmishes, used by smuggles, arms dealers; revival factions over the years’.

    He frowns, knowing he’s not getting much conversation out of the RDF Trooper, he turns his attention else where.

    He stretches his neck towards the back of his trusty old converted WW3 Osa missile carrier.

    ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do?’

    McCallum sticks his head out of the back. ‘What is it you said that you were doing here again?’

    ‘I told you, exploring’. He relied.

    ‘Poaching Jurapeds more like’.

    Sir Timothy pulls a hurt expression. ‘Found any evidence to back that up?’

    ‘Thought as much, well gentlemen, its been a pleasure. If you’ll like to excuse me I’m rather busy’.

    With that he climbed into his Osa and was gone.

    ‘Sir, take a look at this’ Cpl Daniels voice comes over McCallum’s ear piece

    Both men make their way over to Daniels.
    ‘An entrance to a subterranean bunker of some sort, what was this place again?’ said Daniels.

    ‘This place is an old core re-sequencing station. This whole area will be full of abandoned underground rooms and tunnels. It was a hot bed of skirmishes back in the day’ Replies Woods.

    ‘How do you know so much about it?’ snaps Daniels
    ‘Yeah, but its too new looking, been used recently and has power too’

    ‘Something not right, this isn’t abandoned’. Says McCallum.

    Woods needed no invite, he immediately had his laptop hooked up and called the elevator platform
    Within moments the RDF were on the way down into the unknown.

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    Can’t remember where the cloth came from. Certainly from some sort of fantasy navel game.

    It’s nice to see that there are still fans of this game. I started back in 2008 when WizKids, who made the game shut down. Ive played hundreds of games, atleast I did back then. This was the first game in a while. I always loved the ships, not so much the sea monsters. Just punch them out of the cards, assemble and you’re good to go.

    We stick to the standarded rules and generic crew. Not familiar with Ganesha  rules, but did add an activation rule. Rather than one player moving all his fleet, then the other player. Had to stop and think sometimes, like when HMS Endeavour with her special ability “this ship eliminates two masts with one hit”. Enaged a French ship with “Two hits are required to eliminate one of this ships masts”. So the rules can be a bit complicated. But if you stick with the four basic ship actions, move, shoot, repair and explore. And the four generic crew Helmsman, Captain, Shipwright and Explorer to help with these actions you can’t go far wrong.

    Also, try and stick with the big 5 factions. English, French, Spanish, Pirates and USA. Cursed, Merceneries, Jade, Barbary Corsairs are much more niche.

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    It just comes out in one size no matter what I do.

    Have to have a cup of tea before I gouge out my brains and eyeballs.


    Yeah baby! not too small now is it? hahah

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    I’m liking this, I must say I can think for so many scenarios for your stuff. Once I’ve finish building what I’m doing at the moment. I might have to put in an order and start a new project.

    in reply to: Blue Helix Defense Solutions (6mm Sci Fi) #50293
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    Nice colour scheme, nice models and nice bit of background fluff. Got all the ingredients I say.

    in reply to: Blast-Tastic! 2017 #50292
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    I’ll try and make this one! If able to of course.

    in reply to: Blast-Tastic! 2016 #50291
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    Sorry I missed it. I was really looking forward to it for a while. Was planning to have a game or too, had some things in mind which I wanted to get from the traders. Then I was ill all weekend and have to have the Monday off work.

    So suffice to say I was very grumpy. Still am, haven’t had much chance to get out and do something and when I do. I ruddy well fall I’ll.  Anyway, have I moaned enough?

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