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    Yes, very cool. The turbulence did startle me in the beginning. But I was pleasantly surprised that the hight didn’t  bother me.

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    The Campaign is quite closely scripted, something tells me that Sub would have gone up no matter what, but yes, it’s kinda tempting to do it again and do it differently, also staying over Calais so you can dive in on them from the front. I had no idea where they where and ended up for behind, if I’d stayed over land, I could have come out and met them.

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    No video, just pictures, I can’t show videoes.

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    Yeah, Clod had Me109E1-7, F4-7, both regular and tropical versions of some of the E and F models.  The Hurricane has like 19 variations from Mk1-4 with some tropical and some not, as well as different propeller types, and some with automated RPM etc.

    The Spit has Mk1,2 and 5, with tropical and none tropical and some propeller variations. both the Hurrican and Spit come with different wing variations, all guns, all cannon or a mix.

    You also got like 5 variations of the Beaufighter, 4 of the Ju88, 2 or 3 of the Ju87, the Wellington has a special torpedo version too.

    You can’t really go past mid 42 so far as the planes are missing, however after this big visual and gameplay update comes out, there will be a new big expansion. Exactly what it will cover is unknown, but most are guessing more western Europe finishing 42, maybe going into 43.
    They have guaranteed the Fw190, which will be a true butcher bird, if the game stops at 42, as the IX and P47 will be missing, and so the allies will have no effective counter unless we get the Typhoon, which worked as a short-range low altitude interceptor against the Fw190, basically just protecting the home islands from Fw190 incursions. Which is what the plane did the first 6 months or so after it became operational, while they were working out some bugs.

    They have also said they want to do the Mustang Mk 1. But we don’t know.
    Personally, I hope they expand the map into the low countries and parts of Germany and give us some P47s to do bomber escort missions. As well as let us cover those circus and ramrod missions to the low countries(where they meet the Fw190 for the first time)

    I’d love for them to do a Norway map, both for the 1940 campaign (they have all the planes) but also later mission against shipping. But that is too much to hope for, it’s too niche.

    Here is a Stuka attack on Tobruk.



    I didn’t hit crap, luckily the other stuka pilots and Ju88 pilots were better.

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    I’m not a good pilot,  but by that statistic I’m history’s greatest pilot. I don’t think there is a statistics in real life about a pilot shooting down 8 enemies I’m his first 8 missions.

    Even great aces with 20-60 kills usually flew dozens or even hundreds of missions before getting 5 or 10 kills.

    So the game is quite unrealistic in that way.

    I’m really excited for the new version of cliff over dover blitz. I’m beta testing it. But can’t show vidoes or pics as the beta is closed,  but by end of summer hopefully I can show stuff. Probably the most realistic of all ww2 sims.

    And very hard. I did the “beginner” campgian.  You start out as a Hurricane pilot and in about 10 missions I had 1 confirmed kill and 2 shared. A much more realistic statistic(but still very impressive if it had been in reality) it got tones of spitfire and Hurricane variations.  I think 15 different 109 versions.

    You can fly French and Italian planes. Old Gloster Gladiators. Blenhiem and Wellington bombers. You can fly Hurricanes with 40mm vickers S guns, blowing up armor in North Africa.

    The big update will include VR support (which is the main thing I’m testing) 4k plane and terrain, trusky sky physics and clouds and speed tree trees.

    You got a 120 000km2 map of Southern England and Northern Fance. In 4 seasons. And a map of North Africa in the area around Tobruk.

    So that is exciting. Fantastic looking planes both inside and out.

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    Part 8 of Are We The Baddies? Campaign. A scramble with enemy aircraft seen close to our airfield. I bag my first medium aircraft, after shooting at IL2s for 3 different missions, I finally got a kill on them, a second aircraft was also shot down. In total, our flight of 4 shot down 6 enemies. sadly we lost our top ace when he crashed into an enemy plane.

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    • Now THAT was a furball. I couldn’t believe how many near collisions you had! Disengaging was the right choice for sure, especially with no backup. And they did chase you a good distance!

    Just dumb luck i didn’t crash or get hit myself. The cockpit class broke on my left side. So just cm away from getting hit.

    I thought the plane had gotten away with mostly superficial damage (except for the oil on my windshield) but as I got slower for landing it got really sluggish. Huge turn radius.

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    Mission 6 and 7.


    I get home with great difficulty, luckily my fw190 even damaged is faster than the Ruskie planes. As I go in for landing the planes becomes very “heavy and slow” and hard to control but I get her down

    Mission 7 is quote boring. Another escort mission. And except for 1 bomber and 1 fighter getting downed by flak. Nothing happens.

    So when the big babies are home, I go back over the front line to take out my frustration from the previous mission on a soviet battery. I blow up 4 guns and and a truck.

    Giving me a total tally over 7 missions of:

    6 air to air victories.

    6 ground and anti air artillery.

    2 trucks.

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    Nifty. Is there a story or is it more of an open world float around?


    No story.

    So far you have two modes.

    1. is just exploration,  paddling around finding secrets and sights.

    2. Is race, where you paddle against “ghosts” of other players in relatively short 2-3 minutes races.

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    Thanks,  gonna start editing the next video. I’ll probably combine mission 6 and 7 into one video as one was quite short(after my entire left side of the plane got riddled with commie bullets. And the other one was a bomber escort mission where nothing happened.

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    Part 5.

    I dive into some Ivan flak to save a bomber formation getting shot up.

    I then randomly find a donkey and shoot it down.

    With 3 donkeys shot down, they now constitute half my air victories.

    I get chased by 3 soviet planes and end up right between the shooting match between German and soviet ground forces. With artillery shells landing far to close for comfort.


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    I can try and do that.

    Unsure if I have the footage the next 3 missions I’ve flown, but not edited. But I’ll try and get it after that.


    So far my JG/Gruppe has lost 3 pilots. One got downed in an otherwise routine bomber escort, when he got hit by ground fire together with one of the bombers.  Never saw any enemy air activity.

    In one mission I’m editing. I take on 5 or 6 Ivans. I get away after a few attempts at taking one down. But my entire left side of the plane is just Swiss cheese. I had oil in my windshield. It was just luck I got down.

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    Part 4.

    The one where Karl Bruckmann becomes an Ace.

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    Part 3.

    I’ve learned 2 things.
    1. Ivan is singleminded, even as they are taking a hell of a lot of fire, they continue on their mission, in this case attacking our ground forces.

    2. The Soviet planes can soak up a hell of a lot of damage. I’m used to shooting at German planes where a couple of well-placed 20mm or even .50 calls will do quite a bit of damage. But these Ivans can just soak up so much damage, dozens of 20mm hitting them. I was sure I got like 3 kills at least. But now in the end I only got 1.  Even so, 3 missions 3 kills, is a decent and unrealistic score.

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    Dude. I hate it when you think the gear is up and it’s not, did that a few times. Great belly landing though, no cartwheel or nosepick! Could you imagine the butt chewing you’d have gotten from the squadron commander… ha!

    Yeah. The problem is that IL2 doesn’t recognise most of the buttons I have on my winwing equipment.

    So like trim hat doesn’t work. So I have to fix that to some axis I have.

    And my gear lever. Also doesn’t work. So instead of up to put them up and down to put them down as they are supposed to work. I have to put the lever down then up to put it up. And down then up to put it down. And I screwed it up. But still no excuse not checking the gear lights.

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    Part 2.

    Bomber protection,  but the bombers were far in front of us and got shot up by donkeys long before we could save them.

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    I could only hit the lame ducks when I played IL2 as well 🙂 Have you got the realistic ammo loads on, because that mad few seconds of spray and pray would have left you low. Graphics have improved a bit since 2001 though.

    Yeah, I have it on max realism, so ammo, and engine etc, must be watched.
    The german planes got much more stamina then the allied ones when it comes to ammo.
    I got about 1800 rounds of 7.92mm with only 2 guns, so 900 rounds per gun with 1200 rounds a minute, so I got like 50 seconds of fire with those. I also got 500 rounds of 20mm. 250 per gun at 700 RPM, so far less seconds of fire with those.

    While the British with their 8 .303 had 17 seconds of ammo. I rarely get more than 1 kill with the spitfire or hurricane in their pure .303 configuration.
    When you get the 20mm in the later spitfires, you have about 5 seconds of 20mm ammo…
    In the P51 you have about 30 seconds or something of .50 cals.

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    Nice job. it’s been forever since i played IL-2 (like waaay old version) and I played it in the semi-realistic mode rather than realistic sim. Way too hard to identify targets before 4k or even 1080p. Wasn’t the 190 used more as a vertical fighter against the Soviets? I recall that a lot of air combat on the eastern front was at much lower level than on the western front so it didn’t take much for the 190 to get a height advantage. (?)

    Yeah, I just need to learn the vertical, it feels unnatural for me to do the vertical. I prefer the spitfire, turn, turn and turn.

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    Thank goodness for brakes. And I’m pretty sure planes aren’t supposed to go backwards, VTOL or not! 😀

    I’m not going backwards, but the ship is going 15knots, Which isn’t a lot, but when your plane is only going 8-10 knots, the ship with run away from you.

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    You and me both, need to practice that one some more.

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    Strafing targets that low and fast was scary.


    Was even lower in real life, at least one attack was done at just 50 feet above the water, only to pop up to 200ish feet to drop the bombs before flying off and down to 50 feet again.
    In my attack run I was 150 feet at the lowest, usually around 200 feet. The AI was having fun all the way up at 400 feet, as the AI just dies if they fly too low.

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    Yeah, flying low is awesome, wave skipping in the Mossie is very fun,



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    Thanks steelonsand

    in reply to: Spanish Tercio #173881

    Thanks guys.

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    That 2 seater could have had you! And I swear early on in your solo furball one of those triplanes had a stopped prop. I’m very surprised they weren’t able to more easily get onto your tail, and you likewise outrun them.

    The AI sadly does not use the planes to their fullest, I’m a bad WW1 flyer, so they are still a challenge for me, but I usually die from surprise attacks(which I guess is realistic. )

    If you watch this video with two humans.
    You’ll see a completely different way of flying. The AI doesn’t really do loops or even verticals, they only turn and turn. But here you’ll see what a Dr 1 CAN do if the pilot is good enough.

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    Part 2

    in reply to: My biggest mission yet (80 planes) #172775


    Also available on stream. But you don’t get the free trails.

    Also you get 50% off on your first module. And you get points on your purchases.

    Om steam the best you can hope for is the stream sales every few months.

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    Thanks, guys!

    in reply to: Cold war dogfight #172125

    Interesting. I admire your laid-back attitude on how to land — gear down, flaps down, aim for the threshold and guess a landing speed. Looking at the follow-the-missile view of your Sidewinder kill, it seemed to me that the missile was doing a constant-bearing approach, rather than flying a curve of pursuit. Wouldn’t that be a bit advanced for a B model? It also looked to me as if you came a bit close to whacking your wingman with your second Sidewinder, but he did appear rather suddenly. I always imagined the F-5 and MiG-21 to be pretty comparable as regards turn rate. A quick gander at Wikipedia (which gives numbers for the F-5E and MiG-21F) shows that the MiG-21 actually has a bigger wing area, although it’s also rather heavier. Doing the sums for maximum gross weight gives the MiG a slight advantage in wing loading, but there’s not much in it, so it would depend on the exact weights according to load and fuel remaining. The MiG-21 should have an advantage in sustained turn just because of its higher thrust, but I wouldn’t want to spend too long with the burner on if I wanted to get home. Both the F-5 and MiG-21 are famously difficult visual targets, which I think the video shows well. It also shows the dramatic difference once aircraft get to contrail height. All the best, John.

    If a plane is light, as, in less than 6 tones, it’s usually quite easy to land as long as you got plenty of runways. Some planes are quite hard I did crash the F16 quite a lot, it’s 9+ tones, it doesn’t have huge wings etc, and it’s bad at breaking, But I think I got the technique down now. But always a bit intense. The spitfire can land at like 80mph and you can just turn of the throttle back all the way as you turn it, I still get some bad landings, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a landing so bad I died in it. (unlike when my F16 glided off the runway into a tanker tuck…)  I havn’t actually landed the MiG21 yet, the first few times I tired to land it, a new bug had appeared, meaning if you put flaps and gears down, all control disappeared and the plane took a nose dive. With no way to getting back, but I guess now the  bug is gone, I have to try it, that is not a “lets wing it” type of plane, it’s generally seen as the hardest plane in the game, just to fly, land and take off. It glides like a brick, and you need to land at like 350kmh, that’s a good 80kmh more than the F16. So It will be intresting, I’m a bit gun shy after that bug killed me 3 times in a row.

    The Sidewinder behavior might be just how the game models it,  giving it an unrealistic flight path, also the “replays” aren’t exact copies of the match you flew, it makes a whole new mission based on inputs etc, it is not very good and often you can’t even use the replays as you plane suddenly crashes for no reason in the replay even if you never did when you flew. I was supprised this replay actually went all the way to the end, I almost never get outside footage of my landing as by the time I land, the replay would be bugged out and my plane would crash into the ground, it usually happens with in 20 minutes, other times it bugs out differently, like you’re watching the replay and your plane is shooting into nothing because the replay has moved that Me109 you were shooting at, and that plane is now 2km to the north of you or something.

    I do plan on dipping my toe into some online play, there are several “cold war” servers where the F-5 and MiG21 are the two main fighters, with some F86s, MiG15 and MiG17s too. Some allow a few F14s to join in too. Sadly I don’t think the servers allow the A4 mod in there or I would fly that one.  There will be more planes coming for the mid-age cold war, F4, F8, and A7 are all planed at various stages of completion, So is the MiG23 I think.
    The F4 is probably the first to come out as it “might” come out this year It will be a late 70s version I think,  but they have planned on doing much of the family, including the navy version, and possibly earlier models too and some are hoping for the designated wild weasel version too. It’s made by ED the ones making the actual game and Heatblur the guys behind the F14(generally seen as the best-made plane in the game) So the F4 will probably be good whenever it comes.



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    Found it, and I’m watching it.

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    Russian company?

    Originally,  don’t know how Russian it actually is now, as none of the sanctions on Russia effects it.

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    I used to play IL2 a ton. Got into Rise Of Flight for a while but got bored with it (though the multiplayer furballs were fun), then they turned to “subscription aircraft”, then to a whole new game you have to buy everything for, but it’s still the same game…. might have to go back to IL2 and give it a go.

    I have my beefs with IL2, mostly realism and sound related. But the WW1 thing us quite cool. Flying circus vol. 1 adds a map, 4 scripted campaigns, and quite a bit of planes. And you can use Pat Wilsons campaign generator to make good varied campaigns.

    Vol. 2 adds more planes, including the bombers, and 3 maps all of them bigger than the one in vol 1. The 4 maps combined will cover almost all of the Western front. And you’ll have most of the planes used on both sides for 1917-1918. Vol. 2 is also supposed to come with the career generator seen in the WW2 version of IL2.

    For WW2 I prefer DCS  and now Cliffs over Dover Blitz.

    Excellent initiative

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    They have doubled.


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    Thanks Norm.

    Getting well into the second battalion now.

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    Please stop posting fantastic photos like that. I have Napoleonics in 6, 15 and 28mm. I do not wish to start collecting 12.5mm!! Because, damn, they look awesomely tempting!


    Thanks. I’m generally quite critical of warlord both quality and business practice.

    But these are quite good. Good detail and the actual shoulder to shoulder is an awesome look that is often missing from  wargaming units.

    It took me about 7 hours to do these. 3 layers on uniform and great coats, but stuck to 2 on hats, skin, shoes, cartridge box, plumes,  muskets and epeuletes.

    And just one on hair, pompoms, waterflask, and metal. I also forgot to paint the bayonet scabbard. And it does appear chin strap is modeled, but didn’t paint that.

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    Very nice, how many more to paint.


    oh, not many, just 1520 infantry, some 220 cavalry, 70 skirmishers, 36 guns, and 18 generals.

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    It’s still a murder sim,  just not a very good one.

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    I created a shareable link. So should work.

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    Strange I see the pic.

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