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    Thanks, guys!

    I need to do Lund before I die.

    Shows how much the Danes and Swedes love each other,  they nearly annihilated both armies.

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    They are for the 1510-1525 period. Only the two front ranks will have much armour. the rest will be in normal dress.

    Landsknecht… normal dress… does not compute! Nicely done.


    Normal for Landsknecht.
    Just as normal for Lady Gaga isn’t normal for us.

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    Nice painting and nice photography! Only 96? No ambition some people….

    I know I should do them in 1:20 that means 200.

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    96??!! Nice backdrop too. Monitor/laptop screen?


    Yes, 96, which is about 3800 in 1:40 scale.

    No just printed out a picture and glued it to cardboard.

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    They are for the 1510-1525 period.
    Only the two front ranks will have much armour. the rest will be in  normal dress.

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    Thanks OB.

    in reply to: Beginning of SYW Prussian Army #118955

    Wow 3mm, I was sure those were 6mm.

    Very impressive.

    Wonderful blue marines.

    in reply to: Italian Wars Gendarmes. #118953

    Sorry for slow reply,  yes they are Eureka.

    in reply to: More Poltava 1709 and the next Project(s) #118061

    Oh what a wonderful looking table and eye candy.

    in reply to: First figures for vietnam project. #117913

    Well that is high praise indeed, thank you.

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    And they look fantastic!!! You’ve done and excellent job with them, I especially like the helmet covers. The basing even seems to have a pretty good red latarite to it. Loving them! So what are your plans for rules and games?


    I’m leaning towards the unofficial Vietnam supplement for Chain of Command, I like the Chain of command rules and the way you insert your forces in that game seems very well suited for Vietnam.

    I’m also considering again the unofficial supplement for Bolt action.

    in reply to: Italian Wars Gendarmes. #116449

    Thanks,  I hope so too.

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    It’s very easy to get schnapps,  just time consuming.

    First thing you do is learn to read,  then go to any place that has a alchemy table. The recipe for schnapps is 1 nettle two belladonna.

    Can easily be picked or bought for a low price.

    For about 12 grochen you get enough to make 3 or so schnapps.  But making them takes some time. I usually take 10 minutes every now and then to make 3 or 4 schnapps.  As you level up your alchemy  you’ll make more potions per time you make one. So once you’ve reached level 5 you make 2 at  time and at level 8 you make 3 at a time. At that point you can make 12 schnapps in 7 minutes (still a bit boring)

    And at level 10 you can auto make them.


    So it’s not hard or expensive,  just a bit boring and time consuming.

    But they have added the ability to save when you quit,  even if you don’t have the schnapps.

    in reply to: Review Kingcome Come: Deliverance. #116393

    My second to last post has some combat newbie friendly info.

    in reply to: PS4 Fantasy RPGs #116387

    Oh, and if you want a true super RPG you might want to look at Divinity: Original Sin II.

    There is a reason it’s been dubbed possibly the best digital RPG ever.

    Limitless possibilities, great story, fantastic characters, amazing tactical combat.  Lots to explore. I have about a 100 hours into it.

    in reply to: PS4 Fantasy RPGs #116385

    I’m two-and-a-bit years in to Elder Scrolls Online. I like the depth of background, the aesthetics and the range of things to do. It’s a fairly relaxed game and it’s possible to solo most of the content though joining a guild or guilds opens up more possibilities. I must confess to enjoying the “playing dolls’ houses” (as a friend and fellow player calls it) aspect of housing and theming my character’s outfits, mount and non-combat pet. You can play for free but the ESO+ subscription is a godsend if you are interested in crafting.

    Could never have guessed the forum member with the Khajiit avatar is into Elder Scrolls games I intend to give ESO a try myself, now that they’ve expanded it so that Elsweyr is in it. The Elder Scrolls world is an intriguing setting, conventional in some ways and subversive of fantasy conventions in others, giving it a unique flavour. There are parts of the worldbuilding I like and parts that just go against the grain for me, though I can still appreciate the way they alter the big picture. Elsweyr and the Khajiit are one of the parts I like the most.

    If you want mysterious hard games, you have the Dark souls and bloodborne games, some love them, I can’t stand them.

    Are the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne RPGs? I had the impression they (and Sekiro) were more like action-adventure games with a heavy emphasis on gruelling boss fights. Then again I had similar mistaken impressions of the Witcher games without having actually played them. The term “RPG” might also have gotten a looser definition in video gaming over the years. I also seem to have mixed up Dark Souls with Bloodborne, which is why I told Mike I’d understood Dark Souls to have a Victorian Gothic atmosphere, when obviously that’s Bloodborne. Need to stop giving ill-informed advice.


    They are RPGs, you level up, you use points to increase various stats etc.  You get arms and armour with various stats,(Sekiro doesn’t have new weapons and armour, but the other games do) and apparently there is a very good story and mythos hidden in the game if you look hard enough. They are very good games, I just can’t stand them as I hate boss fights.

    in reply to: PS4 Fantasy RPGs #116383

    I’ve not played any of the following except Skyrim, but they seem like good bets: Dragon Age Inquisition, and the earlier Dragon Age games depending on how “vintage” you’re prepared to go. Seems to basically be Mass Effect in the-opposite-of-spaaaace! It’s from the same studio, BioWare. I wasn’t going to mention Kingdoms of Amalur based on how old it is now, but I realised it’s still newer than Skyrim, and I would still recommend Skyrim. I’ve heard good things about Amalur. We discussed the Witcher games over messaging. I seem to have had the wrong idea about them. Not only are they set in a world that has the usual D&D-style races in it (whereas I believed it was a setting more like a bleak historical Europe but with the addition of dark magic), but they’re also described as RPGs on Wikipedia (whereas I believed they were more like action-adventure games). Finally, maybe Horizon: Zero Dawn, the only relatively new game I can think of right now (and that’s using a generous definition of “new”). It’s got a weird mix of futuristic technology on the one hand and archaic cultures and fantasy-conducive natural landscapes on the other. I’m leaving JRPGs out of it. Different beast, probably not what you’re looking for.


    Wicher setting is a fantasy world based on central eastern Europe, so many of the monsters are based on polish and Slavic mythology, plus your regular elves and dwarfs.  While the look of the game in terms politics and armour is very mid 15th century, The Nilfguard empire is very obviously a sort of Holy Roman Empire thing, they even speak with a cliche German accent.

    Witcher 1 was an ok game but suffered from a low budget and the fact it was their first major game. The second game which I still feel is the best is fantastic, very much in the style of the original dragon age game. It’s now like 8 years old but still looks great.

    The 3rd game is a giant giant giant giant giant game. There are like 50 hours of just dialogue and scenematics in the game if you talk to every one.

    I feel the game is too big, too much to do less focused on the main story, while Wicher 2 had a good story with side quest that gives you some 30 hours of gameplay. Wicher 3 has like 200-300 hours of gameplay if you want to do everything. After about 15 hours all the dialogue and scenematics get in the way. And I started to skip it just to actually play the game, in Wicher 2 the dialogue and story were great, but it was just too much of it in the 3rd game. I don’t have time for 20 hours of dialogue and 100 hours of killing bad things. With the expansion packs, you get even more to do.

    One expansion get you to a totally different place that seems to be a early 1500s Italian world(minus the guns)



    They are good games but will take up most of your life.


    If you want mysterious hard games, you have the Dark souls and bloodborne games, some love them, I can’t stand them.

    in reply to: Review Kingcome Come: Deliverance. #116378

    You can save the woman if you run at the cumans and hit them with your sword before you “RUN AWAY” she can also get away.

    There is some miniaturising, but far far less then other open world games, in Skyrim, the assassins creed, the witcher etc. Where there is a monster 10 meters outside of the town gate.

    The game has big forests and landscapes.  And unlike the witcher were you can see a mountain that looks like it’s days away but only takes 1 minute to run to. In this game, the distances feel correct.

    in reply to: Review Kingcome Come: Deliverance. #116365

    I should have added in the review,  as you start as a blacksmiths soon, you suck at matrial combat.

    So in the first few hours in the game the combat will feel a little clunky,  but as you get better, the combat will flow very nicely.


    I recommend that once the game opens up after 2-3 hours. You train at the instructor outside of rattay.

    A few rounds with him will level combat skills and make combat better, however don’t overdo it. As you can get over leveled and ruin your enjoyment

    in reply to: Review Kingcome Come: Deliverance. #116362

    In my first play through I did get the super armour.

    Even if they hadn’t removed it, I wouldn’t use it my second play through,  things get to easy.

    I do plan trying an archer short sword kinda guy my next time, only using padded armour with some plate reinforcement.

    I love the main story, it’s grounded and realistic.

    And the actor playing Sir Radzig does a great job.

    in reply to: Review Kingcome Come: Deliverance. #116342

    You’ve pretty much sold me on this. It’ll be somethign I play while waiting for Bannerlords. Once you completed the main quest, does the credits roll or can you still play and do side quests and ride around like a hobo?


    You get an option right at the end, to either end the game completely or do your thang for hours upon hours.

    in reply to: Vikings! #109859

    Very cool my Vikings sparked some interesting discussion.


    in reply to: Early HYW. #109858

    Thanks, Matt

    in reply to: 12th foot #109828

    Thanks guys!

    in reply to: 12th foot #109625

    Those are Crann Tara

    in reply to: Early HYW. #109053

    Thanks guys.

    in reply to: 25mm Mounted Medieval's HYW. #108979

    Oh very nice!

    How did you do some of the barding?

    Are they printed?

    in reply to: Battle of Pinhoe – Devon Wargames Group #108969

    Really good stuff.

    Nice looking battle.

    in reply to: Vikings! #108706

    You can never have too many Vikings, and those look great. I particularly like your use of colour. The Vikings liked colour and would have been a lot more colourful than the hipsters in horse-skin on that TV series.


    I can’t think of a single period in history where people didn’t like colours. Bronze age, classical period, the whole of the medieval period and all of early modern and modern period. The closest you get is late Victorian period and first 60 years of the 19th century. A lot of grey and black(particularly men’s fashion.

    Then came the hippie revolution and more colours came back.  But even today there’s probably more, blacks, browns, and greys then in much of rest of history.

    Orange lichen noted!

    in reply to: Gyldenstierna and Swedish Army. #108357

    Thanks guys.

    Yes fantastic work, a real inspiration!

    in reply to: More Cossacks for Poltava 1709 #105469

    Cossacks should always come in hordes, and your are definitely horde size.

    in reply to: It only took me a year. #105047

    Thanks guys.

    The flags are from the producers of the figures, Warfare.

    They now have Swedish, Saxon, and Russian GNW, French and Anti French for the NYW and war in Ireland, some a few TYW flags.
    And just recently Prussian and Dano-Norwegian infantry and cavalry flags for GNW and WSS.

    They come for 28mm standard but can be resized to any scale you want.

    in reply to: Lutzingen, Seven Years War action #103599

    A very enjoyable AAR!

    in reply to: Oberg/Chevallerie #102648

    A wonderful display of beautifully painted 18th century, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Thank you for sharing.


    Thank, I’m working on some French cavalry now. And soon 2 battalions of french infantry. Followed by french artillery.

    After that the British 12th foot.

    in reply to: Oberg/Chevallerie #102646

    The quality of your work on show there just wants to make me weep …… This is ‘Art’ ! – beautiful, …. and those flags! loving all the individual touches, too – the differing colours of facial hair, etc…..


    Thanks you for the very high praise.

    The flags are maverick models cloth flags.

    I always do different hair/facial hair colours(even when I did 6mm)

    It’s usually just dark brown and blond. With higher incidence of blond when doing Scandinavian or other places with lots of blond  hair.

    I sometimes add light brown, redish brown or even proper red hair.

    in reply to: Swedish Livregimentet. #98573

    Thanks, Truls, that’s reassuring. My interest is actually in the WSS in this scale, with the goal of a couple of small armies assembled mostly from the Ebor brigade deals (great deals,BTW!) — but it’s good to know there are fill-ins available if necessary, that won’t look out of place. Your GNW project is really coming along! I’ve been following it with interest. Mine is in 1/72 plastics — still collecting boxes.

    Thanks, I’ve just added it up and total my GNW forces are now 449, (plus a few half painted units)

    This is the biggest project I’ve done since my fist 15mm Napolonic project, that ended up with about 600 figures.


    I still have a little over 150 left to paint, and I’ve just ordered 12 more cavalry and 1 more battalion, meaning I have at least 185 more to paint when they arrive.

    in reply to: Grenaderkorpset. #98540

    Thanks OB

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