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    Campaign is now over 3 and half hour.

    Mr. Choppy had an adventure.


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    You’re quite the murder hobo, lol. The environments look great, and I love the ragdolling and that you can grab enemies. But dang, the AI is horrible at combat.

    Yeah we hope now that the game as it’s features. The AI and the physics can be improved. The game is very mod friendly. And there are mods to make the AI harder. But they mostly just increase the attack animation speeds.

    But it’s very refreshing in vr that things are kinda logical. There’s an iron gate. In regular games this would block your passage. But in this game you simply climb the iron bars.

    I got to my first boss level and thr scale of the game increases.

    Vast open ruins, hundreds of meters down while crossing narrow bridges.

    And then you fight a freaking Golem you have to climb in vr to defeat.  It was super intense  super stressful and super fun and I don’t even like boss fights in game(after being emotionally scarred from boss fights in super star wars.


    Here’s the full playlist of the campaign so far 2 hours and 45 minutes


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    Another exciting episode, this time I get my axe stuck in a door.

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    Bro I wouldn’t trust your RIO, he doesn’t seem to know clock faces! Good thing that Mig didn’t have guns, he could have had you twice. I do love how that one hardcore dude at the AA battery fired right after the rockeyes hit, a true badass, Lol. You really were throwing that plane around, good thing all those rivets are tight 😀 Good job going vert!


    It did fire at me once.  But missed.

    Generally the AI only fires when it has a 95% or better chance of hitting. Were a human would fire and probably hit with at least a few random shells. The AI withholds it’s ammo.

    Flying these older aircraft really brings out how bad the AI is. People have clocked the MiG21 AI doing continuous 9+ G turns. The MiG15 has been caught red handed doing 12G upwards turn without loosing speed. When human flies them they are generally very good(Except the MiG21 has way too good control at lower speeds.)

    ED are working on a new GFM(General flight model) but they have been working on it  for several years now and no news in sight.

    I’ve been doing dogfighting in the F4 for 2 days now. Against  MiG19 and 21 and F1 Mirage. And it’s frustrating. Your on paper advantage in thrust has no bearing against AI. The F1 does tight 1 circle fights like its a Su27.

    In 2 days I’ve killed 1 F1 with a lucky gun kill when it was set on lowest skill. I’ve not killed any 19 or 21s even on lowest skill.

    I have killed a MiG29 on hardest skills though. A bit of a lucky shot. But something is definitely wrong when a MiG29 on hardest difficulty is easier to kill than a MiG21 or F1 Mirage.

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    Any fight you walk away from… I’ll be watching this soon, sounds like it’ll be a good one.

    let me know what you think.

    in reply to: Can a single F-4E tackle 3 MiG-21s #198902

    Presumably the right way to do it is to kill all of them with Sparrows beyond visual range. All the best, John.

    The Sparrow have a theoretical range of some 20nm. But in all instances you’d be lucky to hit anything past around 12nm. And to get a close to 100% kill we are talking 8ish nm. But which time you are no longer in BVR but BFM. So like in the video I can take down 1 MiG21 with the Sparrow and then I’m in a dogfight with 2 MiGs

    If you have equal number of F4s to MiG21s and you can coordinate really well. Then each F4 can take down 1 MiG21 before they get in BFM range.

    And even if you somehow managed to fire of a Sparrow from 20nm and hit that one MiG21. You’ll have to follow the Sparrow all the way to the target. Which means if you fire at 20nm by the time the missile hit. You’ll be 8-10nm away from the other MiGs and again find yourself in a dogfight.

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    My son flew AH-64 D and E models including an Afghan deployment. He had a healthy respect for Russian systems and nape of the earth was the Apache’s friend when they practiced near peer conflict. Against the Taliban he never encountered a Manpad but did hit the odd 23mm and the 12.7 heavy mg but as they did most of their work at night and mostly used the 30mm cannon and rockets. By the time he got there most of the stupid insurgents had been eliminated in the Darwinian process of war and went to great lengths to be gone before the Apaches arrived. Failure to get out of Dodge quickly enough was usually fatal.

    I’m listing to Apache Dawn about British Apache crew on Afghanistan in 2007.

    So far they’ve been launched at once with MANPADs. Quite a few RPGs. A 23mm. But mostly small arms fire, medium machine guns.

    They too mostly use the 30mm. Though they have launched a few laser guided Hellfires.

    For the rockets they mostly use flachette warheads. DCS does not simulate any flachette type weapons.  And the damage modeling from rockets, large caliber cannons and bombs is off, mostly down to lack of splash damage modeling and frag damage. Which means even on unarmoured vehicles you need a direct hit with small caliber rockets(66-72mm)  and infantry have to be really close to rocket hits to have an effect.

    Apparently they are implementing frag simulation. But in DCS some things take literally a decade to implement depending on priorities.

    Like the P47 had a bug where the undercarriage breaks unless you do a perfect landing. On top of that a broken landing gear won’t get fixed if you request that from the ground crew. This is a bug that’s been around for 7 months now. All you need to do is change 1 number in a text file to fix it.

    But Eagle Dynamics have decided to add new landing gear simulation to all aircraft starting with the warbirds. And so they won’t bother fixing the bug since the bug will disappear once the new landing gear simulation/physics is added and since that might happen within a year or so. Changing that number as a stop gap, is just too much work.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>

    Do you have to face any radar homing weapons from the defense? Even a 1960’s era Shrike is going to make your radar the equivalent of a flashlight in a dark room.

    AGM-45 had only a select few radar bandwidth to search and it had to be set before missions.

    Anti-radiation missiles aren’t really used from ground units. As you don’t need to. You have dozens SAMs that simply track the return radar signal that it bounces off. That way you never need to worry about having seekerheads that are tuned to various sources.

    The apache is not in anyway stealthy. So any radar guided SAM system will easily spot the helicopter as long as it has line of sight. And since it is a flat desert there’s really no way to hide. The SA2 and SA3 would probably not be able to track a helicopter flying a few feet of the ground.

    SA6 might be able to track and hit.

    But something like the SA15 “Tor” which is 20 years more modern vs the SA6 (and that’s just the first variation some types are even more modern)

    Made specifically as a radar guided SHORAD) that would be very hard to try and deal with id you don’t have hills, trees or buildings to hide behind.

    It has only a 12km range, but then the apache has only an 8km range. That is some deadly 4km to traverse.

    Luckily ISIS never had very good access to modern SAMs. It seems they only had a handful of SA6s.

    The Ukrainians have had good success taking out those Russian TORs. But Ukraine is far more hilly and woody than Eastern Syria.

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    This summer will be a year since last I did anything (Huey)

    I do look at my blog to try and find inspiration. But the longer it goes the harder it is to restart. Paints dry out, brushes don’t work anymore. Flags, where’s all my flags?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Part 2. Will probably be age restricted too soon enough.</p>

    in reply to: Scramble! Scramble! 500th subscriber special. #195890

    Congrats on 500!

    Thank you.

    I didn’t see many tracers from the bombers, almost thought they don’t shoot back. Nice damage on the last bomber though. I’m aways curious about TV shows about the other side when it came to Band of brothers and Masters of the Air, but I doube Spielberg adn Hank will ever do the German perspective.


    There is some logic behind the bombet, that sometimes prevents them from shooting (like they have problems deciding which enemy to shoot at. And so end up not shooting at all.

    But they shot down 22 of 44 fighters. Which is probably unrealistically high for a bomber formation of that size undefended. So they definitely shot.


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    Thanks for the tip, Quest 2 is half the price and looks even more tempting. I got a new computer late last year for gaming, used it for less than a month so far. Not sure but I’m convince it should be able to handle VR. The thing about getting back into flight sims other that eh BR headset is all the controls and rudder pedels, although looks simple is crazy expensive.


    Like with VR headsets,  it what you make of it. Some people fly with the same $200 HOTAS they bought 15 years ago.

    I’d either go really cheap like the T1600 HOTAS or go to the medium +/high end. With winwing being best you get for the money. Stay way from Thrustmaster Warthog, cost almost as much as winwing but is like 1/4 the quality.

    The Quest 2 is cheaper but the Quest 3 has much much better picture, whole the resolution isn’t that huge compared to the Q2, but the Q3 has pancake lenses, that gives a huge improvement in clarity.

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    You vidoes are making VR very tempting. Seeing the price tag though saves me from a big spend so early in the year.

    Quest 3 is probably the go to headset.

    You’ll have to deal with either wireless connection or find a decent cable. Some say they gey better picture with cable some say wireless. It has really good lenses. It does lack eye tracking, but except for PSVR2 you won’t find eye tracking capable headset for less than $1000++ .

    It does of course require a decent computer, particularly wireless requires a fast CPU(as well as fast WiFi)

    One could always find an old Rift S but then you’ll suffer from all the problems the early headset suffered from, low resolution, screen door effects etc


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    A nice bunch of hits at around 8min. At first seeing the light white smoke trail I didn’t think it was much but the various reply shows quit a bit of damage. Did you find the canopy frame distracting at all? I keep focusing on all the nuts.

    Not really, One of the advantages in VR is you can kinda “look past it”

    Very noticeable in say the F14 in DCS, those that use  head or eye tracking can have problems because of the small HUD and huge bow right in front of your head. But in VR, while it’s no F16, it’s far easier keeping control of whatever is around you. Even in the F14.

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    No problem, having very good time playing this.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Action packed mission, another swat guy kicks the bucket.</p>
    But I got through the mission.

    I think one of my officers is a psycho. In just this mission he mutilated 2 suspects with his shotgun. First he blew of the head on one. Then he took off the arm of another.
    I’m quite sure he oils his shotgun each evening while whispering sweet words to his Sharline

    This plays very much like FEAR.

    Even has the well above average AI.

    Like in FEAR they’ll try and flank you.

    Part to gets hectic when I meet bad guys with shields and I start bowling them over.

    The UEVR Injector works fantastically well. I really just had to Inject someone elses settings and off I went. Runs really well in VR. I upped the settings to epic in this second video and still very smooth.


    in reply to: A VR revolution is afoot? VR injector #193911

    I like the game, but so far I’ve only tested against bots, so all the tactical part of the tactical shooter is gone. The UEVR injector works for other tacical FPS like Squad and Ready or Not.(some ones seems to be using the injector as base for a full VR conversion for Ready or not.

    I tested the new Robocop game with the Injector today. It uses Unreal Engine 5, which has some buildt in stuff related to VR that the injector can use. So in this game, I have full freesom of movment, can use my hands freely with my VR controller, can lean etc.

    It’s a silly ultra violent game, but it is fun in VR.(everything is more fun in VR)

    in reply to: Clearing a roadblock with P-51s #193103

    Thanks, getting better and better. But slow process.

    Over two weeks now since it started. Mostly coughing and fatigue left now.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Germans were master automators.</p>
    Had to be, almost no soldiers left.

    in reply to: Short WW2 Cinematic #192582

    He’s obviously shell-shocked from the awsome firepower of the RAF.

    in reply to: Vb vs Butcher bird. #192024

    Unless you went over 6,000 feet then the FW was only equal.

    I was at 6600 feet the 190 started at 13000 feet

    in reply to: Most insane mission I’ve flown in IL2 #192016


    in reply to: U-boat hunting in the Beaufighter #189511

    4 20mm does the job, tho I needed several re loads to finally sink it.

    That’s pretty impressive for 20mm, when you consider that U-boat pressure hulls used to bounce 3-in HEDA. I don’t suppose the game lets you load 3-in rocket spears on your Beau? That would fix things pretty quickly. All the best, John.

    The 3 inch rocket weren’t used until 43 or 44 I think.

    Definitely not in 40-41 when this sim is set.

    But Torbeau would be cool.

    in reply to: Controversial FPS Six Days in Fallujah #187741

    I’ve been playing this for the last couple of days, and it’s intense! Really been enjoying it, especially the variability within the few missions they have and the open mic communications and how realistic it sounds from various rooms. It’s very well done.


    Yeah it’s fun. We did a mission twice. And the there was quite a difference.

    First time. We got attacked by a truck. Then some infantry. Then a mortar started bombing us before a second car attacked is.


    The second attempt,  we got repeatedly attacked by trucks, before some snipers showed up.


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    Man! With that kind of hardware I don’t think I’ll get any gaming done. Think of the amount of polygons I put into a 3d model… I’d spend months and months making mods for games that I’ll never play.

    Defiantly how it would be for some people.

    I don’t know how you find those targets, I’d easily get lost in all those trees.

    Like I said in the video,  I had done it 13 times at this point. It also helps to have that rather well made broad paved road(doubt it looked like that in 73)  even so 3 out of 13 times I flew into the wrong valley the one just south of the one with the column. At thar point my first hint of the column was tracer fire. And also ment the SA-3s usually took a shot or two at me.

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    I aprove of your choice of aircraft.


    I’ve been trying to “save” the A4 until the new Sinai map was released but it seems to have been pushed back some.

    So I got the need for moderate speed.

    in reply to: Huey has landed #186849

    Since my wargaming hobby has taken a back(far back) seat to my simming hobby, [snip] I’ve listened to about Vietnam Huey pilots, the insane control and dramatic stuff they’ve done. It’s just pure extreme skill flying. So in the end I couldn’t resist anymore and needed the Rubicon Huey. really far above my skill level to make. [snip] I’m not that happy with the build, but I am quite happy with the paint job, had to buy a new high end airbrush as my cheap one broke after just 2 tank paintings. So here it is.

    From just looking at the pictures, I have to challenge “really far above my skill level to make,” because it looks lovely. I would be very happy with how this turned out if I had made it. Just saying, don’t put yourself down.

    Kind of you to say. But I did loose a window. I did break part of the rotor. And some of the paint got stripped when I applied effects,  even tho I used varnish.

    So the angles of the photo carefully chosen.

    in reply to: Murdering MiGs(silly power fantasy in F16) #186726

    that’s actually a good idea, both the external shots from the mig and flying one of the migs from.

    I haven’t flown the F15 at all. I do have it, but it’s one of those older moduals brought over from an earlier game. So I don’t have much interest in it. A full fidelity F15E is coming soon (TM)  so might get it(I’m really waiting for the Corsair and F4)  the Strike eagle is of course less nimble than the C model. And far less nimble than the F16.

    It’s a, bomb truck, that can carry like 30 000lb of fuel(vs 12 000lb for the F16)

    From the recently released vidoes of it. It does have a powerful radar. Able to lock enemy fighters at 80nm. But it uses the same 90s AMRAAMs as the F16 and F18, so won’t be able to fire on the enemy before it’s within 40ish nm)

    in reply to: Pour it on them boys #186281

    There a lot less silliness than hold fast, people generally take the game seriously,  even on random public servers in the middle of the day.

    There’s a few instances of wilful team killing. But they are usually kicked quickly.

    And the graphics is far superior to holdfast to say it mildly.

    in reply to: Happy Top Gun Day. #186241

    Whats going on? What looks too easy, I was expecting the mig-29 to be on your tail the whole way. Nice deflection gun kill in Round 2 though.

    The mysteries of DCS AI, the MiG probably got outside of some parameter and the AI borked, there was one round the AI did more, but it ended with him just running out of ammo and trying to land some place, and so ended quite boring, so I cut that one.

    Proximity fuse would have killed on the first shot. At 2:56 the explosion of the second shot was way high, is that one of the inccuracies of the replay file?

    Might be, or might just be some graphical glitch.

    in reply to: Cliffs over Dover Blitz VR beta, Mission 10 #185914

    DCS damage model is strange and ever changing.

    During winter they changed the ammo belt for the .50 cals and suddenly the P51 and P47 would light up the German planes with ease. Which see correct based on the first hand accounts I’ve read. You could still fire hundreds of rounds widely and not do much damage. But a few well placed round could do the trick. Now a few months later. We are back at peppering the German planes for an eternity wiry the .50 and even the 20mm on the Sptifire seems to be less effective. (A lot less)

    We haven’t been told they’ve done any changes. But it definitely feels like something has happened to the German planes. And it’s not just an AI thing. I had to hit a fw190 flown by a human dozens of times with 20mm from my Spitfire. And he only died because he crashed.


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    Woop, I know that feeling. How are you now you have painted some?


    Not much. We got 5 6 week old puppies that demand almost constant attention and like to ruin our sleep. With their prefred wakeup at 5 in the morning…

    in reply to: Anticlimatic online adventure #185662

    VR is very fun.

    Soonish someone will release something called vr injector. That will let you play ANY game made with Unreal Engine 4 or 5. That’s hundreds of small and big games that you now will be able to play in VR.

    Map got spring,  summer and fall, sadly no winter. So if we want winter ww2, we still need to use the Channel map.

    in reply to: Defending Big Ben(Elizabeth Tower) #185505

    It’s amazing in VR, still just explored a tiny bit of a tiny bit of the map.

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