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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Germans were master automators.</p>
    Had to be, almost no soldiers left.

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    He’s obviously shell-shocked from the awsome firepower of the RAF.

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    Unless you went over 6,000 feet then the FW was only equal.

    I was at 6600 feet the 190 started at 13000 feet

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    4 20mm does the job, tho I needed several re loads to finally sink it.

    That’s pretty impressive for 20mm, when you consider that U-boat pressure hulls used to bounce 3-in HEDA. I don’t suppose the game lets you load 3-in rocket spears on your Beau? That would fix things pretty quickly. All the best, John.

    The 3 inch rocket weren’t used until 43 or 44 I think.

    Definitely not in 40-41 when this sim is set.

    But Torbeau would be cool.

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    I’ve been playing this for the last couple of days, and it’s intense! Really been enjoying it, especially the variability within the few missions they have and the open mic communications and how realistic it sounds from various rooms. It’s very well done.


    Yeah it’s fun. We did a mission twice. And the there was quite a difference.

    First time. We got attacked by a truck. Then some infantry. Then a mortar started bombing us before a second car attacked is.


    The second attempt,  we got repeatedly attacked by trucks, before some snipers showed up.


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    Man! With that kind of hardware I don’t think I’ll get any gaming done. Think of the amount of polygons I put into a 3d model… I’d spend months and months making mods for games that I’ll never play.

    Defiantly how it would be for some people.

    I don’t know how you find those targets, I’d easily get lost in all those trees.

    Like I said in the video,  I had done it 13 times at this point. It also helps to have that rather well made broad paved road(doubt it looked like that in 73)  even so 3 out of 13 times I flew into the wrong valley the one just south of the one with the column. At thar point my first hint of the column was tracer fire. And also ment the SA-3s usually took a shot or two at me.

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    I aprove of your choice of aircraft.


    I’ve been trying to “save” the A4 until the new Sinai map was released but it seems to have been pushed back some.

    So I got the need for moderate speed.

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    Since my wargaming hobby has taken a back(far back) seat to my simming hobby, [snip] I’ve listened to about Vietnam Huey pilots, the insane control and dramatic stuff they’ve done. It’s just pure extreme skill flying. So in the end I couldn’t resist anymore and needed the Rubicon Huey. really far above my skill level to make. [snip] I’m not that happy with the build, but I am quite happy with the paint job, had to buy a new high end airbrush as my cheap one broke after just 2 tank paintings. So here it is.

    From just looking at the pictures, I have to challenge “really far above my skill level to make,” because it looks lovely. I would be very happy with how this turned out if I had made it. Just saying, don’t put yourself down.

    Kind of you to say. But I did loose a window. I did break part of the rotor. And some of the paint got stripped when I applied effects,  even tho I used varnish.

    So the angles of the photo carefully chosen.

    in reply to: Murdering MiGs(silly power fantasy in F16) #186726

    that’s actually a good idea, both the external shots from the mig and flying one of the migs from.

    I haven’t flown the F15 at all. I do have it, but it’s one of those older moduals brought over from an earlier game. So I don’t have much interest in it. A full fidelity F15E is coming soon (TM)  so might get it(I’m really waiting for the Corsair and F4)  the Strike eagle is of course less nimble than the C model. And far less nimble than the F16.

    It’s a, bomb truck, that can carry like 30 000lb of fuel(vs 12 000lb for the F16)

    From the recently released vidoes of it. It does have a powerful radar. Able to lock enemy fighters at 80nm. But it uses the same 90s AMRAAMs as the F16 and F18, so won’t be able to fire on the enemy before it’s within 40ish nm)

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    There a lot less silliness than hold fast, people generally take the game seriously,  even on random public servers in the middle of the day.

    There’s a few instances of wilful team killing. But they are usually kicked quickly.

    And the graphics is far superior to holdfast to say it mildly.

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    Whats going on? What looks too easy, I was expecting the mig-29 to be on your tail the whole way. Nice deflection gun kill in Round 2 though.

    The mysteries of DCS AI, the MiG probably got outside of some parameter and the AI borked, there was one round the AI did more, but it ended with him just running out of ammo and trying to land some place, and so ended quite boring, so I cut that one.

    Proximity fuse would have killed on the first shot. At 2:56 the explosion of the second shot was way high, is that one of the inccuracies of the replay file?

    Might be, or might just be some graphical glitch.

    in reply to: Cliffs over Dover Blitz VR beta, Mission 10 #185914

    DCS damage model is strange and ever changing.

    During winter they changed the ammo belt for the .50 cals and suddenly the P51 and P47 would light up the German planes with ease. Which see correct based on the first hand accounts I’ve read. You could still fire hundreds of rounds widely and not do much damage. But a few well placed round could do the trick. Now a few months later. We are back at peppering the German planes for an eternity wiry the .50 and even the 20mm on the Sptifire seems to be less effective. (A lot less)

    We haven’t been told they’ve done any changes. But it definitely feels like something has happened to the German planes. And it’s not just an AI thing. I had to hit a fw190 flown by a human dozens of times with 20mm from my Spitfire. And he only died because he crashed.


    in reply to: First figures in almost a year #185768

    Woop, I know that feeling. How are you now you have painted some?


    Not much. We got 5 6 week old puppies that demand almost constant attention and like to ruin our sleep. With their prefred wakeup at 5 in the morning…

    in reply to: Anticlimatic online adventure #185662

    VR is very fun.

    Soonish someone will release something called vr injector. That will let you play ANY game made with Unreal Engine 4 or 5. That’s hundreds of small and big games that you now will be able to play in VR.

    Map got spring,  summer and fall, sadly no winter. So if we want winter ww2, we still need to use the Channel map.

    in reply to: Defending Big Ben(Elizabeth Tower) #185505

    It’s amazing in VR, still just explored a tiny bit of a tiny bit of the map.

    in reply to: Defending Big Ben(Elizabeth Tower) #185464

    That really is a lovely map, just incredible. And it’s also amazing how smoothly it runs on your comp. Seeing this dogfight over the city makes me wonder how many people on the ground were killed by stray rounds. I know that the grandfather of a family I visited in Hawaii lost a leg from a .50cal AAA mg fired from a ship at a low flying torpedo plane during Pearl Harbor, and also a fella that lost a foot when a 30mm shell casing from an A-10 hit him in Afghanistan. I would think it could actually have been fairly common during WW2 raids, with all of the bomber defensive mgs, etc. There’s got to be statistics somewhere…

    Yeah I do think of that when over a big city like this. Not to mention all the bombers and fighters hitting the ground. Most of the time many would be in shelters when planes were overhead,  but surely some most have gotten hit by law of big numbers. You’d have to be really unlucky to die from rifle caliber bullets, the .303s fired from early spits and Hurricanes or the 7.92mm that the bombers used. But the 20mm on most of the German fighters must have been nasty things.

    The map is fantastic, I did a flight over Paris in the fall and it looks great. Tricked a 109 into crashing into the Eiffel Tower as I flew under it.

    in reply to: P-47 destroying Germans in 1945 #185232

    That might be, generally the Jug was a giant fighter. With many pilots feelings lost in the cockpit as it was so big. And on average those that flew both preferred the P51. Smaller, felt more snug,  generally easier to fly.

    in reply to: P-47 destroying Germans in 1945 #185200

    I like your commentary about not being a WWII fighter pilot. It’s enjoyable listening to you talk when you fly. P-47 Do you think the gunsight is positioned low? Maybe I’m just too used to moden HUD. You play in VR, do you have to duck down to get a good view?


    I generally adjust (recenter) vr view so I don’t duck down too much. But some ducking there is.

    Part two, where I basically murder some people to get some pump regulator thing.

    If you’re into horror or horror affects you. Then of course the experience is much heightened.

    I’m not into horror. I don’t find it scary and so kinda boring.  But the heart do pump harder when you got 20 zombies on your ass.

    They ate me like 3 times today as I tried to install a pump that was surrounded by them.

    No you’re definitely right!

    in reply to: 400 Subscriber Special #183788

    Best watch out, some of those subscribers are learning your moves. 😀

    If they follow my moves they’ll just get shot down.

    in reply to: First “kill” against a human player #183786

    I loved the music! That dude was really good with is rudder, some fantastic climb-kickovers. That first run on you from above could have been deadly. Looked like he was sporting the American roundel?


    Yeah. It was a “sad” victory.  So needed sad music.

    I’ve been told I was fighting a SPAD 13. Which was used by the Americans during the war. Also explains how I survived as long as I did. The Fokker D VII is just a better plane than the SPAD 13. If we had more even machines, we would have taken me easily I think.

    in reply to: 400 Subscriber Special #183772

    Yes, it’s fun when the channel grows.

    3rd test ww1 planes this time.

    And just yesterday Brunner released a new software that makes the base compatible with all games that use Microsofts force feedback drivers.


    I tested it in Clod today and it works so more testing tomorrow.

    Thanks guys.

    I’ve managed to get it to work with IL2.

    It involved editing text document. It is great in ww1, and I’m working on a video with that.


    But I took a trip with the Hawker Tempest in the scripted Campaign Wind of Fury.

    Got 4 kills in my first mission, then a very very nasty “landing ”

    The 4 20mm Hispano does tremendous damage. But they are up close weapons. Good thing the Tempest got the speed to get close.


    in reply to: Maving around #183228

    Yeah I broke the CBUs, I saw in the replay.  Thru hit the ground without ever opening. Just a couple of thud sounds.

    Yeah the mavs do a lot of damage,  and these are the “small” ones with just 57kg explosives.  You also get big ones with 150kg of explosives.

    That said explosive power down scale well in DCS. The 2000lb mk84 bombs are only slightly more powerful than the 500lb mk82s. Remember the frustration of trying to destroy 3 wooden barracks standing close together. No way I could blow up all 3 with 2 mk84s. The blast radius of mk82 is almost the same as mk82. The 84 will deliver more damage to a single target(like factories you can place on the map or larger ships etc.) But the effective range is more or less the same

    in reply to: MiG15 vs F86(first flight in the MiG15) #182751

    So its broken fllight model? Don’t know why, but it feels good to findout even DCS has broken flight models. Really brings down the myth of it being the most accurate flight sim.

    Flight model is perfectly fine. If you play multiplayer the F86 MiG15 are great and very even opponents, just as in real life. Its the AI.


    While the AI has gotten decent in most planes. The AI in the MiG15 (and apparently in the MiG21 according to people) don’t work right. The AI planes will do stuff a human player never could in the same planes.

    It seems like they are using the old ww2 AI logics, as the ww2 planes still don’t have the updated dogfight logic.

    The AI mig 15 can go straight up  from 3000 feet to 25 000 feet then go straight into a 9g turn. Me flying the MiG15 doesn’t have a chance at doing that.


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    A second attempt.

    This time 2 F86s on ace.

    Very fun and interesting fights.


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    There might be or ED just doesn’t care about these older moduals.

    Just yesterday they fixed the ammo count for the F86, it has some 230 rounds too few and has had that since it came out some 8 years ago. Took them 8 years to change some numbers in a text document.

    The F86 M3 guns still have the wrong velocity,  ED have been “investigating ” this for 5 years.

    But the Russians bias is real as all sims makes stuff based on publicly available info and the Russians have just been lying for 70 years. Like Russian ships and SAMs are super deadly in DCS,  but current real world conflict shows Russian hardware just isn’t that good.

    Granted all ground fire in DCS is way too deadly. WW2 AAA is insanely effective,  much more so than in real life. Even guys with AKs can snipe an F16 pilot going 550 knots.

    I’ve read real accounts of western air forces going into Iraq in 91 and 2003 and the density of AAA  and SAMs they encountered in real life and survived would be impossible to survive in DCS. Missiles too effective. Guns too effective. Lack of “untrained users” simulation etc. It means you have to have like 1 SAM battery for every 5 or 10 in real life to simulate the effectiveness.

    in reply to: MiG15 vs F86(first flight in the MiG15) #182650

    Ace AI F86s struggle with even trained(next lowest quality) AI MiG15s.

    The MiG15 AI can from a 3000 feet to 25 000 feet and still have the energy to do a 9g turn and still keep 350 knots.

    Human MiG15 pilots can’t do that.

    It’s very fun.

    The vidoes are lagging far behind now. I’m 20 hours into the game.

    First major “expedition” away from the little life pod.


    Making food and water than going exploring for stuff.


    I find a small treasure trove of useful minerals. And the video shows how useful the Seamoth is. Instead of going up for air every 90 seconds. I now stayed under water for like quarter of an hour.


    Took me about 90 minutes,  but I made my precious Seamoth.

    This is a game changer. Not only is it very fast. So getting around is now much easier.

    But even more importantly. As long as the Seamoth has jucie it ha oxygen. Which means you can park the seamoth at depth and swim out do stuff and swim back. You are no longer forced to stay within surface range.

    When freshly made it can go down to 200 meters. Enough for you park it at 199 meters and then dive deeper for however many seconds of air you have. Later the Seamoth can get upgrades for 500 meters and finally all the way down to 900 meters.


    Part 3, I have my Seagilde it gives you much more room to move about.

    Episode 2.

    I’m actually 14 hours into the story. But I’m so busy playing.  I haven’t had time to edit the videos.

    So far nothing much exciting happening. I’m hunting silver to make a wiring kit.


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