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    Chaps, thanks for the advice! I’ve got a box of the Perry plastics to see if they match in terms of height as opposed to style. If they do then I’ll round out the armies that  way.

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    Dear Graham,

    thanks for your kind offer but I’m really looking for unpainted as I’m always ashamed of how other peoples painting shows up my daubing. At least if I paint them all then they look uniformly rubbish.

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    Probably expanding into the SYW as I’ve got around a hundred hussars that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to use in the AWI.

    i might be tempted by imaginations though as my 8 year old has quite the imagination and it could be something for  us to do together

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    Well, I’ve got around a 1000 left to paint to complete my AWI armies, so after that dependent on price I’d like to get another 2-3000. A 20×10 shed doesn’t just fill itself you know ……….

    as for the brittle ankles, we don’t need to be that authentic!

    I’m sorry Peter wasn’t upbeat, but even with enthusiasts like us, this is a niche within a niche

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    I agree. Perhaps if we got a friendly magazine editor who has been seen in these parts to ask Peter at Spencer Smith about this. ……

    The things I can foresee as problems are that the Perry’s  have released AWI and HaT have recently produced 1/72 SYW Prussians  with the promise of more to come.  Also to be commercially viable we’d need a relatively high initial funding goal  (to make the moulds etc) and this might mean that each box (Grant regiments ?) may be actually more expensive than the metal figures.

    Finally, although those who prefer the plastics are obviously gentlemen of refined taste and culture, I’m not sure that there are enough of us to maintain demand. I’d hate to go to a show in say 2 years time and find boxes of Plastic SS in the bargain bin, (or would I)?

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    I think it might be as the plastic ones are slightly smaller, and having less heft are easier to store and move.

    The plastics and the metals mix well though as I have metal standard bearers in my plastic 48 man regiments.

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    And since then they might have done one or two Napoleonic sets if I recall correctly…….

    perhaps it’s best if they don’t. I’m not sure I’ve got that much willpower.

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    Do you think if we ask them nicely the Perrys will rejig their new AWI sprues so we can have plastic SYW figures?

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    Where did you get all those Spencer Smiths? I’m very jealous. I love the look of the figures and they respond to my daubing quite nicely. I think if I could I’d happily sell all my other figures if I could have an unlimited supply of the plastic SS. The metal ones just don’t speak to me in the same way for some reason.

    I too blame that man Mr Hyde for my interest in this period. I’ve got enough plastic spencer smiths to do decent armies for the AWI and because I’m not a button counter I am happy to use the French and British for the SYW or FIW as well.

    The real problem I have is resisting the urge to get just a ” couple of boxes” of the Perry AWI miniatures to “see how they paint”. Does anyone know how they match up in height with SS?

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