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    Hi Tony

    I had already used GDA1 previously a few times and had my ratings more or less settled however using the newer version i needed to make a few alterations in line with V2 . After playing our first game with V2 I will need to sit down and to give some thought to see if I am happy as these didn’t quite give me the same effects that I had with version 1. That said I thought that V1 had problems for me that V2 solved however they did create a few new ones  but as i said this was the first game and that is to be expected.


    Troop ratings for V2:

    Sikh Regulars Veterans Drilled

    Jagadari ( local Warlords forces) Reservists

    Irregular infantry Recruits

    Akalis ( not used yet) Veterans Enthusiastic

    Noble Cavalry Line Heavy

    Sikh Dragoons ( not used) Line campaign Cavalry

    Irregular Cavalry Recruits  Cossacks ( without the cossack main rules)

    Artillery 12 pdrs Elite

    British Infantry Veterans Drilled

    Sepoys Line

    European Sepoys Veterans

    British Cavalry Grenadier Battle cavalry

    Sepoy Cavalry Line Battle cavalry

    Governor Generals Cav Grenadier Battle

    Artillery 6-9 pdrs Elite ( some should be horse perhaps0

    Camel gunners I recently added in and played them as 3-4 pdrs using effective range only


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    The explosion of my renowned opponent the Royal Sovereign also had a terrible effect on my men aboard the Santa Anna, having passed two strike tests requiring below 10% and only having 2 hull boxes remaining out of 92 , being then showered with various sized pieces of Admiral Collingwood unnerved my crew so much that I picked the wrong colour on the D10’s for my next strike test otherwise we would have passed that as well and continued to bravely fight on, although as all my crew where all up in the masts trying to stay dry I couldn’t actually fire any guns.

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    Apparently the ruins are all from fish tank ornaments:

    In addition to the Laager I wanted some ruins for the battlefield. These are fish tank ornaments. The doorways and stairs are a little below scale but once the pieces were glued down onto a base, stones added to connect sections and cork sheet used to add flagstones “

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    Given that there were 4 individual players we decided to throw for initiative each turn and go clockwise from the winner.

    In the rulebook it says : “each turn initiative is determined by a Roll off (D10) whoever rolls highest can choose to go first or force their opponent to go first”

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    Hi Tony , thanks for your comments. Finding a set of suitable rules that I was happy with hasn’t been an easy task and there are quite a few including my own attempt now piled up in a corner, See below for my current unit classifications :

    British Infantry : Superior firing , Veterans

    Sepoy Infantry : Standard , Line

    Europeon Sepoys : Standard , veterans

    British Cavalry: Battle Cavalry , Veterans

    Sepoy Cavalry : Battle , Line

    Governor Generals Horse : Battle , Vets

    Artillery 6-9 pdrs : Elite morale

    Sikh Infantry: Superior Firing , Veterans

    Jagadari Infantry: Inferior firing , Line

    Irregulars: Inferior Firing ,Recruits

    Akali fanatics : no firing, Elite

    Armoured sikh cavalry : Heavy . Line ( with Lance)

    Sikh Dragoons: Campaign . Line ( almost all disbanded , but they look nice)

    Irregular cavalry : Cossacks ( for melee dice only) , Recruits

    Sikh artillery : 12 pdrs Elite




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    Thank you for your comments, I enjoy Philip Matyszaks style of writing and have bought a number of his books over the years. This one is a good review of the early years of Sparta and whilst it might lack a little in-depth detail on the more common aspects such as the Persian Wars and the later Peloponnesian War in Book 2 it is well written and the narrative flows well. I specifically bought both books to learn about Sparta outside of these two events as I didn’t need another re-telling of already familiar history.


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    Thank you all for your kind comments, I have passed them on to the blog editor in the hope that I might get a pay rise or at the very least he gets the round in for once.

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    Thanks Guy,  the Battlefield Trust website  for his battle shows both of these options but with the amount of building that now covers them both then I dont think we will ever find enough evidence to determine which is correct .

    One other possability of course is that Holme castle/windmill was on the site of the memorial now in the Vineyards which would make Margerets view much easier.

    Whatever the outcome, there is nothing better than a gentle stroll in the sunshine soaking in the history plus the town itself has sufficant places to relax in afterwards , if you like black and white timbered pubs of course.

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    As someone still covered from top to toe with hoofprints I think it also lacked the relevant defensive terrain that might have helped me a little but then I blame the gurning , toothless North Devon shephard who organised the game .

    Not that I am bitter or anything ……………..,  anyway it is always nice to get that many figures out on the table , that has always been one of the main purposes of our club along with trying out new or obscure rulesets.



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    Thanks everyone, there are many more games like this on our club blog

    Oddly I have only ever played Hail Caeser in 15mm with armies of 500 points , when I play in 28mm I use other rules. This coming weekend we will be playing 28mm Ottomans v Hungarians/Crusaders using Swordpoint.

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    yes it can hit the flank but it would be very hard to make it into the rear sector

    Page 78  para 3

    ” Often a target will be a unit previously offering rear or side support to a destroyed fighting unit”

    Page 79 para2

    “it allows a victorious unit to fold onto the flank of a long battle line and roll up…”

    points to remember:

    throw for potential disruption

    you get two moves so as you can move in any direction and if there is no one in front stopping you ( proximity) then your first move is to turn on to the flank  , second move charge  ( see charge rule)

    cannot be shaken or disordered

    opponent can make a charge response

    as for doing it this turn, it depends on the new target.

    If the enemy have not been involved in any combat this turn then fight a new round immediately.

    in your example above then no, that unit has fought this go as a support so the sweeping advance/charge would be fought in the following turn.

    I played it wrong in our game so don’t worry about being confused.


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    I can perhaps shed some light on the length of time taken in the game , a couple of us had signed up to the kickstarter for the ACW version by the same authors so I asked to play in the AWI game to help me get to grips with the basic concepts of their rules . This meant constant questions and queries from the start which the guys helpful fielded with great patience and as this was only the second game they had played it did require some time looking up to answer my more obscure requests for clarifications.  Whilst I expect the ACW version to have many differences the basics across their rules will be the same so it really helped a couple of us who hadn’t played any of their rules before to get our heads around movement ,firing ,morale etc. before our kickstarter sets arrive . ( hopeful we wont have any Militia).

    I will leave the period specific questions to others more knowledgeable.

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    Thanks , its always nice to get the first game of a new period out on to the table and I have started painting up the next wave.

    Yes I have read both of them and two very different books in my opinion ,I intend to write a brief review of them both over on my friends blog in the near future. I thought they were both very good , if I had one wish then I would like to see book one re-written in the same style as book two.




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    Newline are still making new figures for the Sikh wars range and the poor chap has to listen to my latest list of requests at every show he attends .

    I am hopefully that my constant asking for Bengal Irregular cavalry will come to pass but in the meantime they have just announced the missing command stands for British Light Dragoons and new Bengal Light cavalry so no more having to re-paint Brits .  He is also keen on producing Gurkhas and I have sent him pictures to help out.

    In my opinion the 1/72nd don’t match as they are too small.

    For Warfare in a couple of weeks time I was thinking about asking for alternative artillery sizes and maybe a few elephants to pull the big siege guns however a more sensible request is for Horse artillery limbers in 20mm as I don’t think the Napoleonic 1/72nd are be suitable.


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    I went with Newline Designs 20mm , as for rules , I plan to start with Flames in the Punjab which is a varient for The Sword and the Flame .

    I don’t think I will play them as is but instead use the basics as a skeleton and build up the rest around it with the intention of keeping it reasonably simple

    after many, many changes to the plan I have finally settled on starting with 27 units of infantry and cavalry with 6 guns. Units are 20 figures strong for infantry and 12 figs for cavalry , roughly 12 v 15 with some irregulars being a little bigger in size .

    The only figures that I would like but cannot get are Bengal irregular cavalry but hopefully they might be in the pipeline along with Gurkhas

    Hopefully on the table very early in the new year.

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    Please find better link to our blog.

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    Hi Bandit
    Those buildings were bought a long time ago so I am going to have to be a bit vague , I am pretty sure their original purpose was to be used for ECW and I think most were from Hovels Buildings. I have looked on their website this morning and they do look quite similar and I also recall buying a painted building from a trade stall at one of the shows but who it was I have no idea.

    So short answer : Hovels , probably .

    Mr Steve

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