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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    Thanks for your thoughts Nathaniel, but I feel that the Troop Quality and morale are there to be used….essentially TQ-D6 = Conscript, TQ-D8 = Regular, TQ-D10= Veteran, and TQ-D12= Elite with appropriate Morale added.

    I wouldn’t really think that the training of U.S. Para’s should be equal with that of the German training battalions (TQ-8) that attacked across La Fiere causeway┬á in real life terms….The para’s were highly trained chaps, do you know what I mean….

    This is where, like I said, I get hung up on on this particular part of the rules.

    I like your idea on big squads….that would be very life-like.

    Lets see what the others think…..It would be great to hear also from the creator of these fantastic rules on this subject! Nudge nudge wink wink Shawn….

    Regards Lumpy…

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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    Will love to see CQB created….but my interest will always be FOF…I use this fantastic ruleset for both modern and WWII games. Ill wait with great anticipation for the release of no.3….and if you really want to get our bells ringing….create a WWII supplement to go along with the modern! That would be war-gaming Valhalla….

    Thanks for such a great ruleset. Kind regards – Lumpy.

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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    I’m going to have to do that three Jagdpanthers vs Churchhills as a scenario now…..


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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    Will look forward to those scenarios dead1.

    Your comments on the Bren are right I think…I might just take those on…

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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    No…me neither.
    Oh well, if you can engineer some up id love to see them too.
    Thanks Maggico…

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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    Thanks Maggico….these will surely come in handy.

    Let me know if you find those vehicle stats….

    Kind regards lumpy.

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    Avatar photoMrsnufflelumpyguts

    Great stuff…

    Also I have been thinking about the troop quality and morale of the fighting man in WWII.
    It would seem that most men were of an equal fighting quality but with different morale and confidence…
    Mostly I give troops a TQ:D8 rating with varying types of morale.
    For instance in regards to my Canadians and 12th SS…

    Canadian Regina rifles – TQ:D8/M:D10 Confident, Normally supplied or even abundantly supplied.

    The 12th SS Hitler Jugend (who had great fighting spirit but were not exactly veteran troops)
    TQ:D8/M:D12 High confidence, Poorly supplied (due to the ever present Jabo’s) and with the added house rule of “Elite” – This being a extra rule allowing the 12th SS to re-roll any failed morale dice due to their absolute fanaticism.

    Higher statistics could be given to tank aces and leaders such as Kurt Meyer or those veterans they mixed in with the Hitler youth lads from Liebstandarte etc.

    Might probably give (maybe) 2nd SS Das Reich TQ:10/M:12 High confidence, “Elite”

    Not sure on what I would give the German para’s in Normandy…

    British 3rd division TQ:D8/M:D10, Confident, Abundantly supplied.

    British 7th armoured TQ:D8/M:D8, Low confidence.

    I would only rate Early war Russians, Volksturm, partisans, or German Ost troops as TQ:D6 with appropriate morale and confidence.

    Would love to hear everybody’s ideas on this one as well.

    Kind regards – Lumpy.

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