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    You can get the PC version of the original game from Frontier for free

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    I got back in to WoT recently. I find I prefer the tier IV-V games. Any higher and it tends to bog down into a sniping contest.

    I love the Cromwell, that’s my tank of choice. The Churchill I is also good with a nice fast reload speed.

    Working as a squad adds a lot to the game if you can get a group friends on voice.

    Then I tried World of Warplanes… which lead to War Thunder!  (similar to WoT/WoWp, but has more depth and also combines tanks and aircraft on one battlefield)

    I’d better start a new thread for that so as not to derail this one

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    We’ve got a nice new forum here, let’s forget what happened elsewhere and concentrate on the real reason we are here, miniatures and wargaming

    Let fill it with useful information and make it a showcase for all the positive aspects of the hobby!

    As a child I had umpteen books on soldiers and uniforms, but I can remember being drawn to the illustrations with redcoats and tricornes. Then I saw “Barry Lyndon”…

    The mid 18th C. is one of my favourite periods. I’m not much of a wargamer, but the uniforms and equipment fascinate me along with the general history. Something about the style of the uniforms of this time pleases me (although the Prussians came along and ruined the generous cut and things were never quite the same again!)

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    No not really, you are flying the ship as you would with a simulator. You have all the trading side of things and the fighting if that’s what you want to do, but exploration is also a big part with the entire Milky Way mapped out, there are billions of planets and only a very small area of civilization. As you move away from the core worlds you’ll meet less and less people and you’ll never be able to see everything even if you played for the rest of your life! Eve may be big, but you still get forced into bottlenecks and there are players everywhere. In Elite if you go far enough out you’ll find planets no one has ever visited and possible never will again. I think there are plans for multiplayer ships, but no more than two or three players though. The economic model sounds like it is intended to be very deep and there are three factions at play too.

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    I meant sponsoring members, it’s a nice bonus to encourage people to pay a sub. No idea how complicated it is to install and obviously it’s a low priority right now. I’m on a few sites that have them and it’s handy to be able to converse in real time. I think it helps the community to bond.

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    Hi,  I’m Richard. I’m a recovering wargamer. I’ve been “clean” for about 4 years now. Every time I feel the need to wargame, I remind myself that I sculpt figures most of the day and I really don’t need a busman’s holiday! However I do like looking at pretty figures and well painted armies and have a ridiculously large lead mountain.

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