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    Papasan and Madman

    Thanks for the quick replies.  I got enough to try the game now.  Printed the map and will be using counters from my Fire Power board game.  Hope I can convince these guys that miniatures are way better than playing ASL.  I am tired of 6-8 hour games where 2 of those hours are spent checking the rules (even after 30+ years of playing).  I have 30+ year old 20mm NVA figures that I would like to paint and use.

    Hopefully,  this quick start game captures the overall flow of the game.  I know that there are more terrain rules,  weapon rules, and vehicle rules to come, but that doesn’t bother me as long as the flow is similar.

    FWIW, I looked at the moral rules. Here are the percent chance of passing a Morale roll using D10s and three different options.  Each option has you roll an extra die ONLY IF there is a tie when rolling an even number of die (pass on 4+ like the rest of the game).  Looks like if you roll a D8 (pass on 4+) as a tie breaker, there is a better chance of passing the morale check the more figures you have, which seems to make sense to me and seems much better than the original rule. Not sure if any one else cares, but I will probably play this way.

    No of Figures.    D10s.    D10s + D6.      D10s + D8.       D10s + D10

    1                                70               70                     70                        70

    2                               91                70                     75                        78

    3                              78                78                      78                        78

    4                              92                78                      82                        84

    5                              84               84                       84                        84

    6                             93                84                       86                        87

    7                             87                87                        87                        87

    Thanks again




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