This time has two free articles for Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) wargame rules. Links are below along with some information on each of them. I hope you all enjoy the articles!

'So, Why Play Alien Squad Leader'. Here
It is my great pleasure to introduce an essay written by the author of Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) which gives the author's ideas behind the game system and his hopes for it and for wargamers who love 15mm scale science fiction. Read on by clicking through and you can find ASQL on our website. You can also download this essay as a free PDF from our dropbox account too by a link on the article.

'Far Eastern Corporare Mercenaries Army Template'. Here
Far Eastern Corporate Mercenaries for ASQL! Following up on the excellent essay 'So, Why play Alien Squad Leader?' by Alex Self author of the game system we have another treat for players of ASQL today with a new free army template. This template is given in plain type PDF for easy reference or printing at home or on the screen. You can download it from our dropbox for free on the linked article and you can find Alien Squad Leader on its page at too.

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