Infinity - Near Future Sci-Fi Wargame
This looks pretty awesome

Now at we’re carrying Infinity, well most of it ... as it's namesake implies there’s a lot of it. We have several of the two player battle boxes in stock, one of which is the "Operation Coldfront" Battle Pack I'll be telling you about here.

The Operation Coldfront battle pack pits the Ariadna and the Aleph against each other. In this battle pack the starter sets for each faction is included meaning you’ll receive the following:
3x line Kazak
1x Tank Hunter
1x Veteran Kazak
1x Ariadna Scout
3x Dakini Tacbots
1x Shukra Consultant
1x Yadu Trooper
1x Deva Functionary
Not only do you get all those miniatures, but two exclusives as well; an Armata-2 Proyekt Ratnik, as well as Nagas. On top of that you’re getting ten pieces of scenery as well as one battle map, keeping with the theme of the scenery. Of course you’ll get all that you need to play; six twenty sided dice, state/order markers, a ruler, a template, and a 92 page Operation Coldfront booklet.

The booklet details the history and some interesting facts of each faction, as well as the quick rules to get you through your first game. The complete rule book is sold separately from this battle pack, but the booklet is enough to get you hooked.

Get your starter battle pack now at There’s a variety of them, which we carry, but they mostly differ in the factions you get to start.

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