Black Friday Sale, Thanksgiving Day Sale, Cyber Monday Sale ... call it whatever you want and start it whenever you want. It's your sale, take it when you want it.

Lots of stores are having Thanksgiving Day sales or Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday sales, but what if you want to spend those days with your family or you are travelling or you just want to unplug and relax. I've come up with a great solution, you can have your sale when you want it.

At any time between now and the end of Cyber Monday (Nov 29) you can shop on the GameCraft Miniatures site and take 15% off your entire order by using the coupon code "black15" at checkout (without the quotes).

This is a one-time use per customer coupon code and is good for the entire store for the entire week, so use it whenever you want and enjoy 15% off on everything on the site and have a great holiday weekend, whatever you choose to do with it.

Shop now and save now