I knew today was going to be a hot one ... so this morning I told myself that I would watch the temperature for a specific location near my house and whatever the peak temperature for the day was, I would subtract 100 and make that number the discount percentage for this weekends sale.

The temp peaked out at 113, so this weekend we are taking 13% off every in stock you item you purchase from any of the following categories on our site when you use the coupon code ITSHOT at checkout:
Micro Armor
-- Modern Micro Armor (already priced at $1 below retail per pack)
-- WWII Micro Armor (already priced at $1 below retail per pack)
Battle Mats

Gamers Grass

-- Bolt Action
-- Beyond the Gates of Antares
-- Team Yankee
-- Dropzone Commander
-- Battletech
-- Test of Honour
-- Star Trek Attack Wing
-- The Walking Dead - All Out War
-- Tanks
Bases, Paints, Gaming Aids
-- Hexes, Bases, Stands, and Markers
-- Gaming Accessories
-- Maneuver Templates
-- Game Boards
-- Vallejo Paints
-- Brushes, Tools, Etc


Use coupon code ITSHOT at checkout to get 13% off your purchase.

Sale ends Monday night at midnight,,, by then the temperature is expected to be a chilly 91 degrees, have your sweaters ready.

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Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or coupons.