Have you ever thought about trying the amazingly popular 28mm Samurai miniatures game Test of Honour?

This game has been so popular that the first and second releases sold out instantly and now the third release is sold out in most places as well, including the manufacturer.

Due to a screw up at our distributor, an old backorder which was supposed to have been cancelled was shipped to us this week.

Now we have 8 copies of the Test of Honour Starter Set on the shelf (while most stores have zero). A good number for us to stock of this product is about 2 or 3 at a time ... so 8 is too many.

So, right now, for a limited time, you can get Test of Honour from GameCraft Miniatures for $32.50, that is $17.50 off the $50.00 retail price.

There is no coupon code required, the sale price is on the site right now.

This sale is on existing inventory only. When they are gone, the price goes back up to regular price.

Shop now and save now www.gcmini.com