After much pondering I have decided that I will share this here.

Life can throw you some unexpected things and sometimes you need or want to offer help.
Sometimes simply being with others like you can help, but more often than not, being with others like you that also share a passion, can help even more.

I have recently created a Facebook group called gAmers.
It is a place for gamers with social concerns to chat about life.
The group is not about gaming, as TWW is a safe place to discuss gaming without people being allowed to make your online experience unpleasant.
gAmers is for gamers to share their life experiences and get advice about things that most people are not concerned with.
The group is open for anyone that has autism, aspergers, etc or has any mental health worries, anxiety, bi-polar etc.
Also very much welcome are LBGT folk, anyone that feels a bit outside and not like the rest of the folk around them.
If you feel alone because you are different, or think you are different, you are not alone.

I created the group as after years of being in the hobby business I became more and more aware of just how many people in this industry are a bit quirky, as someone once said.

Anyway, enough rambling and if you think being part of gAmers will help then please contact me either via e-mail or through Facebook.