So not too long ago, I came across a lovely new company from Portugal selling tufts – Gamer’s Grass. The prices were great, I loved how they looked, and I wanted some for myself. “If you like them that much,” said Baggy, “Why don’t you stock them?”. He had a point for sure, worth a try I figured.

Anyway you all went totally wild for them and left me spinning on the office chair in a daze, clutching empty boxes… wow, you guys sure like the tufts too!

Well good news, I’ve just had a restock arrived, as well as FOUR new colours (brown, winter, moss and bright green 2mm)

These tufts have attracted a whole new range of people to my site, so if you’re new – Hi! I post every day, if they’re UK they’ll go first class (£3), and overseas will be airmail (£4), so I will get them to you as fast as I can! Zoom! You can pick them up from here, underneath the also fabulous Mininatur flowers (often bought together!)

I’m always looking for “real” photos of the products I sell, so if you have bought these from me, I’d love to see them on your models, and they can have a spot of fame on here too!
Cheers all,


The Dice Bag Lady

Bad Squiddo Games