I've got a favor to ask of you guys.
(US domestic customers only)

GameCraft Miniatures is involved in a pilot program that integrates my store software with Amazon.com. After a few weeks of hard work getting a few dozen products listed during the beta period it seems that everything is finally working well, I've even received a couple of orders through Amazon. Amazon have sprung a surprise on me today, it seems that if I am to continue to be a part of this pilot program I have to receive and ship 25 orders through Amazon in the next 4 weeks (this program seems to favor higher volume shops). Twenty five orders trough my own site would be easy, as a matter of fact it would be a very slow week ... but on Amazon I have no idea if I can get that many orders in 4 weeks simply relying on chance.

So, here is where you guys come in. I am not asking anyone to order anything that they are not already planning on ordering. But, if you are planning on ordering any of the following items in the few weeks I would appreciate it if you would help me out by ordering them through Amazon instead of the GCmini.com website.

The items that I have listed on Amazon are:

Paint Racks
Painting Stations
Optional drawer units for Paint Racks and Painting Stations
Brush Caddy
Gaming Periscope
Gamers Grass
A few 28mm building kits
A couple of 1/285th scale resin building kits
and a few more items... and I'll be adding more from time to time.



PS: you may even save a few dollars as Amazon is using a flat rate shipping fee that is less than what I normally charge.