New versions of the GCmini Painting Stations

Today GCmini are officially announcing the release of version 2 of our Portable Painting Stations. These new Painting Stations are a result of much customer feedback and suggestions.

The original Painting Station designs remain available, these new designs give you more options.

These painting stations are based on our existing Painting Stations but increase the number of paint bottles you can store on the station. These are perfect for projects that require a larger number of colors and just the answer for people that do not have a dedicated workbench where they can store their paints on a paint rack. Military personnel living in the barracks, students in the dorms, cross country truck drivers, and city dwellers with small apartments will all love this new design.

The Version 2.0 Painting Stations are fully compatible with our Painting Station add-ons such as the LED light bar, drawer kit, and water bottles.

Click here to see the entire product release video or watch below.

You can see these new Painting Stations on the GCmini website by clicking here.