Hey guys, Allen here. There is a cool new game coming out soon, it's called Black Seas; it's a Napoleonic era naval miniatures game. I've never really been interested in that period of history, but these miniatures look awesome and the game seems easy and fun to play.
So I'm all in!!

The game mechanic itself is a bit like Cruel Seas, so for those that have played Cruel Seas, it will be very easy to learn the differences in the games and jump right in.

We normally do not offer pre-sales of upcoming products, I am always a little sceptical about manufacturers published release dates, but Warlord Games has a pretty good record lately of meeting their delivery dates. So, as a result, we are offering the entire line of Black Seas products on a pre-order basis. This includes a few items that will only be available* to retailers like us that have pre-ordered the entire line. The exclusive items also includes the impressive USS Constitution that will not available to the public until December.

See the entire line of Black Seas products HERE

*They will be available to everyone after about a month.