GCminis have released a new variation of their 26mm Vallejo and Army Painter Paint Rack. This new version allows you to store your paints upside down if you like, making it easy to see the color of the paint through the bottom of the bottles.

This rack is based on their existing 26mm Paint Rack but with a twist, the top four tiers are designed to allow you place you Vallejo and Army Painter dropper bottles in the rack upside down so you can see the bottoms of the bottles and see the paint color. This could not be done on the lowest tier as there is no place for the tops of the bottles to go below the level of the paint rack unless you wanted to drill several holes in your workbench 🙂 , therefore the paint bottles on the lowest tier must be inserted right way up.

Paint rack holds 43 of the Vallejo and Army Painter style 26mm diameter dropper bottles. Rows are staggered so that every bottle is visible at all times.

Paint racks measure 11.9" across the front, 7.87" deep and 5.1" tall (303mm x 200mm x 130mm) and is compatible with all other GCmini paint racks and paint rack accessories

Made from 1/8" (3mm) precision laser cut MDF. Assembly required.

Available NOW