GGA (Granny grating armies) now free (forever) on Wicked Wargames website.

While developing the new wicked wargames business and our different properties we have decided to offer one of our first rule sets “GGA” or “Granny grating armies” for free for the rest of time.

One day GGA Will get a re-vamp and we will work harder to make it a more current and well produced set, as it stands it is a charming and functional game with some slightly janky production values. We do not have a lot of time as we are a team of two, and although we would love to “finish one mess before we start another” we have decided to continue working on Cretacea (our dinosaur property) and our letter writing game “kingdom and command” and leave GGA to rest in the graveyard of development.


The game is an extensive one, especially for those wishing to play out the wars of troy or the battle of Thermopylae and can be played with any 10mm miniatures though the core book includes some basic instructions for producing your own budget armies out of “granny grating” the material of the book’s namesake. When a little effort is put in the “make your own armies can really hold their own”

So grab the whole system for free HERE and send the link to your friends.

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Kind Regards

Arthur and Charles

-The Wicked Wargames team-