What is Gladius Publications I hear you ask?

It's a VERY small acorn at the moment, and additional workload resulting from my change in role at MWBG* has meant that I haven't had time to get nearly as much ready as I wanted for the launch tomorrow.

So for the time being, take it as a declaration of intent or 'soft' launch – I'm going to be building a growing list of digital publications, many of them written and produced by myself, but in due course I may undertake joint projects to bring the work of other writers to market with very generous deals for the authors (knowing what it's like to be on the receiving end of 'traditional' deals).

I'm looking to produce print-on-demand options as well as purely digital versions and may enter agreements with other publishers for them to produce printed versions – I've been in the marketplace for long enough now to know some great people with whom I would be perfectly willing to discuss proposals, and indeed am already doing so.

I'm both excited and terrified, having handed back a sizeable chunk of my monthly income in order to pursue this dream, and I hope you will enjoy the publications as they come online. I shall be setting up a newsletter, but for the time being you can follow developments via Twitter @gladiusbooks, on the Web at gladiuspublications.com and I'm setting up a FB page as well at https://www.facebook.com/gladiusbooks


Gladius Publications