We are headed for Historicon. Come see us at booth 407, where we share our booth with Thoroughbred Miniatures. We are excited to have more than a dozen new offers for the convention. Now on the site and ready for sale are all the new troop types shown below.

Early-War CS Militia or US Regulars
Marching in Kepi
Marching in Kepi with Havelock
Firing in Kepi
Firing in Kepi with Havelock

Dismounted Cavalry
US in Kepi with Carbines
US Command
CS with mixed weapons
CS Command

New Cavalry Packs
US Cavalry Regiment Packs
CS Cavalry Regiment Packs

Ridin a Raid – US Cavalry Brigade Pack
comes with James H. Wilson figure
Ridin with the Devil – CS Cavalry Brigade Pack
comes with Nathan Bedford Forrest figure

Wilder's Lightning Brigade Pack
Wilder's Mounted Rifles
Mounted with slung Spencer Rifles
Dismounted skirmishing with Spencer Rifles

US and CS Western Mounted Personalities
Five Famous US Generals
Four Famous CS Generals
Barnard Bee and Aide de Camp

Before Historicon we shall also have our new Zouaves in four head gear options.

Also, don't miss our game on Friday!

Dawn in the West, Book Two: Pea Ridge, Leetown

Be sure to see our site for details or visit us at booth 407 at Historicon.