Good Ground, LLC is now Good Ground Miniatures, Inc.
Our recent move to Georgia has necessitated a minor change in name. Good Ground, LLC was, believe it or not, already taken. We will attend our first show as Good Ground Miniatures this weekend.

Good Ground is proud to associate our company with HMGS South. We shall attend HMGS South's Flag Ship convention, HURRICON, this coming weekend. We will have all our new figures in stock including the full range of Between the Lines Models, Cracker Line and Plank Road Miniatures and B Company Bases.

To add value to all our ranges, we now offer a full selection of all available barrels for the field and siege carriages for both Cracker Line and Gourmet Guns.

We also offer three different gun crew sets, each available in both Kepi and Slouch Hat. Our new Zoauves, Iron Brigade and Early-War Militia have been added to the Plank Road range. Wilder's Rifles, Dismounted Cavalry and Western Personalities are new to our Cracker Line range.

Come see us at Hurricon to talk about all the new and coming figures at Good Ground Miniatures.

See Yall There!


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