Greetings to all my friends and customers.

Over the last few years the number of codes available on my website have grown very quickly. I have added new figures to the site in a regrettably, rather convoluted way. My lovely spouse and assistant often rolls her eyes at the vast number of codes on our flyers. The final straw was a customer at Historicon that made the statement, "your codes drive me crazy". Therefore, I have undertaken a project to reduce the number of codes by selling most of the figure types as a single item, with options for pose and headgear. So this weekend I began to paint some of the new gun crews and personalities to begin the process. I plan to take some better pictures after the process of re-coding is complete.

In doing so, I have consolidated things such as gun barrels and crew into a few more easily understood options. This also means that guns will come with all available barrel options for the appropriate carriage. Simply order the gun carriage and the crew you wish and chose Kepi or Slouch Hats. No need to select the type of barrel.

Good Ground's Game for Hurricon will be Pea Ridge, Leetown.

This is a long process, but I will have it done in a few weeks. From this point onward, I shall take this approach with all new additions to my line. Don't forget, Good Ground will be at Hurricon in Orlando, FL September 24-27.

Finally, Good Ground will team up with Fire & Fury Games to run my huge Fredericksburg Scenario using Fire & Fury's pending new Brigade level rules. These are due out at Historicon next year to be followed quickly by a new scenario book penned by yours truly covering eight new scenarios for the revised new Brigade Rules.

Thanks, and Yahoo/Huzzah!