Now available on the site is our new line of 10mm guns sculpted by the talented Toby Barrett. Toby is a perfectionist, and it shows in his work. We discussed the re-worked and new guns and carriages for many weeks prior to embarking on the project. The results are stunning. Most impressive are the new Wiard Carriages. This gun carriage was unique. It was designed for easy rail transport and a higher than normal barrel trajectory. Toby captured the detail of the piece brilliantly.

Toby also sculpted and re-mastered the standard gun carriages used for most all of the other pieces. The new M1841 Six Pounder barrel is superb and will be instantly recognizable by any serious student of the period. I am very proud to have these new guns in the Good Ground range. The original guns will remain available for those wishing to stay with a consistent look. However, I highly reccommend these new pieces. They are, in my opinion, the best available in this scale.

Coming soon will be a heavy siege carriage and barrel selection. We are in the final pre-production process and will be ready to go very soon. All guns come with a 4-5 man crew.

Visit our site for details.


Bill Moreno