New! 28mm Wealdon house kit.

The kit is a detailed and accurate model of an early medieval Wealdon house. This useful model is suitable for many game systems and was built from the late 1300's to the late 1500's. There are still a number standing, mainly in Kent. This early example has a central hearth and no chimney. The kit comes complete with timber framework, hipped slate roof, garderobe (loo!), and two staircases. The roof is removable and the two upper wings of the building can be removed giving full access to the lower rooms.

The kit measures 24mm x 144mm x 173mm high.

The kit requires assembly and painting.

New! 28mm Market Hall Kit.

This kit is a useful medieval market hall building that would have been built to service a market place. Our kit is a late medieval/Elizabethan version and is a great match for our Wealdon House. The kit has full timber cladding, removable roof, timber plank engraved upper floor and a staircase.

The kit measures 150mm x 105mm x 140mm high.

The kit requires assembly and painting.

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