A quick update to all the guys involved in the Gringo 40's Attack on the American Embassy a Big Thank you!
Salute 50 on the 22nd April 2023!


Pictures of the Gringo 40's table "Attack on Saigon Embassy '68" Left to Right: Colin Farrant of Charlie Foxtrot Models, Anthony Meekings from Debris of War, Ged Cronin the Gringo himself and Geoff Lacey Purple Lion Creations. The table was a collaboration and we all played our part.
Paul Edwards (not pictured) from Sabotag3d sourced and printed cars, tuk-tuks and scooters. We made a great team.
The table looked even better when it had the excellent "Nam" minis running around and a helicopter on the roof.
Trouble was too many people watching made for poor pics.

Courtesy Colin Farrant Charlie, Foxtrot Models, words from the same man!!



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