The HADES Banshee Pilot is not only an elite pilot equipped with advanced cybernetic systems, but a skilled and dangerous covert operative in his own right. With an advanced composite armored suit equipped with self-repair and cloaking nanites, the HADES Banshee Pilot is often tasked with deep recon and infiltration missions where his cybernetic upgrades and interfaces make him a valuable asset during covert ops.
Equipped with a Scythe Mk X EED (Enemy Engagement Device) the HADES Banshee Pilot is able to select from a wide range of non-lethal, lethal and explosive (including anti-vehicle) rounds with just a thought.

Note: This miniature also works great as a “lone wanderer” type in the wasteland in your post-apocalyptic games. We recommend This Is Not A Test by World’s End Publishing.
The HADES Banshee Pilot is a one-piece metal miniature.
Sculpted by Sean Harrison.
Available now for only $1.29