Today we're releasing another new pack in our in our Small Scale Scenery range; a roughly half-mile section of Hadrian's Wall. It consists of 15 50mm-long sections, which works out at 750m in total at 1/1000th scale (so only 146 packs would be needed to model the entire wall…). One of the sections has a gated mile-castle while two others have watchtowers built in. The wall had 80 milecastles, roughly one Roman mile apart as the name suggests, with two watchtowers in between each one.

Since none of the remaining wall above 10 feet remains, the exact design of the upper wall and towers isn’t known. I’ve looked at several different reconstructions and have gone with a simple pitched roof design. Every five miles along the wall were a series of larger forts, which will form part of a later release.

SSS-8074 – Hadrian’s Wall – £8.00