Here it is, Hail Of Fire v1! There are no drastic mechanical changes here from the previous version, but there are many tiny ones, so it’s worth a read through. Many things have been clarified, substantive typos have been fixed, and most visibly, after every page of rules is a page-long example of those rules in action. If printed and bound, you have rules on the left page and examples on the right page.

The rules will continue to evolve as myself and others discover improvements, so keep sending me feedback, and all will be implemented into further free updates. And for those intrigued by the rules, but looking for a bit more chrome, I’ll be collecting together advanced rules and additional options for release later.

As always, the rules will continue to be a Pay What You Want product, and available for free to anyone who wants to try them.

Thank you again to everyone who helped me over this multi-year project, offering feedback, getting models on the table, and even just downloading the rules out of curiosity. I hope it has brought some enjoyment to you, as it certainly has for me.