After a holiday at the casters we are back onto our release schedule and straight up are two more additions to our Fantasy Harem (Basicaly naked chicks that Kev may eventually dress but for now can be used as is).

We have Misha...

.. and Layla.

Both at £3.75 +VAT and available here...*new-toys*

We've also added another two additions to our Resin Masters range.
(Resin Masters are high-quality resin castings, direct from an original master mould, and are the closest to owning the original green as most of us will likely get. Limited to however many castinsg we get out of any master moulds before they deteriorate)

First up is Kirsten, the spunky New York fashionista survivor..

and also released is Col. Sinclair, the gruff Southern military field leader.

All resin masters can be seen here...*resin-masters*

With the new releases came a huge restock so if you'ev recently been to Hasslefree and we didn't have what you want, please check again as it likely came in 🙂