July will see two brand new Two Player Starter Boxes released for Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition, giving new players a choice of which pair of Terra Novan factions they want to start playing. As well as two 12-model armies, each box includes a small format version of the full 3rd Edition rulebook (also available separately).

Battle in the Badlands has Peace River facing off against their Badlands neighbours NuCoal. This represents an excellent opportunity for players looking to get into the game with the latest plastic models from Dream Pod 9, and includes 12 models for each of the two factions as well as a half-size rulebook.

The second box, War for Terra Nova lets players fight the classic North vs. South struggle for dominance of the planet. The North and South models in this starter contain less parts to assemble that in the Badlands one, so may appeal more to beginning-level hobbyists.

Both Starter Boxes and the Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition rules (inc. small format) are available from our Shiny Games webstore. Alternatively, to purchase from your Local Games Store, direct them to shinygamesdistribution.com, where we also supply retailers.